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Finally started reading through it.
I’m currently curled up in our hotel room w/ @technololigy reading it
I’m loving it so far

also I’m already memeing about it


That’s adorable :ai:
Don’t read too far ahead before we start the Bookclub though!


Is the Little Busters ME English edition still happening? I haven’t heard anything about it in ages

I think the official steam release will have all the extra content, including EX/ME.

@sanata50lbsb Yes it’s still coming, give it time :stuck_out_tongue:

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So Karifean suggested on discord that we should talk about what we’re looking forward to with the LB! re-read, and I figured that could be interesting. Since I don’t really trust the opinions of me from 2-3 years ago, I expect to see a lot of new angles in general, but specifically I’m looking forward to a second look at Komari and Kurugayas’ routes. Tonokawa just never really impressed me, but maybe I just didn’t see something back then. I already re-read Sasami recently, so I know what I think about that one, but it was so long ago since I read the others.

Also another huge part for me is everyone else catching up on EX. There’s so many things I never get to talk to people about, and I always gotta walk on eggshells all the time. Of course I’m super hype about Crying Games Done Quick 2k17 after the bookclub.


I’ve seen the Kanata, Saya and Sassafras Salami routes due to watching the EX anime so I know how they go, but I’m super excited to play them and see others reactions, as well as my own. The VN is always way more in depth compared to the anime, for obvious reasons. I only play VNs that I think are going to invoke a ton of feelings in me, be them happy or sad. So I CANNOT wait for the new routes to absolutely just decimate me. It’s gon b gud.

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I joined Kaza shortly after finishing LB, so I’m looking forward to seeing my evolution. More in detail about LB, of course, I’ll see how EX plays out in VN format, but I’ll be paying special attention to Komari’s route since I didn’t find it as good as other people claim it to be. Also, I know Kurugaya will be a controversial route, but as it is my favourite, I’ll be analyzing that one quite a lot.

You mean LB all good route endings speed run? or the EX minigame speedrun?

I liked it too. The only issue I have with it is that, since they didn’t make it a part of Refrain like the anime did, I wish they would have written it better so you didn’t need context from Refrain to understand it. I remember thinking “What the heck just happened” and not understanding it even one bit until I finished the rest of the VN.

The dream would be a 4-way race to the School Revolution ending, and have it all live streamed or recorded.

I mean… That’s the point. If you thought that then the route did its job. If you understood it, if you weren’t confused, then it’d be an entirely different story.

Yeah I know that was the point. That’s why I like the route. I didn’t mean I wish they’d write it in a way that you’d understood it right off the bat. I just wish it hadn’t been THAT confusing. It felt unsatisfying. Obviously it felt more satisfying after Refrain but I just feel it would’ve been better without that initial dissatisfaction. At least not on the level I felt it at.

For the purpose of statistics, could someone tell me when Little Busters was first confirmed to have been officially picked up for localization?

31st October 2015, it was announced here:!

Can’t believe I have already racked up 93 hours reading time ( not yet on Refrain), and I am using skip to repeat through the Common Route via new game each time I begin a new route and not doing the baseball oractice/battles anymore.

I still only have 51% of the gallery and 79% of the Busterpedia.

Surely others must have spent longer when reading more slowly - what’s the longest anyone here has taken to (more or less) complete the VN?

Since I finished LB! a few days ago, after 155 hours, and lacking only the impossible for me Cafeteria Game achievement I thought I’d try to list the routes as my favourites top to bottom, but the best I can do is rank in the 4 tiers as:

  1. Refrain
  2. Yuiko Kurugaya, Mio Nishizono
  3. Komari Kamikita, Rin Natsume
  4. Kanata Futaki / Haruka Saigusa (they are so strongly linked I feel as if they are of one)
    7 - 10 Common, Kudryavka Noumi,Sasami Sasasegawa, Saya Tokido

I doubt many would agree with this but, well, it is how it is.

Objectively I would rate the entirety as 9/10 , subjectively a little lower as I just couldn’t get into it as much as I hoped from my pre-launch expectations. The mini-games do nothing for me, though they are well done and can be skipped anyway. I just wonder if I would feel differently had I played this before Clannad? In the end the theme of Clannad just engaged me so much more than Litbus, that’s no “fault”, but just down to life experiences and preferences I guess.

I shall lower my hopes a bit for Rewrite+ and see y’all when it comes out ( in 3 years?!).

In the meantime enjoy LB and life!


I just started Little Busters and I have a quick question: would you guys advise me to use a walkthrough? I used the walkthrough for Clannad and didn’t regret doing so (and it was very necessery), wondering if the same applies here. I’m kinda assuming it does, but it would be nice to have that confirmed.

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I used a walkthrough. and I did not regret it either. I’m too scared to do something stupid in games. lol. in steam has a walkthrough to the game. in little busters I used two walkthroughs. one that was in steam and another that has description of the accessorys.

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Haha yeah I wouldn’t want to mess something up, and I imagine Little Busters isn’t exactly a straightforward VN. Thanks for the links! I think I saw the steam walkthrough when looking around before but the other one definitely seems helpful as well.