Little Busters Hype Van Secret Mission: Create Walkthroughs!

I have a mission I’d like to complete before Little Busters comes out on Steam, and I need a team of people to do it. The mission is to go through the Little Busters and Little Busters Ecstasy Perfect Visual Books, translate all of the information and compile them into easy-to-read Steam walkthroughs. The route walkthroughs are one thing (and the primary objective), but I really want to go and translate all the other stuff too! The guides to all the secrets, minigame stats and such.

Thankfully a lot of this information is already on the net, so half the work is done for us. But there is some that I haven’t seen online before in English, so there will be translation work involved! There might also be a need for image editing, since there’s some really helpful graphics in the perfect visual book. Also lots of charts!

Who can I trust to help me with this mission? I am willing to reward especially hard workers with dango tickets~


Well, I can’t do translation but I can help with image editing~

I’m in, I haven’t done many translations in the past but I’m willing to help!

A lot of it has been done before.!:Walkthrough
I have stuff ready for the EX routes.

We’d need the official translation to do more with the choices though. There’s also the issue of how the LB! guides are color coded; you can’t do that in a steam guide, so we’d need some other formatting trick.

Just to have a list of all the stuff.

  • 9 Routes + Refrain
    > Love Love Hunters
    > Muscle Ending
    > Sukurebo Ending
    > Various Post-Refrain Unlocks
    > Common Route Changes Over Time
  • Battle Ranking
    > Mask the Saito
    > Unknown Lifeforms
    > Items
    > Weapons
  • Batting Practice
    > Stats and Statgrowth
    > Baseball Game
    > Special Pitches
    > Character Info

Something like that? You could add silly common route events ad infinitum.


Having worked on the CLANNAD walkthrough before I can say that it’s probably less translation and really more matching the english choices with the japanese. Naturally, some japanese knowledge helps ;p

But yeah I can help out with at least a route or two!

We still need help with this if anyone is willing to offer their time! Japanese knowledge not required to help compile the Steam guide.

But that said, I’d love if we could translate the information on these pages since I haven’t seen it posted elsewhere.

I can’t help with the translating, but I’d be glad to help compile the guide.

Well what stuff is important and can be done before the game’s releases? (That doesn’t involve the spread sheets of doom.)

I mean we can prepare the guide as much as we can using the old translation, and make adjustments to the new translation when it comes out, that shouldn’t take too long.

I have to admit, I hate the way the official guides, and by extension the TL wiki guide, are structured. The flowcharts are sorted by routes, but because of some stupid flags they have to include all of these choices that may or may not appear and will lead you away from the specified route. Example, every route has to include the choice to not go shopping with Kud on the 27th because that flag over writes everything. The official guides also don’t include most CG choices whereas TL wiki does.

Pesonally, I’d prefer something like this. (It should also be sorted chronologically and stuff, but this is just a quick example)


Go back to the classroom [CG]
Go to the cafeteria [Haruka]
Haruka-san[Haruka LOCK]
Nodded [Kud LOCK]
Go find her [Kurugaya]
Go to the backyard [Kurugaya]
Listen carefully [Kurugaya]
Go [CG (only after Rin1)]
Go to the backyard [Sasami (only after Refrain)]
Tell her [Saya (Only after Refrain)]

Basically, do we have to replicate the official guide like with Clannad?

I think it’s a good idea to tell people what flags not to pick though. They could end up picking them and accidentally end off the route and complain about it…

If they pick a choice from a girl they’re not aiming for that’s their fault. There’s not much more you can do than tell them “This choice leads to this girl. If you don’t want this girl, don’t make this choice.”

Where would you display that though?

You write an intro and explain that all choices mean significant progress for the marked character and progressing multiple characters can easily create conflicts.

Hmmmm, but that may not be as easy as you think, there could be important flags that you don’t realise you’re raising. You don’t wanna completely ignore every other character while you’re going for one character’s route, that would make for an unfun common route

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There’s shittons of stuff with all characters while only doing the critical choices for one girl, and you’ll get all critical stuff eventually as you do more routes. I was really surprised to see how many choices in LB! don’t affect which route you get.

I’ve seen walkthroughs have a strikethrough on those choices and say “Don’t pick this one!”

That sounds familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

Essentially, that asks:

Well, I do think that this is the safest way to do it. Even if you do tell them to look at other routes’ choices and be sure not to pick those choices, some people try to avoid looking at those choices in fear of being spoiled.

Thankfully LB choices aren’t really all that convoluted; it is kind of obvious which flags lead you toward which character. So perhaps we can make it work somehow… Maybe something like @HeliosAlpha mentioned (one big walkthrough, with each important choice being mentioned as part of a specific route), although for intuitivity, we could color-code the fonts of each choice. The only issue that raises is if a choice is important for two routes. I would want to avoid rainbow-colored text if ever :ai:

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Can you color code on steam?

There’s at least one heroine oriented choice you might want to pick (Kud, for the roommate thing) but as long as you make it clear not to pick the rest of them, it should be okay. It grants extra scenes for the Mio route at least.

Staying in the courtyard with Mio on 5/18 to see all the conversations with the girls needs to be made clearer too, it took me a while to figure out how to get the last conversation when looking for it on replays, though I guess you’d see them all following the Kurugaya guide anyway.

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