Rewrite Anime - Episode 7 "A Place Lost"

Discussion topic for Episode 7 of the Rewrite anime, which premiered on the 13th of August, 2016. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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You know what this episode means?

We’re finally getting into the meat of Rewrite. We saw more dogs, got to see Kotarou’s power again, finally saw Lucia and Shizuru in action, and most importantly it was formally revealed that Chihaya and Akane are in Gaia if anyone needed that to be told to them. The Occult Club seems to be done for, with none of its members coming to school the Monday after. In the VN who does and does not come to school the next few days is the beginning of each character route, so I’m excited to see what they will do for this supposed 6th route.

At first I was worried that the leaf dragon would seem weak compared to Krivoy Rog, who we already saw Kotarou fight but the anime did a nice job at making Kotarou’s “fight” with the dragon feel really desperate. The dragon looks like it was completely destroyed, we didn’t see any part of it float away, so it looks like its done for for good. I was hoping in the anime it would get the treatment it deserved and missed in the VN, but the dream is dead.


To put it simply: I have no complaints.
A lot of stuff was different from the VN and some details felt kinda off, but I think it was handled just fine.

I definitely felt the atmosphere and the mood shifts throughout the episode. I’d say it’s the best one so far.


Man, that was intense. Love it. There were some animation lapses here and there, there were uncanny CGI moments* here and there, Masakazu Morita’s voice acting felt lacking in some few places, and there were cuts that felt weird (the one where Sakuya carried the two girls felt like it belonged to a comedy scene but that’s just me I guess), but otherwise, this episode excelled in what it is: a turning point of the story. Gahd I love the scene with the floating dragon. And the dog chase. It felt very intense.

Despite some small issues here and there, I gave it a 5/5. Because finally they got rid of the oppai jokes, and also the last line got me. Feels. ;_;

*(In hindsight, I think the effect that the CGI monsters have might actually be to the narrative’s favor of making the fantasy aspect feel unreal, especially from Kotarou’s lens, but that’s a stretch haha)


I think its this. CG is commonly use in anime to make things looks almost unbelievable or terrifying, the best example I have of this is Berserker in Fate/Zero, a show that has incredibly high quality art and has no need to use CG. Also I think the monsters look better than the background characters which are also CG, they’re clearly putting in more effort.

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It’s pretty much of what @arete mentioned above and I think this episode delivered very well with the change of pace as well as the mood change of the situation handled. The scene where Kotarou was frustrated with the fact that the Occult Club was going to end was heart-wrenching knowing the youth he spent with everyone was coming to a halt on things and the emotions drawn when the others were going to stick with him was very good. I like those battle scenes with Lucia and Shizuru fighting off the dinosaurs, which I know in the VN were a breed of Deinoychus.The dragon scene was done amazing with that feeling of intense action and moments where Kotarou had to find a way to survive the horrific situation before him.

At this point, everyone’s stance on whose side of the organization has been made clear already and I’m glad we’re getting to the heart of Rewrite that all of us have been waiting for to say the least. I can’t say anything else about the episode but I know it getting very serious from here on out. Very great episode indeed! Can’t wait for the next one!


I was really anticipating this episode and they finally delivered. Some parts were slightly different, but most of it maintained the original feel and major details. Now that we’ve gotten past the common route, everything from here on will be new because of the ‘sixth route’ idea, so who knows what we can expect!

Also, Sakuya finally shows his true self! I was waiting for this (though I’m not sure how much he’ll show up depending on where they take the story)


Man this was an intense episode. Where will things go from here? I don’t know, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Pacing and flow was decent enough. The CG didn’t look particularly good, but I don’t really care about that. The girls’ reactions to the situation were pretty interestingly handled and probably my favorite part of the episode besides Kotarou, whose anguish and confusion are presented damn well in this episode both in imagery and in voice acting.


Still a 5 though.


Well, for me personally I found the episode to be quite good in my perspective. They changes somethings in the episode and was rather different compared to the original Visual Novel, but it was quite understandable to some extent for me in order to get towards the original route. Spoilers for the Visual Novel.

[spoiler]In the Visual Novel, the entire two sides of the group are not really introduced until the end of the common route, which reveals the characters at least in some sides. To explain what I mean, after the Visual Novel shows Kagari, we go to the other scene where he goes and says “I walk up to my friends” and then depending on the decision the player chooses, it goes and targets the route it was chosen.

In the anime however, both of the parties are introduced (more Gaia than Guardian since Guardian was already established in the 5th episode) where as the conflicts starts to arise, or at least the main central point of the story[/spoiler]

Of course, we got that across from the episode, as it gives a closure to the common route, leading to the original sixth route, which of course at this point I will say we won’t really know what we’ll get at the moment. One thing that got me a little bit irritated at the very least, and this sounds more of a nitpick, its the fact that the animation wasn’t as great in comparison to the previous episodes where it shows for instance.

Kagari defeat Krivoy Rog and the ribbons looks rather fluid and motional and in some scenes for example Tomoko’s scene

Aside from that, also the ending song could have been excluded from the episode since it leaves more of a bitter sweet taste in the mouth. But that’s my personal opinion of course.

By the way, is it me or am I the only one who thought the little snippit scene of Yoshino at the end was pretty nice? It kinda shows a bit of soft side to him for me.


Man, I could complain about some minor stuff in several different places but that was a freaking good episode. I’m so glad it delivered.

With this, I suspect the worst part about the Rewrite anime will be the start and its rushed introduction. Like, Kotarou’s speech was great but it kind of felt random with just the anime information. I know a lot of others have mentioned it, but I just don’t think they built up the characters and the club relations enough to make the speech and the episode’s climax have the kind of feelings that were supposed to be there. So, that’s kind of a ripple effect in hurting this and future episodes, but I think the rest of the pacing and story is heading in a promising direction. I really think a 2nd season is coming which will make the rest of the pacing very manageable because if not, I don’t even want to see how they’re going to finish up the story in just 6 episodes.


What are you talking about? The whole point of that scene is demonstrating the dissonance between how much Kotarou cares about the club and how the others don’t feel the same bonds he does. The fact that “they’re just getting started” is further emphasised by the lack of screentime, they gave the common route more than enough attention.


I mean the viewers don’t even feel the way Kotarou does at all. In the VN, I feel the dissonance because I feel like Kotarou but off just the anime I don’t even get why he’s saying that due to lack of so much information and screentime. I suppose you could argue that’s intentional since it’s a different medium, but it’s the same reason a lot of people have dropped the anime.


I do get the point where you’re coming from, and true that’s technically the main point of that specific scene. I think what Kaze meant is that, because of the anime trimming down loads of the bits which develops the characters within the club (which builds up to the final day), it feels rather lackluster in comparison. Not that both of you are wrong to say the least, but I do understand both yours and Kaze’s point of view.

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For years I couldn’t have a clear image of the Lead Dragon in my mind because of how weird it’s CG was in the VN.

And it looks more terrifying than anything I came up with.

Pretty cool episode, though Akane still looks like the major villain. However, they did show that shot of her right after Sakuya jumped and Chihaya was sad, and that one shot makes it so that viewers can see that she does, at least somewhat, care.

Shizuru best girl still


It’s true a lot of people dropped the anime, but others have kept seeing it (for example, DJ Horn from Fandompost, who is enjoying it as an anime-only viewer, despite all the cuts from the VN). As for myself, I do regret the various cuts from the VN, but I could still feel a bit of the original power of the VN. All in all, a great episode. I can’t wait to see the anime original stuff, now that we’re at the halfway point. I also really hope for a second season, although the hope may be in vain.

I was really quite worried about how they’d handle this episode, and what alterations would be made. While a few scenes might’ve felt a little awkward, I think the alterations they did make worked well, and worked logically.

I have very few, and insignificant complaints. The episode managed to recapture some of what I felt when I first played through it, and that is more than enough to give it a 5/5. Definitely the best episode so far.

As to where they’re going from here is anyone’s guess, but I’m assuming it will have to do with Guardian, at least at first.

Let’s see if 8-Bit can keep this up! :kgoha:


this episode was really really good compared to the others, let me say, the cgi may not be the best but this is not a big-budget hollywood movie so it’s fine for me, the animation was smooth but again we have those weird faces which i have no problem with. i felt the feelings and pain that kotarou displayed in this episode, the dragon fight was good the only thing i did not like was the rushed way kagari killed the leaf dragon.

so this episode is the point of no return, this episode was so good, i missed the lack of chibimoth but i’m confident that we’ll be able to se him again and his death :komue:

i hope the anime take kotori as a serious character now an give her a lot of screen time, but i have to admit that kagari is the main therefore she has to be developed as a likeable character as moon kagari and not like that robot from terra

on the whole this episode served as the end of the common route and as an open door for the original kagari route

!very excited¡:michioh:

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12 minutes in and I closed down MPC.

Im done watching anime for today. And Im probably done watching this anime.

I just couldn’t look at the screen without feeling embarassed.
I’ve heard of terrible CGi but that was just horrific.

I couldn’t take a single second of it seriously. I’m sorry but I just can’t deal with this episode enough to watch to the end.

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Poor CG is a pretty superficial reason to drop a series.


Huh? I thought it had some of the better CGI out there. It’s very detailed, and animated quite well. The Episode 1 giant monster and this episode’s green dragon looked good in particular. Unfortunately, it just comes off as really uncanny and didn’t blend well with the visuals, but it’s not that bad.

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