Little Busters Hype Van Secret Mission: Create Walkthroughs!

The EX perfect visual book guide looks like this. WIP

Critical Choice
(Choice that may or may not appear. It’s fine if it it doesn’t.)
Choice you don’t want to pick
Locking Choice§ [Critical choice that becomes unavailable after the route is cleared and stays that way until Refrain is completed]


5/15 (別のノートを代用)
5/17 Go to the rooftop
5/18 (敵意を感じた)
5/20 [Each donut gives a different CG on the 24th]
5/22 Go back to the classroom (CG)
5/22 (Shook my head)
5/23 (Quit)
5/23 Go to the rooftop
5/28 Go to the rooftop
----- Fix her clothes
----- Ask about her dream
----- Face reality head on

Komari Bad End
----- Face reality head on Pretend not to notice anything
----- If it will protect another

5/14 Watch for a while (CG)
5/15 Go look for her
5/15 Watch for a while (CG)
5/15 (別のノートを代用)
5/16 Follow after Rin
5/17 Run after Rin
5/19 Look for Rin
5/23 Keep helping her out
----- Cheer her on
----- Go (Rin2)
----- Become stronger (Rin2)
*Rin2 is only available after completing Rin1 and the 5 other pre-Refrain heroine routes.

5/15 (別のノートを代用)
5/16 Take it
5/16 Get involved (CG)
5/18 (敵意を感じた)
5/22 Go to the cafeteria
5/22 Haruka-san§
5/22 (Shook my head)
5/23 (Quit)
5/28 (Go to the cafeteria)
5/28 Ask what happened
----- Ask for the truth
----- Check it out
----- Continue searching for Haruka-san
----- Saw it in the class register
----- Yes
----- I understand
----- That’s a good idea
----- Accept her condition
----- Don’t give up

Haruka Bad End(s)
[Bad End 1]
Saw it in the class register Heard it from Futaki-san
[Bad End 2 (CG)]
Don’t give up Give up
望む [I don’t know how this bit is handled in PE]

5/15 (別のノートを代用)
5/16 Help her look for a roommate
5/18 (敵意を感じた)
5/19 Help her
5/22 Nodded§
5/23 (Quit)
5/27 Do you mind if I tag along?
----- Kurugaya-san and Komari-san
----- 昨日の疑問を調べる
----- 今、応えたい
----- She should go

Kud Alternate Endings
Bad End 1: She should go I want her to stay
Bad End 2: Pick Haruka as Kud’s roommate, then choose to study with Masato.
Bad End 3: See Muscle Revolution for details
Bad End 4: She should go クド自身はどうしたいか聞こう (Only after Refrain)

5/15 (別のノートを代用)
5/17 Watch the battle (CG)
5/18 (敵意を感じた)
5/21 Go buy juice
5/22 Go find her
5/22 Go to the backyard
5/22 Listen carefully
5/22 (Shook my head)
5/23 (Quit)
5/28 Go to the cafeteria
5/28 Don’t talk to her
----- Feign ignorance
----- Forwards
----- I can’t give up…
----- 正直に答える
----- I know the sender (Only appears after Refrain)

5/15 (別のノートを代用)
5/18 Stay in the courtyard
5/18 (敵意を感じた)
5/19 In the courtyard (CG)
5/21 Look for her
5/21 Good intentions
5/22 Go to the courtyard (CG)
5/22 (Shook my head)
5/23 (Quit)
5/23 Go to the courtyard§
5/24 Go to the courtyard
5/28 Go to the courtyard
----- Midori
----- Good intentions

Mio Bad End
Good intentions Bad intentions

----- Escape with Rin
----- Yes (Only appears after you clear Refrain once)
----- It’s not enough
----- Calm myself down
----- Break off branches
----- Postpone his rescue
----- Tell her to check the luggage
----- Think it through
----- Rescue Kyousuke

*The Kud guide is pretty bad. It should be edited. So those are all the choices recommended officially, though I added stuff about bad ends because the guide doesn’t have flow charts for those. Some of the choices actually don’t progress the story nor give CGs, so I don’t know what that’s about. So what are the most important things to add to this? Muscle route is a given, and I’m thinking a compilation of all the stuff that can be affected by the roommate choice.

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Now that the Steam Page is up, we can upload a walkthrough at any time! We must hurry so we’re not second!

I’m kinda late on this, but right now I think I can commit to helping here. I don’t really know what to do or where to start, so if you have something that needs to be done, tell me and I’ll do my best.

I can edit, format and do very basic translations if necessary. I also don’t mind proofreading at all, and I know that’s something that people hate doing. Also, I wouldn’t recommend having the one who wrote a text and edited it to proofread it since it won’t be as effective.

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Let’s see… I believe Helios is still working on the EX wallthrough, but it should be mostly done. When we have access to the game we’ll need to update the translation (or ask @cloud668 or @Phlebas for help?) but that shouldn’t take too long, and we can even do it after publishing.

For formatting, we’ll need to rearrange them to the Bookclub order and include images for each route. Then there’s the question of what else we should include guides for. There’s a loooot of bonus stuff we can account for in a guide. The first example that comes to mind is Kud’s roommate, and how that affects her route. A comprehensive Common Route guide may be necessary.

Then there’s the minigames…

Imo we should focus on getting the EX routes done, format it all and get it ready for publishing on Steam. I’ll write an introduction and publish it and add anyone who helps as contributors. Then we can add more stuff as we go after publishing. Could even do separate guides for the minigames…

If there’s one thing I’d personally like to see in a walkthrough it’s having it be formatted to get you to the final choice of a heroine route, then telling you “for bad end - choice a” and “for good end - choice b” in that order so that more people are inclined to check out the bad ends. I feel like they do add a lot in LB overall.

From my PoV, the most important thing is knowing exactly where to make important saves, which the TLWiki doesn’t seem to do. I mean you can probably work it out but it’s good to have it thrust right at you with them labelled Save A, Save B etc. I especially like to know which is the first really important save is, even more so if it’s a long way into the VN so you don’t have to replay from the start if you mess it up ( and my first playthrough will be blind so I surely will mess it up!).

This is helpful for those with limited time to know where to reload and make the different choices for different routes - even if it might compromise seeing absolutely everything in the VN - because even with auto skip some may not want to go further back than absolutely necessary.

TLwiki does do that. The blue choices are recommended save points.

OK, I just like it even more in your face and coded A, B, C etc. It depends on whether you can make your own note against the save as you could in Clannad? Other wise you end up with a load of saves and can’t tell which one you are looking for…

I actually really dislike it when VN guides expect you to load after clearing a route, since I always start again from New Game.

Fair enough but there’s no obligation to reload and naught to stop anyone restarting. As I said though not everyone has the time to spend on restarting several times ( the alleged 300 hours on Clannad! ).As long as it caters for the completionist and those who prefer the odd short cut it’s a better chance of pleasing more readers.

For the Bookclub though I appreciate it’s better for all to experience the VN the same way as far as possible.

There’s good reason to start again from the beginning in Little Busters though and read through the common route more than once. You can just use the skip function and it stops at new lines. This would be an important factor to point out in a walkthrough, for people who want to see what changes. For people who don’t care, sure, tell them where they can make saves.


Well I’d like to see as much as possible of LB! but things have been difficult lately for me and I don’t have the same time available now as I did when I read Clannad. However if I’m in a small minority then go for it for the 100% content afficionados. I shall no doubt be very behind everyone else!

I have to say, if you want a feature in the guide, it’s much better to write it out yourself. If we have as much text as possible upon release, selecting and compiling will go faster.

Now, I don’t know how to do this, but I think it’d be cool to have a feature to let you check the decisions you made, similar to the Angel beats! First Beat Walkthrough.

Steam only gives us text and images to work with. I never used that anyway, too time consuming.

Can we color-format the text?

Nope, they removed that.

Do you have an open doc or something for that?

You’re looking at it.

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I can’t stress this enough. My policy for VNs is to save at literally every choice so it was a no-brainer for me to continue from the middle after completing a route.

I ended up missing a looot in the LB common route because of that