Show Off Your Goods

No one has posted in a while so I guess I will post something…

Everything that is Key related is boxed in red

Top row on the right is White Clover Artbook, it won’t fit on my bookshelf

Second to top row Angel Beats, Summer Pockets, Rewrite+, Harmonia, Inoue Artbook

Unrelated to Key: if you are wondering what those white books are on the right they are Artbooks as well.

Since I don’t have any Charlotte OST I got this wall scroll instead, the Angel Beats stuff is from ordering the 1st Beat VN

Close up on the OST

I plan on expanding this collection some more in the future (last time my Key collection was updated was last year when I got Summer Pockets)


More stuff that came in during the past week.

The three folders and the three badges on the right came in seperate bundles. However, you all know how I feel about Akane, so…


You don’t know how sad it is to see those poor stuff getting destroyed. :sad:


Relax, it was just a joke. I spent good money on them, whether I like it or not, son I’m not going to waste them.

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Sorry for not writing my message correctly, I was mostly joking.

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I’m super happy to announce that i finally got my hands on the KEY 10th Memorial Box!
I found it on mandarake and I couldn’t pass this opportunity. :ramenset:
For it’s price I was expecting it to be second hand, but much to my surprise it turned out to be brand new!
I checked it out and everything was alright, there it is:

I’ll use this opportunity to show you a few other KEY items I got.
First, this amazing figure of Kanade that I bought for one of my birthdays:

Finally, this lovely dakimakura of Komari I also found on Mandarake:

Some of you guys have pretty impressive collections, where do you usually buy your KEY merch?


I usually get my stuff from eBay, Amazon and Goods Repubic. I’ve been thinkig about using ZenMarket, but would first like to know if it’s a legitimate website.


That dakimakura is :ok_hand:


specifically only bought kanade and shiroha stuff, but summer pockets merchandise still not that much.

this one is A3 size i got from kuji (red ball) at Chara1 event, unfoldable and thick, when i got this, i still have 7 days stay in Japan and had a really roughtime carrying it around. i really worried that i cant bring this back home with airplane. gladly it can be put as oversize baggage. so i sacrifice my self by carrying my 2 superheavy big bag to cabin and put this kanade in the baggage (praying that its not damaged while in the plane baggage)



This arrived today. It’s not really a priority on my Key read/watch list, but hopefully I’ll get around to it this year.


Wish they sold Angel Beats here. The company who licensed it is pretty much dead.

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Here’s something a little different: fan-made Key merch. This is a friendship bracelet based off Shizuru made by TomomiFoxes on Etsy. I think they did an excellent job on it. This might have been the last one they had.

Also, on the other item listings they have, they said that they accept requests on bracelets based off characters they haven’t made yet. Maybe later when I have a source of income again, I’ll ask for a bracelet based off Lucia.


New goods set from ZEN, C96. The acrylic figure of Saya is especially neat.