Rokkenjima vs Kazamatsuri Overwatch Night

Prepare for war. The first ever Kazoku Collective cross-community event is about to commence! We are currently looking for members to fill two teams representing Rokkenjima and Kazamatsuri for a night of Overwatch fun. The current plan is to begin playing at 22:00 UTC on Saturday the 12th on the US server. We intend to play for at least 2 hours, with a buffer for people who wanna party afterward. Apply for the Kazamatsuri team here! Or if you’d like to defer to the enemy side, you can find them here.

Only one community will come out on top! Which side will you support?

@uppfinnarn [CONFIRMED]
@Hardscope [CONFIRMED]
@joeross75 [CONFIRMED]
@Bizkitdoh [CONFIRMED]
@bionic [CONFIRMED]
@Bonecuss [CONFIRMED]
@Gurluas [CONFIRMED]
@Meyvol ~Unconfirmed~

@pictoshark [CONFIRMED]
@StarTurner [CONFIRMED]
@PocketyHat [CONFIRMED]
@Aspirety [CONFIRMED]
@PantherXoXtacO [CONFIRMED]


What exactly is UTC? Is it the same as CET? I’d prefer 15 CET.
But yeah I’m up for it!

Tamamo shall bring Cuteness to everyone <3

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Not it’s not the same as CET. Please use google to convert it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh heck yes this seems fun! Sign me up!
And for me, the 22:00 UTC time seems pretty decent.

Edit: Also I might as well show my top picks:

Please also let me know if you can do both, that will be helpful in making a decision.

I’m completely fine doing both!

It’s one hour ahead, so close enough, 15 UTC is 16 CET, which works for me.
23 not so much.

Yeah I’ll shoot some faces for my kazoo peeps.

A single death can change everything.

I’m game. Someone has to keep these goons alive.

22:00 works regardless; 15:00 only works if it’s a Saturday.

I’m so in, any time, I’ll be playing on EU->NA ping, but it should be fine, we’re not playing super seriously~

I mainly play Roadhog and Mercy, sub Lucio, Reinhardt and Ana.

I’d like to join!
22:00 on Friday is okay, might be tired, any time not super early is good on Saturday.
As Upp said, ping will be an issue for me, but it should be fiiiiine if it’s not too serious.

22:00 UTC works best for me, for Kaza
I play, Reaper, Junkrat, Lucio, Roadhog
I’ll try my best not to cheese it

I’m locking in 22:00 UTC on Saturday the 12th for now, let me know if that doesn’t work for you. Sorry @Gurluas, you were outnumbered in this case!

Would anyone be willing to stream it so others can watch?

I’ll try to be there but no promises. As it’s a little late for me :stuck_out_tongue:

As a person who doesn’t play overwatch (or FPSes in general), I’d still very much like to witness history in the making. Anybody plan to stream this bout? Preferably a separate stream from each side :wink:

I’m so excited about this. I’ll be cheering for you guys from the spectating bench.

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I might have to try and get in on this. I keep wavering between Reaper, Zenyatta, and Roadhog as my most played.

I can try to stream, but it’d probably be even better if someone was to use the spectator mode to stream that way!


Pro-tip for streaming it. Get someone from the server they are closest to. My NA friend switched to the EU server to stream Junkenstein’s, but we quickly switched back to NA because the game is awkward when you are lagging that much.

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I believe the main, if not the only Overwatch servers are here in California.

On a slightly related topic, is anyone else watching BlzzCon via Virtual Ticket this weekend? I’m hoping for more than just a Sombra announcement in terms of Overwatch.