Which Key Protag is the biggest douchebag?

At this point in time, I don’t know how anybody can not answer Yuu Otosaka from Charlotte.

He’s the absolute biggest douche, but he hides it soooo damn well.


Yeah, Yuu the douchemaster, other than that I’d stick with Riki for reasons.

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Oh come on he didn’t exist, you’re cheating

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It’s a tie between the Junker dude from Planetarian for many reasons, and Yu for, well, you obviously can tell from the first episode of Charlotte.

Yuu makes Kotarou look like a good boy.

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Was going to say Kotarou till I knew about Yuu XD

but still Kotarou loses his Doucheness when you start a route, don’t you think.
As for tomoya being a douche was only in high school time. (from my personal perspective)

Wait what? Elaborate. Unless we’re talking bad ends or the baka route, what are you smoking? Riki doesn’t even hurt a fly.


The only instance where I have genuinely felt hatred towards Riki for being a douchebag was in Komari’s bad end. Even moreso if you’re playing EX.

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" Riki doesn’t even hurt a fly."
by @HeliosAlpha, on June, 5th 2015. (celestial music in the background)

LOL. But it is true folks what Helios and many others say, including me. Riki is the most likable character… maybe the other ‘good guy’ from the beginning is Kotarou.

It is a character that has been labeled by hatr… I mean “critics” even as dull. (I won’t go as much as those critics, but there is some truth on it). Maybe they wanted to create a too generic character so we can easily relate to him.

Maeda will have to make a great effort as a writer to make us all feel empathy for him. But we have little glimpses, even in this episode.
I like the way he treats her family, well, her sister while having dinner… you can see he is just a st**** with power. But with that power… I bet we all might be (to some degree) just like him. It is a philosophical theme that even Plato apoke a lot about.

That was @HeliosAlpha who said that, though ;_;

I am refering to all kinds of Ex things with Riki.

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It seems my subconcious mind was focused in you Pepe. Gomenasai. :slight_smile: I’ll correct it :smiley:

@EndOfRefrain Yes, his character changes a bit there. I think it has to change a little because of the very nature of the “Ex” routes.

He’s mostly nice towards Shizuru and Kotori, behaves cautiously towards Akane due to her black magic/ blackmailing powers and is a playful jerk towards Chihaya and Lucia.

But yeah, Kotarou is more or less a jerk but a likable one at that. Then again, you could say the same thing for Tomoya, Yukito and Yuuichi. They all have their moments of being a jerk towards people for the fun of it, but you can’t help but like them in spite of or for what they do. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess those guys are less of a jerk, and more snarky lol

But Biz, how can he be cold? He’s Atsui naaaaaaa.

(I am aware this post is a year and a half old)

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I would have said Kotarou (though I do love him) a month or so ago, but now I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s Yuu “Lelouch” Otosaka. I don’t dislike him, but he’s easily my least favorite Key protag. I have a hard time forgiving him for the stunt he pulled in the first episode with the truck. If everything hadn’t gone according to his plans, Yumi and/or the truck driver could have died, and even though that didn’t happen, it’s still very likely that the driver was somehow punished. He might have even lost his job. The whole skewer thing didn’t exactly warm me up to Yuu either. He’s gotten a lot better, though; I’ll give him that.

Surprisingly, I don’t dislike Yuu at all for all the terrible things he did. But Yuu is definitely the worst of all the Key protags.

The other protags don’t seem all that mean to me. Most of them are just teasing or usually have good intentions…