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Here’s a thread for you to share your blogs and vlogs about Key’s works. Or perhaps blogs or vlogs you’ve found interesting and want to share. There’s a lot of cool blogs and vlogs out there about Key stuff, most of it will revolve around reviews and opinions of Key’s works. I know quite a few of our members (myself included) write or record the occasional blog/vlog, so now you have a place to share them! Please keep it Key related though. And of course, please indicate spoiler warnings before posting links.

EDIT: Also! Just in case anyone was unclear, you’re not restricted to posting blogs and vlogs in this thread. This is just a place to share them if you want. If you want to share your blogs or vlogs in other threads where they might be more relevant to the discussion, go ahead. For this case, I’ll allow cross-posting the links between this thread and any other thread where it might be more relevant. This is just a thread to collect any blog or vlog links that people may want to share.

To get things rolling, I’d like to share my series of reflection blogs on Rewrite. So far I’ve covered my thoughts on every route except Moon and Terra, which I plan to do at some point, probably when work on Kazamatsuri is a bit lighter :stuck_out_tongue: Obviously, spoilers for the respective routes. Check them out here:

This is good timing. I’ve been meaning to post about Rockmandash’s marathon of Key stuff.

Over at Ani-TAY, an Inaban anime centric blog run by the community, a reviewer is going through all of Key’s works and reviewing them all. He isn’t the best reviewer, but I think it’d be good to have some views of each VN from someone who isn’t a Kazamatsuri member.

Here’s a link to the whole list of planned reviews and here’s the review of Kanon. It’s really nice to see Kanon (both the VN and '06) get love~

As for individual discussions, you could move posts from here to the relevant discussion thread and they would link back to here via the “this is a reply to…” thing.

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I has a review channel and when I was playing Little Busters! for the first time back in March, I documented my first impressions of each route. So since I saw this, I decided to get off my backside and actually upload these several month old videos that should have been uploaded a long time ago. You can click here to get to a playlist of all of them~

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It’s very rare to see vlogs of the Little Busters VN, especially ones that cover reactions to each individual route. So for that, thank you very much! I enjoyed watching them a lot :smiley:

Here’s a review of Clannad: After Story from one of my friends that I really liked :

Here’s a review of Kanon 2006 also from one of my friends who reviews anime, books, and movies:

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We all know the thing I did on my blog that I used once. I’m actually kind of inspired to gather my thoughts on all the stories in detail there at some point, but I don’t want to take away from some posts I’ve planned out to put here. I still think I’ll do it, of course. Could be a fun experience!

Maybe you should post the blog here! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, yes…

My blog can be found here~ Expect more in the future… Sometime~

@daysofsummer @Glenn_Irish See Glenn, Polyphonica:
At least someone else has heard of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Me? Having heard of Polyphonica? The story of this website is veeeeery complicated, but basically it used to belong to someone who was a big Polyphonica fan - I ended up getting the site myself for many different reasons, but personally, I don’t know the first thing about that franchise! Sorry to disappoint you Yerian! (I do know the name & that Corti is cute though). should I be talking about my own site on here already? But the name is out there anyway - so feel free to click that link, I’d appreciate it if Key fans would read and comment on those articles, they make for a short book already haha.

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Haha glad to see you found someone who has heard of it! I’ll try it out down the line but my VN backlog is horrid. I see its in 4 chapters, how many hours would you say it takes to complete it?

Heh, I actually dont know anything about it either XP I had just happened to mention it in passing the other day, and found it funny that I was seeing the name again so soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Very neat blog though, definitely seems worth checking out!

…yeah, see above lol ^^;
Probably not worth your time XD

I think I know… wait no actually I don’t.

The name and design are what I inherited, nothing more - but yeah @Yerian, it’s pretty neat. I think so too. It’s also why you should check it out - because it’s definitely worth it. It’s beautifully designed, the articles are superbly written… and look at how modest the admin is!

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Bringing an old topic back! I realized I never posted this here. It’s a bit of a rambly post on Maeda’s writing style, not my cleanest or most coherent work if I’m honest, but it was hard to condense.


Posted three days ago, might be of interest ( may have spoilers, so take care) - relates to the original release:


I figure this is the most appropriate topic (I say after almost posting in Little Busters General) to put it in since it doesn’t really have spoilers nor any kind of specific character/route focus. But I now announce that I’ve kicked off my new personal thoughts blog with an introspection into why I’m so attached to Little Busters! :haha: