Summer Pockets Fan Translation Announced!

So about two weeks ago it was announced that a fan group will be translating Summer Pockets under the name Alka Translations. Here is their site, and so far there has been an update every couple of days. Things seems to be progressing smoothly, but these projects naturally take a long time to complete. That said! The plans currently are to release a patch for the game’s trial edition as soon as next week!

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don’t see it lasting. it’ll likely get taken down by VA sooner rather than later

It seems unlikely they would “take it down” considering how they’ve handled past translations. They even bought the Rewrite TL then threw it away, the idiots. No, VA is the least likely reason the project could fall through

Seeing as they have now released the trial patch, I decided to give it a quick peak but I seem to have been unable to stop myself at that.
I read about 15-20 minutes of it (which I admit may not very much to form an opinion with) and came up with close to 30 instances I felt could be improved. I realize that this is only a teaser patch and still far from the intended end product but I figured I would share my current thoughts anyway.

I think the best way to describe the reading experience is “awkward”. The translation itself is fairly accurate in conveying the meaning, but the English used often doesn’t flow well. Maybe it’s just me being picky.
Regardless, here are some of my quick observations:

Ooohh, so that’s what happened.

…Wait, why did they do that?

Hell if I know. That’s probably not something they’ll want to comment on anyway

Wow, with the new update… only about 500 lines left to be translated until Common Route is completed. Such a dedicated fan-TL team xD

Because of some unknown reason I can’t access Alka Translation’s site lately… as far as i remember it has started after their last post about Common Route’s translation being almost done. Am I the only one having this problem? And if not - does anyone have any idea about the reason of it?

I can’t access the site too but it was the same around one week ago and it came back to normal the next day so I hope it will be like that now.

I see, thanks. Well, then, let’s believe that it’s only a temporarily problems without long term effects…

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