Planetarian Anime - Episode 1 "The Robot's Bouquet"

Discussion topic for the first episode of the planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ which aired on July 7, 2016. All references to outside works and future episodes must be marked with a [spoiler] tag.

You can catch the series on Funimation’s website in North America.

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It’s great, couldn’t ask for better.
I feel like there isn’t a lot of thing to talk about in the episode, everything seems perfect to me until now. Can’t wait until the next episode.


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This was a really good episode! Pacing was really good, and they were able to keep the mood all throughout. Showing off the outside with ruins while going back to the planetarium was able to give this stark contrast I wasn’t able to feel much in the VN.

Also, yumemi is such a cutie, and seeing her animated is just perfect~ The little jumps she makes when introducing Jena, or her straight-face when the junker has no reaction to her little introduction.

One weird thing though, and I don’t remember this from the VN: the Junker has a constellation pendant? Huh, I wonder how they plan to fit that into the rest of the series.


From what I’ve been able to gather, the smart money suggests they’re gonna flesh out his childhood a little more. They’ll use it as a memento he had from something like his…youth? I’m still not sure.

Does this tie into a rumor I heard once about giving him an actual name?

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Same sentiments as you after watching it! Everything seems perfect like what @RyuuTamotsu mentioned. Yeah, maybe the pendant was something he got from there during his childhood…

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Where are people watching the episode from exactly?

I guess they watched the Raw version, since they posted as soon as it aired in Japan, and there is no english version yet I think

Okay, I just watched the raw version myself.

While I didn’t understand a single word… I understood everything at the same time because the whole episode was so well directed.

I’ve already gushed over the beginning of the episode back on the preview thread so I’ll focus on the rest.

In regards the second half, I particularly loved the ending scene where the automatic door closes on Yumemi as Junker walked away (subtle use of technological devices recognising what is human and what is not), and she kept running her mouth off like a scripted machine :stuck_out_tongue: Hilarious, yet a fantastically charming scene.

And to top it off the wonderful shot composition illustrating Junker’s slow change of heart as he starts warming up to her with the focused shot on his boots slowly taking a step backward towards Yumemi’s direction abruptly cutting into the ED to end off.

Superb episode, and I didn’t even understand a single word

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yeah I watched mine on AmebaTV on live stream, then checked a few clips again fro nico nico douga. Both of those are region-locked to japan though :x English version via funimation should come soon, though!

Oh my god I didn’t even realize that! Does that mean that yumemi can’t even leave the planetarium without human intervention? But yeah the direction there was top-notch! You hear yumemi’s voice all muffled throught the glass but she doesn’t care and just keeps on speaking.

So, yet another Key anime we thought we might never get has aired-

Before I say anything, I wanted to say that planetarian is a series I don’t think is necessarily hard to adapt, but I feel as if capturing the tone and feel is the the real challenge here.

I was very worried about this idea, and how they would go about it. After seeing the episode, I don’t think I’m too worried anymore.

I think they captured everything that needed to be captured in the first episode really well, and to be honest I don’t have anything negative to say about it. It was paced well, the new OST is very fitting and I much enjoyed it. Lastly, the animation felt very consistent and smooth.

The thing I was most surprised by was the ED. When I first saw it a while back, it felt very out of place and unfitting for what planetarian is, which then had me taken aback when I found myself really enjoying it and seeing it in a totally new light from before. Sure, the chibi style is maybe a bit too far, but it didn’t actually bother me too much. I’m not really sure I can describe why my thoughts changed, other than I feel as if it portrays who Yumemi is in some way.

In any case, I’m very, very excited for episode 2. I love how davidproduction is handling this so far! :masgrin:

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Just saw the episode. Oh, my, glob. When I first saw the 5 minutes that were teased a while ago, I thought to myself “this adaption is probably going more towards the story, rather than emotions”, but when I saw the episode myself, the moment when the Junker was walking away and Yumemi just kept talking about how she was glad he wasn’t displeased and so on, with a beautiful new arrangement of Gentle Gena playing, it was just beautifully depressing.

I think the anime does a wonderful job at portraying Yumemi’s loneliness to a certain extent. And makes the Junker more pleasing than he was in the original.

Now just waiting for episode 2 for Lia’s vocals.

Good episode. I think the anime pretty much perfectly presented the Junker’s general reaction to Yumemi and the planetarium and did a very good job introducing Yumemi in general. The only thing I’m unsure about is how it spent rather little time introducing the world the Junker comes from, but that’s something the subsequent episodes can go into just as well.

Just finished watching the episode and I thought it was pretty good. The beginning especially I really love, with the twinkling music and the feeling of heartwarming when the staff welcomed Yumemi for the first time and dread/heartbreak when they bid farewell to her. Speaking of Yumemi, it was great to see her animated and her antics and personality are as charming as ever. I especially love how the episode ends with the sound of the puddle splashing; when it happened, I just thought to myself “Genius. Perfect way to end the episode”. As for the ED, I thought it was quite catchy and very cute. Can’t wait to see episode 2. :smile:


Any ideas on what this could mean?
If I remember correctly the novel never made any reference to a necklace that the Junker was wearing. Seems to be a new feature.

Possible symbolism for something? Perhaps new piece of upcoming narrative?

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Considering her presentation points out Cygnus, it’ll definitely make it more personal for the Junker.

Good shit fam.

Disappointed I can’t hear Yumemi making robot noises with her movements, but it’s alright.

I thought the first episode was pretty well handled.

It dealt away with the only major criticism I had towards the Planetarian VN, which is that the beginning is rather drawn out with a massive infodump. I did feel like it was progressing a little bit too quickly at times, but overall the pacing was very well handled and I’m already quite pleased with how they’re adapting the script.

Hoo boy, I seriously can’t wait for the projection…

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I loved this episode. I personally was more hyped for planetarian than Rewrite and I got exactly what I wanted. I’m pretty sure the constellation pendant was not in the original vn so I’m interested in how they will tie it together to an already amazing story


The episode was just simply amazing. It’s kind of hard to wait for the next episode, seriously. It just has the same “Planetarian” feeling I got from the KN, if you know what I mean. And the animation’s amazing. One thing that still bothers me is Yumemi’s face… I’ve gotta get used to it soon… Uuuuu…