Ridiculous Theories

I don’t enjoy always nitpicking about how 8bit gives us so many fan services on Rewrite anime; I just want to say…

What if they actually do it on purpose? Serve us more fan service on the next episode and it will unlock the oppai route ending!

Remember that rock that fell on Kagari-chan’s head on episode 8 of Rewrite? (Moon spoiler) Shizuru threw it on her when the Oka-ken was having fun messing with the blueprint… The anime’s Kagari route is the result of Kotarou (or Akane, maybe?) asking her to do this instead of throwing the Moon on the Earth. This is a good theory. Don’t you think? :kurumu:


I guess everyone thought of this already, but since no one talked about it, I think I should…

Harmonia x Planetarian (Major spoilers)

I’ll mention random information and explain my theory at the end…

If you remember what Yumemi said about the second generation of her kind of robots… “they can cry” which Tipi can do (she is the 2nd generation of Phiroids).
Also, the generations before Shiona didn’t have the “death” feature… that’s why Yumemi could stay for all that time just like Tipi did.
Another clue is the timing of the war… if you remember what Shiona said “when I was made war had already started” or something similar. Not to mention that Tipi waited for 200+ years because her parents left (escaping). And guess who else witnessed the war… Yumemi.
Finally, Phiroids’ main purpose is to serve human by a way or another, which Yumemi did until her very last moment.

So here is what I think based on the information above:
Harmonia is a sequel to Planetarian… Yumemi is the 1st generation of phiroids. and generations from 3 to 5 of Phiroids were made during the war.

like I said, I believe everyone thought of that already but I just wanted to share it


Rewrite spoilers behind the tag:

Now, what if this world we live in is also among the branching worlds from Kagari’s theorem, and that considering that you-know-who won the US President’s seat, and is known to be a climate change denier, we’re about to have a Key show up soon? :stuck_out_tongue:

//cue Yami no Kanata e


I think you’re ignoring the whole point that Rewrite is intended as a message to people living in the real world. The world ending soon isn’t fiction; it’s reality. Humanity can’t sustain this lifestyle for much longer. Of course, there’s no Key, and there’s no magic, but it delivers a clear message. We are beyond the point of no return, so there’s only really three options. 1) Kill all (or almost all) humans. 2) Accept destruction. 3) Escape to space.

planetarian may have been a warning, but Rewrite is more of a message to those of us who have already passed that point, and need to take action.


CLANNAD After Story Spoilers: Tomoya didn’t actually go into a crippling depression after Nagisa died. It was all a scheme to get Akio and Sanae to take care of Ushio’s diaper phase for him!


(Angel Beats and Rewrite spoilers)

What if after the events of Angel Beats, Kanade was reincarnated into the world of Rewrite where she retained her super abilities from the purgatory world. Guardian then finds out about Kanade and takes her in to train her so that she can become their most useful member to fight against Gaia. I guess you can then say that Kanade has become their GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!


Vj… If all that was a setup for you to make that pun…

I won’t even say it anymore :sunohii:


I’m afraid it was… :disappoint:


Summer Pockets time.
So, we know that all of the girls on the island are as light as feathers with ~40 kg being their average weight.
What could that mean?
This novel is either going to be about anorexia problems, troubles with food on the island, oooor…
All of the island population are actually vampires who didn’t had anything to eat for years! And now our protag-kun comes there…


When I realised Rin and Riki have the same VA in the visual novel, noting that practically the whole VN revolves around Riki helping others to “overcome themselves”, for lack of a better phrase, and accept themselves, I thought - could it be that, in a way, Kyousuke, by trying to get Riki and Rin to support each other for the rest of their lives - Kyousuke was being so meta that he was trying to get Riki to love, accept, and support himself?


I have been thinking about this, ¿maybe Komari (LB) is the daughter of Kurata Sayuri or Miyazawa Yukine? They seems so similar

After watch new episode of rewrite anime…Now I know Kotarou tried to bribe Kagari using expired coffee…her stomach must be feel funny after that…that is why she notice him right there and then gave him a smirk


Yoshino Haruhiko is only behaving weirdly so that Kotarou can tell funny stories about him and pick up girls that way. He is a bro among bros.


(video kinda spoils Shizuru route and Moon anime)


When I randomly saw the video clip that came with this tweet, I knew I wanted to make a Star Wars reference on this one, so here’s the theory:

Kotarou: “No, I am your father.”
Shizuru: many NOOO

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Based on that picture… what if Rewrite = Clannad? well atleast that what i get when i see that pictures


I’m telling ya, Kotori is secretly (clannad spoil) Ushio

Here’s another one for Rewrite (post-common early-game spoilers): Kagari is searching for good memories (yoi kioku), right? What if all she ever needed to see to stop Salvation from happening was… Yuri!!! on Ice??


Dunno if this counts as sh*tpost theory, but I have a baseless head cannon for Clannad, I don’t know if the VN has details that totally shoot this down, but the anime always made me think

that in the alternate timeline where Nagisa lives, Sunohara and Tomoyo would have gotten together, like down the long road, once Sunohara matured


I can actually see this happening and if you want to count the movie,(Clannad Movie spoilers) there was another alternative universe where Sunohara and Tomoyo kind of got together. .