Let's compliment each other!

(Not sure if we can compliment each other twice but I’m doing it anyway.)

Your ability to manage your personal life and this forum while maintaining a smile is something I admire. I also admire the care and respect you give to every one of the forum members. These are the qualities of an excellent leader.


Well, I don’t really know the person above, but, I like your profile picture. And you seem like a nice person too. :smiley:

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Kanon, I really appreciate your honesty and your ability to convey your emotions. You always speak your mind, often using just a few simple words to get some pretty deep messages across. I’m always looking forward to seeing you switch from easy-going to serious, and, while not using the most respectful, considerate or profound formulations (that I often complain about), saying some pretty profound things.

I often often find myself thinking or outright saying “if only Kanon was more like this or that”, only to conclude that those things would take away a lot from your charm.

It was pretty challenging for me to understand and acknowledge you. And it took a lot of time. No wonder, given the difference in our personalities. It was a heavy case of judging a book by its cover only to find out that behind the initial impression, there’s a much more complex personality. It required me to rethink some things I thought about people in general, but it was well worth it. It was an amazing experience to find out that the guy I considered a troll was actually pretty passionate and brought some interesting views to the table - especially when he got serious.

I don’t thik I’ve ever spelled it out, so I guess I’ll take this opportunity to do so: I truly appreciate and respect you. (No homo.)


Naoki, when I first met you, you seemed pretty fixed in your beliefs. You had an outlook to life and you stuck to it. Such a way of life is in some ways admirable, but something more admirable is growth and progression.

There have been many changes, in exposure, in environment, in age, and in understanding, so I’m not sure I could pinpoint the exact moment you changed in my eyes, but sometime over the past few years you started to appear more accepting. You still challenge ideas (as one should) but you do so for self-betterment.You don’t get many people like that.

Basically you’re a Kengo clone.


Figured it’s time for a bump since most people have probably forgotten about this thread.

I admittedly don’t know much about @Takafumi and I can’t say I’ve ever spoken to the guy once in my two years of being here. I’ve read a lot of his posts, though, and I seem to learn something new every time. He’s helped me through many a “what the fuck did I just read” moment. He runs a pretty interesting blog as well that’s definitely worth checking out.

Plus, I learned the word “zeitgeist” from him.

Now I’m going to break tradition a bit here and do two, because there’s another person I specifically wanted to talk about. I’ve only just recently interacted with @Naoki_Saten, and over the past few months I’ve really taken a liking to how he operates. Naoki thinks things through—thoroughly. He makes rational decisions and speaks his mind. Now I’ve had some fights with Naoki before about stupid crap and went a really long time without talking to him. Just recently through some very productive talks I’ve become aware he’s actually a really cool guy, and while I still don’t talk to him all that often I’m definitely glad to have him around.


I can’t really think of much to say about Hardscope since I’m still pretty new here and I haven’t interacted with him much, but I have to compliment his choice of avatar.

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Time to bring back compliments! I too am a Mami Kawada fan, her music is part of why I love Shakugan no Shana and NagiAsu so much. I wish she was still singing for all to hear. You have excellent taste in music!


I may not you too well, Austin. But I did read your “Introduce Yourself”. And I have to say that you have such a great passion for Angel Beats and Charlotte and other titles like Clannad and Kanon. They’re my favorite anime as well. I love Kanon so much! And knowing that you love Makoto is quite nice. She can be something else tho. Hehe. Anyway, I’m glad you decided to make Kazamatsuri a place you can call “home”. It’s hard in this world we live in but we all try to live each day as best we can. Thanks for contributing here and keep up the hard work here! :happy:


I haven’t interacted with you much @Sonic112003 but I love the optimistic energy in your tweets. You’re always all about lifting spirits up and just generally being kind to everyone and it’s nice to see someone do this almost everyday. Your tweets always makes me feel better!

You truly deserve the ‘Nice Guy’ title~


I thought I’d go ahead and revive this topic, help get the vibes up and whatnot~

I absolutely love your artstyle. You have such a creative use of colors that just exudes emotion in all the pieces you create. It’s the kind of thing that makes it feel the art is more abstract rather than realistic (which seems to be the norm for anime-inspired art), and it’s a big breath of fresh air to see it whenever you post it. Kudos :umu:


Pepe, I haven’t really ever talked to you but you seem like a really kind and cool person and someone I feel like I could get along with, I’ve watched pretty much all of the Kaza podcasts and read a lot of posts in general and I like the way you always speak from the heart which is something I have trouble with sometimes, also it’s really cool how passionate you are about little busters it makes me appreciate it even more. :ahaha:

I’m going to make this a double.
Chesca you were one of my team mates in chocomint during the winter festival, you have a really cool and unique art style it was fun working on that 4 koma with you and it came out pretty good despite my thought up on the spot story lol. :ai:


Yuuichi… you smell good…

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Jason… you seem creepy…

Seriously your comment was hilarious. 10/10 should uguu again.


Aspi, you remind me of Mr. Kazamatsuri

Also on a serious note, your actually really good at hosting.

Praise be to lord of all, Mr. Kazamatsuri

stupid, I enjoyed reading your short posts and how much you believe in our lord Mr. Kazamatsuri.

(sorry I couldn’t think of anything to say besides that and how much you like to talk about Planetarian)