Little Busters! - Komari Kamikita Route & Character Discussion

…I really want to disagree with you… but all you’ve done is state an opinion with no evidence so there’s nothing to argue about.

I will say though that I don’t think you can say that any one girl is more fitting to represent Key, or any single character for that matter. Maybe when only Kanon and AIR existed you could say just Ayu or just Misuzu represents Key, but ever since CLANNAD I don’t think its possible anymore.

Not only has Key always focused on groups of people within VNs since then, but it also feels very wrong to choose one VN to represent all of Key. Think about it. If you see Ayu or Misuzu at all in marketing these days its almost always with the other and Nagisa. You probably won’t see Nagisa without Tomoya or the other main CLANNAD heroines. You never see the Little Busters separate, or Rin without Komari or Riki. Key no longer has, if it ever did have, just one emotion, personality, etc. associated with it.

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This is my opinion of Komari and her route before reading Refrain. It is subject to change.

Komari is the very definition of a moe character: short, cute, always happy and innocent. She loves sweets, and does act like a little girl sometimes. But she’s also very insightful and helpful, and she’s very friendly. She’s also quite clumsy. All this combines into the most moe girl I’ve seen in a Key game, even more moe than Ayu. While this does make her different enough from Kud, I kind of wish they were more different. But enough of that. Time to talk about her route.

Compared to Kud’s route, the pacing and romance in this story is quite slow, and it did get boring at times. But the strangest thing about this route is how extremely similar it is to Kanon. There’s a huge central theme of dreams, memories (particularly bad ones), and there’s even a Sayuri dump in the middle of it. Almost everything in this route seems like it was borrowed by something else. It’s a very safe story. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. Oh, heck no. This route is the most immersive and heartbreaking I have read so far. Sure, it didn’t make me cry, but then again, nothing really does. It doesn’t just copy Kanon, it exceeds it. That’s an impressive feat in my book.

Insert ‘Kaze no Tadori Tsuku Basho’ here. :3


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One thing about Komari, which I learned from the LB short stories, is that she’s self aware. She’s not like other ditzy characters who make mistakes and see nothing wrong with them; she makes mistakes and tells herself she’s being stupid again… Kinda sad, yeah, but it adds a lot more character depth to her

Moe is a very subjective thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wouldn’t consider Komari as most moe, for example. And many others would flock to Kud for that, I think.

Oooh that puts very well into words what I feel about this route. It is a very traditional Key route, and I think, one way or another, the writers try to put one in in all of their works. Kinda like Shizuru’s route in Rewrite.


This is one thing that I have always appreciated about Key. They seem to understand that you don’t have to be the main route in the story to be a good route. Yes Refrain is amazing but that doesn’t mean that they put any less work into Haruka or Mio’s routes which makes it seem like less of a slog dredging through the common and side routes to reach the main.

There is a VN called G Senjou no Maou that I love (probably partially because it was my first VN), but all of the payoff in G Senjou comes in Haru’s route (the main heroine). The other routes at times feel like after thoughts, almost like they are there just to take up space and extend the VN. They aren’t bad, but you can tell that they same amount of effort given to Haru wasn’t given to the rest of the heroines.

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(spoilers concerning Refrain)

So I have only seen Refrain in it’s anime adaptation so I’m not sure if Refrain in the visual novel clears this up so forgive me if it does, but is Komari aware of the secret of the world? If she is aware, (which I believe she is because she drew the picture books and during the scene with Riki where they are watching shooting stars she gets sad when she sees the 8 shooting stars) then she must be aware that the Little Busters are going to die in the bus crash. But if she knows they are going to die doesn’t this create a plot hole in her story arc because wouldn’t she already be thrown into a state of despair much earlier than when she finds the dead kitten? But if she is not aware of the secret of the world then how does she know the significance of the 8 shooting stars she sees and the picture book of the dwarves she’s drawing??

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This very well could have happened in previous loops. We don’t know what loop the story actually starts at, there were likely ones early on where it was more chaotic and people were getting to grips with the world. Komari probably was in despair many times, but managed to recover from that despair and manage to set her mind away from that. In the route itself, her despair is likely very much amplified by it not only making her remember her dead brother, but making her remember that most of the little busters are going to die too.


@Bonecuss and @Misuzu: This is probably more of a Refrain discussion, but here’s something I dug up that I wrote down awhile ago that has relevance to this topic:

I think it would make sense if the first time you, as the reader, go through was not the first time for the characters. In Kyousuke’s chapter of Refrain, he says he cant count the number of times it’s repeated, and while I’ve never experienced such thing, I wouldnt think that 7 times (he thinks this at the beginning of Rin2 IIRC) would be so many that you would lose count. This would also allow time for Kyousuke to realize what all the best ways to strengthen Riki and Rin would be (“of course it had to be fun”) and to realize who else had created the world.

Of course then, Komari must have found out at some point, or her scene with Rin never would have happened. Maybe Kyousuke told her at some point because he noticed what good friends she was with Rin, and wanted to use her towards his goal of strengthening Riki and Rin? And then of course Komari also had her second wish, insert star symbolism, which was ironically similar to Riki’s wish, to preserve Rin’s smile.

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I think the thing is even if she becomes aware of death, she might not have been triggered. From her route, the only thing we can confirm is that seeing something dead is what triggers her mental breakdown. I would think that the mere thought of death causing her to break down would cause her to be quite ineffective in school, because there are plenty mentions of death in history or literature, and we see that to not be the case.

Thus, in Refrain, she may be aware that they are going to die but she hasn’t witnessed said death yet. This would mean that she hasn’t been triggered by it yet, and such, she wouldn’t suffer a mental breakdown.

Actually I just realized a glaring inconsistency. In Komari’s route, if you get the bad end, she doesn’t fully recover yet from her breakdown. However, when you start a new game from that bad end, Komari is back to normal. This goes against the whole idea of Rin2 and Refrain, where Rin’s state of mind at the end of Rin2 carries over to Refrain. No such thing happened in Komari’s route if you reset. Could be just something the writers neglected, or it could mean more about Komari’s state of mind

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(Refrain) Ah, that’s because the world starts to break at the end of Rin2. Kyousuke (and Kengo for that matter) thinks it’s completely his fault for pushing Rin and Riki too far. And he realizes its happening as soon as Riki and Rin run away, as evidenced by his comment we hear during Episode: Kyousuke about how he’s never seen the gears of the world so messed up before. I have personally begun to wonder if it wasnt completely his fault, and part of it was the fact that the world was already starting to break from the dreamers (as Taka calls them) having their regrets removed and no longer having control over the world.


This is an excellent point! I didn’t think about that. This makes a lot of sense and I see it working.

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Refrain Spoilers I’m not entirely sure we can assume that Kyousuke resets the entire world after a bad end. I could easily see the “in-universe” timeline being that if Riki reaches a bad end, Kyousuke just resets the world to a point where it can still be averted. I think the anime made it seem that way too. In Rin2’s case, that was just an impossibility.

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Okay, so I was told that Komari’s bad ending was almost as bad as Haruka’s, and since I hadn’t experienced Komari’s bad end yet, I decided to test that for myself.

After reading it, I was rather disappointed.

I don’t think Komari’s bad ending is all that bad. I mean, it’s bad because nothing is resolved and the characters don’t grow, but it’s not as emotionally crushing as Haruka’s bad ending.

Yandere Komari still creeps me out, though… :confused:

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The real kicker is in EX. They thought it was a good idea to put the sex scene right when you make the wrong choice in the end. Riki basically rapes the emotionally broken Komari. Reading that thing is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.


Even without EX it is heavily implied. Let me try and get that quote from the bad end…

Just those lines made me rewrite my whole perception of Riki as a lot more human than I would have previously thought

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Happy Birthday Komari-chan! The happiness spiral lives on!


One thing I’ve been thinking: if Komari had her own “after” game it would be about Komari’s struggles to cope with diabetes.


I hadn’t read this topic in a while. Seeing this after the last discussion was… jarring.


We should all follow Komari’s example and pretend any previous unpleasantness never happened. That’s the healthy way to solve our problems right?

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