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Why I’m not surprised about the good results for the stories of harka and Kanata ?

i’m surprised many people liked rin’s routes. i always thought her routes were supposed to be bad due to the fact that they’re showing how childish and immature she still is, to lead up to refrain (well, the middle and ending parts of refrain) finally having her show a more mature, independent attitude? rin is my best girl but i would never reread her routes just for fun… only to analyze.


To me, her being in the middle still is way too high. Even Kud’s route seems better to me despite all the naive nonsense pushed there.

I get what you mean, it kind of goes along with why I didn’t like Rin1 much when I read it. But the thing about the Rin routes is they’re really not the end of the story since they lead into refrain, and you kind of have to evaluate her character development in terms of that.

So a thought that was stewing around for a while since there is a lot in LB! I haven’t read and probably don’t want to since there could be some clues and/or spoilers about, but how did the ratings chart actually come to be anyway? Is it just a Kaza collection of opinions and thoughts?

I’m not far enough reading the VN to have any useful opinions on anything, but it gives an impression that Rin2 is better than Rin1 at least. Ratings don’t mean much of anything, but it still different than what was expected, even looking at it with fresh eyes.

Any one know where I can find a Busterpedia guide?

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