Planetarian Fanart

A decade ago, when I cannot get over with Planetarian’s ending, I drew an android character which I based from Yumemi. Maybe write myself a good ending for me to sleep soundly at night.

The initial story I wrote involves the MC being transported into another planet, which is a post-apocalyptic earth, and comes back with this “alien” technology to escape from his captors.

I then revised the story and added her to help the MC scavenge (and explain) for useful items for his escape. Basically, getting a war vehicle to work (at this point it’s almost similar to fixing Jena)

Though adding her would have me revising the established stories that occurred after the MC’s escape.

Which had me repeating what happened in Planetarian. Long story short, she was destroyed during the escape after convincing the MC to participate the escape. MC then uploaded her AI into the vehicle. The technology from the vehicle is the backbone of the MC’s underground base with her as the AI (the original story had the AI from the escape vehicle) for general function.


That’s a beautiful piece of artwork you got there! First impression is that she looks a bit like Lucia, from Rewrite.

Also, be mindful about spoilers in your post :stuck_out_tongue: you don’t want someone coming in here and reading about the ending of the VN off the bat

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Oh right! Sorry. It’s a first someone mentioned she reminded them of someone else other than Vanilla H from Galaxy Angels.

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Well I just found the best planetarian fanart ever.

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Nooo!! Why would someone sexualize Yumemi??

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Somewhere Kanon is raging. :sweat_smile:

@DangoDaikazoku because they’re japanese lol
I’ve seen worse, this one’s kinda funny, I think

What’s so sexualizing about a swimsuit?

What makes less sense is that yumemi probably isn’t even waterproof

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There isn’t anything that sexual about this shot, really, but I would argue that putting a character in a skimpy bikini would be considered sexualization. More specifically, the artist puts a fair amount of emphasis on Yumemi’s breasts in this shot…

I don’t believe a bikini on it’s own is inherently sexual, but in this particular shot… I’d say it serves that purpose.

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I do believe I promised these to everyone on the Kaza chat, based on a sci-fi project I was talking about that has quickly become called Yumemi And Friends because the name just stuck when I did it.

Since my tablet doesn’t work, I reverted to something I haven’t done in a long time, which is pens and colored pencils. That would be why everyone looks scratchy and like they’ve been made by slamming a spongy ink stamp on paper several million times and why all the colors are off.

I also ran out of paper right when I should have done the Junker. Whoops.

Luckily, even though I and my friend have crashed Planetarian into Seikai no Monshou in order to get a continuation that’s not Hoshi no Hito and is slice-of-life-y as all get out, the Junker looks a bit cleaner and gets to not just wear his green fatigues. So, not much changed.

That meant I was creating a bunch of other robots for Yumemi to meet and spend time with in the city of Nueva Avila, on a world called Septimanca…

First is Yumemi herself, or rather, a sort of Yumemi 2.0 given a higher-performance frame with more features rebuilt using custom technology as her AI architecture is really proprietary and required a lot of techniques which operating on Yumemi required. This is all to handle her new job with Astrographic Services, host of an observatory and regularly sent on missions to deploy space telescopes. She enjoys the extra height.

I might also have made her a bit too buxom so…oops. Well, she has to get used to that. She’s wiser than she looks.

The first new robot, Gina, works in cybernetics and worked on Yumemi’s new frame after her reconstruction and is a leading doctor on Nueva Avila in her field. She has a hard line to all of Nueva Avila’s emergency services and is used to making tough decisions when every second counts. All of her systems are antibacterial, antiviral and hypo-allergenic, and with the systems she has installed, technically she’s one of her hospital’s surgical robots. She’s basically the first robot Yumemi meets at Nueva Avila, and due to the unique nature of Yumemi herself, Gina remembers her well.

The first robot Yumemi meets in the city proper is this ostentatious character, Rose. Extravagant, overstated and with exotic tastes, she is the representative of a well-off landscaping company that snagged a deal to decorate an entire amusement park. She guides people around as the “Bride of the Garden,” a persona she came up with herself. She has an encyclopedic knowledge and a very deep love of two things: flowers from all around the stars that show up in the park, and cars, her passion outside her work. She wants to drive around Nueva Avila in a sports car, and in order to get one, she contacted…

Mari, representative of a shipping company that specializes in imports and exports in and out of Nueva Avila, especially the exotic things. Easily one of the brains of the group, she immediately takes an interest in Yumemi as a piece of engineering and a new face that can get her new business, and eventually comes to call her friend. She was also the one who tried to talk Rose out of buying the car that ended up fitting her desires for something exotic and fast…

The Ketennou Vampire GTO. How did Rose purchase something this extreme? Well, it’s an aging supercar from a company nobody’s ever really heard of, was bought when it was in awful condition, and developed as a homologation special, which means it’s a race car that was given the bare minimum to be considered street legal, then sold up to a certain quantity so it can legally compete in certain racing categories. Armed with a “Twin Drive” that has a pulse detonation turbine running each axle, one up front and one in the back, airbrake panels that open and close to keep the car under control and squishy Magnotta Traction tires that have about the bare minimum tread to not be completely undrivable in the rain, it’s about as loud and visible from space as its owner Rose is. Something of a character in its own right, it’s a cross-wired Millennium Falcon-style maintenance mess that the Junker is always restoring and repairing at Yumemi’s request.

It also is technically a robot, having the rudimentary CPU necessary to drive itself and access GPS and municipal records in order to safely navigate the streets. In this operation mode, it’s basically the gang’s big, dopey dog.


Smol Yumemi!


Because of the whole Yumemi And Friends thing I’ve been doing with my friends, it occurs to me that I’ll have to dress up Yumemi in other stuff and give her a proper wardrobe.

With more on the way, here’s a good example of my Prismacolors agreeing with me for once:

I’m a little disappointed the gold of her ribbon and shoes didn’t come out very well, but on the other hand, the silver plays nicely with the pink and yellow. Looks like you could see her from low orbit, doesn’t it?


Check this out!

Took me a while, but here’s the entire core cast of my little project. I’ll go through them from left to right:

All the way to the left is Rose, who along with Mari right next to her sprouted surnames and titles so Yumemi wouldn’t be the only android who inexplicably has a surname. Rose, named “Rose D’Ambrosia,” representative/one of the company servers of Lightwork Landscaping and mascot of the Garden Palace, the name for the theme park Lightwork helped bring to life, becomes a big name fan of Yumemi’s when she starts making a name for herself as a web personality. They bond over Yumemi recounting the whole bouquet kerfuffle when she and the Junker first met. Oh yeah, he’s got a name now, too.

That paves the way for Mari, now Mari Kobayashi (so her name is a terrible pun for Star Trek fans when you say it the Japanese way). Representative of Sterling Exports, an import-export service that gets Lightwork many of its exotic plants. With connections to Rose, Mari elects to become the producer for Starstruck, Yumemi’s web channel. If the others can afford it, she can get it.

Hiding behind Yumemi and next to Mari is Arisu Hanazawa, dogged gamer and personally camera shy. She, like the other cast members, is a recent Nueva Avila Institute of Technology graduate and hangs around the observatory Yumemi now sets up shop in. I haven’t figured out what she does yet aside from appearing on Yumemi’s shows.

Yumemi herself still appears as an adult so she looks like she belongs at her proper place: the helm of the starship the NAIT branch of the United Star Commonwealth’s astrographic services owns. She also has an actual wardrobe now, and with a lot of the old locks on her AI removed and her hardware treated as a major upgrade, she’s never felt more alive, more…human. This includes unlocking grace, poise and lightning-fast reflexes she’s never known she could access, which means along with reporting on goings-on across campus and at the state of the art NAIT observatory, Starstruck is a place for her to do something she’s never done before - gaming. (Mostly that was me realizing that if I kept comparing her channel to friends to a channel like Markiplier’s or Scott Manley’s, then gave her the kind of skills an ace pilot had, it’d be really, really weird if she didn’t game.)

Asking about the Junker’s phenotype gave him a nationality and a name: Rafael Moreno, as a friend of mine guessed maybe he was Portuguese. I tried darkening his skin a bit so the name would stick a bit better and show that starving his body of direct sunlight had made him pale, but it didn’t quite stick. Oh well. The jacket was me answering the temptation to make him look like he had a Mad Max jacket on, but that looked a little too expensive for him as an outfit for him to get early on, so I just gave it a goofy color - metallic silver. Not very haute couture if it blinds everyone who looks at it in direct sun, is it? As for what he does, he’s set up in Project Blueshift, a large mechanic shop that heard of this guy who managed to whisper a planetarium projector back to life with nothing but his bare hands and the stuff that still happened to be in the abandoned planetarium, and took a chance on him maintaining the robots that help them do their most complicated work, including maintaining and repairing public vehicles and race preparation and restoration projects for the driving-mad citizens of Nueva Avila. He still considers himself Yumemi’s best friend, if not his de facto older brother, and the feeling’s mutual.

The blonde next to him is not “Misuzu but fanservice,” it’s a character I’d thought up one night from a name and thinking she’d be neat to add named Nozomi Kujo. Nozomi’s another NAIT grad, a mechanical engineer who finds her first projects by working on Yumemi’s live-action sketches before getting in front of the camera herself. Normally skittish, with a short temper and a threshold for pain that’s all over the place, she warms up and shows her true self as a natural comedian when she’s with friends.

Next to her wearing the Puyo beret is Keiko Kawasaki, a girl where I tip my hand and show this really is a sci-fi AU I’ve been writing, because we have space elves. Easily one of the top gamers of the group and the most exuberant of the cast, with an enthusiasm rivaling Yumemi herself, she’s also one of the most stylish. I still kinda don’t know what she graduated NAIT to do.

All the way on the right is the only other guy, Trevor Blackwood. He’s the strongest gaming connection - he graduated as a game designer and hardware engineer, who dreams of programming games, then making the computers and consoles to play them on. Naturally drawn to Yumemi as a gamer that makes even him stop in his tracks, he goes whole hog into indie development for the chance to use Starstruck as a way to advertise his work…and often drags the others into the development process.


Here’s a Hoshino drawing I did while listening to Twinkle Starlight. I swear all my ideas come from listening to music :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to remind people that we still have a bounty for Hoshi no Hito art for the Key20th International Fanbook~ If anyone feels like drawing those three kids


When exactly would it be ? I’m quite interested by the idea

When will what be? The hoshi no hito week? Or the key 20th?

Whoops that was a typo. STILL have a bounty, not will have a bounty.

Ah okay I was asking about when I could draw Hoshi no hito kids for the Key 20th international Fan book but if it’s for now if I correctly understood @Aspirety I don’t think I am able to participate in this project. And yes I would like to know when these 2 events happen. :sweat_smile:

The planetarian bookclub has started now, Hoshi no Hito podcast is scheduled for the 23rd. Key20th has been ongoing for the last couple years and we’re still accepting submissions.

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