Rewrite Anime - Episode 22 "Battle Behind the Scenes"

Discussion topic for the 22nd episode of the Rewrite anime which premiered on the 11th of March, 2017. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

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I don’t really know what to really think of this episode yet… it felt weird. Though I like how they successfully revolved the theme of this episode around how people are unable to let go of what they have now to make their future certain. The episode made it evident that Kagari’s speech about humanity is actually happening, as we see Kotori and Kotarou make that mistake.

I’ll bet that the next episode will end right after (VN) Kotarou and Esaka’s fight. That’s all.


To make it short, I don’t think they did a good job of making clear what the problem is and why it’s so bad on several occasions in this episode.

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I have been thinking about Chihaya. In the VN (Spoiler from Terra and Chihaya’s route in the VN) Sakuya is not in Terra so Chihaya probably should have died just after her parents, we can suppose that Koutarou destroyed Guardian and Gaia before that so make sense that she lives in the end but in the anime we can see her being orphan before the Guardian and Gaia’s destruction. I`m missing something?

After the first season of this show I pretty much gave up for a while, but I decided to give it another chance. I caught up and I haven’t really been disappointed (mostly due to abysmal expectations). Music was pretty on point this episode. We heard some good songs that weren’t horribly abused, so there’s that. Otherwise we’re at the point in Terra where the story is just trying to bridge the gap to the end. The VN also had some stretches in Terra that felt like this, so I can’t really fault the adaptation.

[quote=“josemadv, post:4, topic:4000”]I`m missing something?

(Chihaya Route)

If I’m remembering correctly, she was pretty much fine without Sakuya. Her parents died, but as I recall she was able to get away successfully. She found Sakuya immediately after that.

Man I do not remember this part of the VN. Only parts I really remembered were the scenes with Kashima Sakura. Are we getting into anime-original territory or is my memory failing me?

The only anime-original thing in this episode is Chihaya making an appearance. Pretty much everything else here is in the VN. :))

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I guess I need to re-read Terra =w=

I thought I was going crazy since I didn’t remember her showing up in Terra and no one had brought it up.
I wonder if (Terra, idk if spoilers or not) They’ll find a way to bring Lucia in as well as Shizuru has a cameo already so she’d be the only one missing.