The K.E.Y. Written Content Workshop

This topic will be used to communicate what kinds of written content we’re looking to fill The K.E.Y. with, and for you guys to respond by linking to paragraphs for us to use.

If you want to be included in The K.E.Y., the most effective way is to go into one of our many forum topics for a series, route or character, share a paragraph briefly summarising the plot and what it means to you, and linking to that post here in this topic. If we like what we see, we’ll include it in the final product, requesting adjustments as necessary.

When submitting here, you are invited to include any of the following:
Chosen Name / Alias
General Location
URL (Can be a link to Twitter, Tumblr, personal website, anywhere you’d like to direct people who want to find more of you)
A link to your paragraph

Right now, I’d like you all to focus on describing a particular route or story arc from a Key title that really connected with you. Go to that route or arc’s forum topic (say, Ayu Route for example), and post a paragraph or two describing the main points of the route and what it means to you. Try to be as concise as possible, but don’t be afraid to reflect! This isn’t a summary of the route, it’s what meaning it holds for you.



Am I doing this right?

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Yeah that’s pretty much it.

The only thing is that we’re looking for more specific paragraphs on what one of Key’s stories mean to you. Think of a route or story from a Key game that you really liked, go to the corresponding forum topic (Say, Kanon Ayu Route for example) and share a paragraph there briefly summarising what points of the story stood out to you, what the route really means to you. Try to really describe the route and it’s strengths as concisely as possible.



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This is what I’m talking about! :kyogrin:


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By the way, is each forum member only allowed to look at one route? I would like to share my thoughts on another route in a different Key VN if I can.


You can submit as many contributions as you like. It’s up to us which ones are included in the final product.

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(Had to avoid double-posting on that last one, so that’s why it looks different. ^^; )



Connor Boulet
Southern U.S.A


EDIT: (9/10/16)

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This is really good, but I feel like we need to think about restructuring these posts to take the ‘I’ out of them. They’re going to make up the main body of the book where we talk about Key’s stories. It’s still possible to talk about what they mean to us without making it ‘about’ us and our subjective feelings.

For example…

“Of all the routes in CLANNAD, I think Nagisa’s route stood out to me the most. The beginning scene when Tomoya met Nagisa for the first time while walking the uphill path to the school with the sakura petals falling was so beautiful that I fell in love with her character.”

This is what you’ll be seeing when you open up to her page. But what if we wrote it like this?

“The opening scene where Tomoya meets Nagisa for the first time while walking the uphill path to school amidst the sakura falling sakura petals is filled with such beauty that so many readers immediately fell in love with Nagisa’s character.”

Like that. Feels more like a book now doesn’t it? The message is still conveyed, but we’ve taken the ‘I’ out and replaced it with ‘the readers’.

Though I guess curating this content like this is my job anyway :stuck_out_tongue: But what do you guys think? Is this the kind of angle we should be tackling it from?


I definitely think so for the reasons you said. These entries will still have the personal authenticity in my mind, even if first person isn’t used.

I try re-editing my post earlier. Is this good enough or does there need to be more adjustments to make?

Um… Now it’s kind of a mess…

“the readers may think Nagisa’s route would stand out the most” ???

“amidst the sakura falling sakura petals is filled with such beauty”

“that they were fun and happy things”

And some of the sentences are really long running. It needs a lot of editing. I might just need to do it myself.

I guess I’ll put a hold on Written Content for now. We’re still figuring out some things with the book, and I want to provide contributors with more comprehensive guides of what kind of written content we’re looking for before continuing. Please stay tuned!