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The urge to buy CLANNAD is too much :komue:
But I wanna save up for Harmonia & Tomoyo After, since I don’t have the full understanding of the entire story.

Rest in peace money…

Ill wait until December to buy CLANNAD. It’ll give me the Christmas feels.

Nice, just in time for payday. I can finally show my support for Clannad. :kyogrin:

Just a personal opinion but it’ll be a long while before they release Tomoyo After and Harmonia, and I’m sure you can save up during that time. Plus, I doubt you’d get sushi a deal this good any other day, so you should just totally get it while you can. If you have to pay 100% for it when you do buy it in december, well… I won’t feel any pity for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn steam. AX is coming up and you pull this move

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Same as @Totoro_Futaki but sadly I couldn’t buy Clannad, saving my money for Zero Time Dilemma in one month.
At least I started to read planetarian and I’m liking it a lot more than I expected

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i caved in and bought clannad. im a loser


Well it’s 50% off after all. I would have bought it as well if it was not for these crippling school expenses haha

Should this thread be bumped up every time Clannad and planetarian are 50% off? I know it was 50% off a while ago when Clannad Side Stories were released.

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Aha, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

Clannad, the Side Stories, and planetarian are 60% off for the week with Tomoyo After at 50% and Harmonia 40%.


yeah sales end February 20th which give you 1 week to buy it.

Thanks for the update - I bought Harmonia!

Also - in case they are important - got two small auto-updates from Steam, one for Clannad and one for Tomoyo After at the same time as the Harmonia download


Are there any change logs?

Clannad - some minor things

Tomoyo After - relates purely to D & T

Steam has no H content for Tomoyo After, right?

Pretty sure that Steam blitzes all H-Content as a matter of policy. Certainly Tomoya After had the toned down intro scenes.

Aww. I was kinda curious how Key writes their H-scenes

“Terribly” would be the most fitting word.


Huh, I might just read it for comparison then. I’ve read two of Nasu’s works (Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night) which is notable for its bad writing in H-scenes.