Key's plans for their 21st year

Key have put up a teaser about their plans for their 21st year, in image format for now there are a couple of items we know about: Kud Wafter anime, planetarian 'A Snow Globe OVA with Crowdfunding.

Others are less obvious, but the intriguing one is the new VN!




I was curious what is on the first left teaser… the blue sky at the middle on other hand, probably samapoke i guess.


HeliosAlpha suggested on Discord it could be a music project. My first thought was the English TL Rewrite+ but it doesn’t look much like it - and anyway that Sekai Project and we all know that a 2020 release is still more hope than expectation!

Blue sky in the middle I also suspect is Summer Pockets ( let’s hope the English TL!)

The “New VN” looks a bit post-apocalyptic, then we have 3 complete mysteries which I suppose are music or a small chance of anime.


This teaser gives me life! :naze:

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, just thought I’d share my own thoughts on certain things. Firstly, I agree with the idea that the left image is an album - it’s way too abstract to be anything else. Knowing Key it probably contains the term ‘Crystallisation’ or ‘Shattered Memories’ or something like that in the title, but that’s just a guess.

I do think the blue sky has something to do with Summer Pockets (spin-off maybe similar to Kud Wafter or Harvest Festa), but I don’t think it’s the English version, if only for the reason that they label planetarian and Kud Wafter, but not that image, which doesn’t make sense considering the English version is something we already know about. I mean it could be Summer Pockets in English but if it is then it seems weird not to label it so.

If I had to take a guess at the VN I’d say maybe a new Kinetic novel just on the loose premise that both planetarian and Harmonia have a post-apocalyptic, ruined civilisation setting similar to what’s shown in that image, but that’s just a shot in the dark.

And finally if I had to take a guess at what one of the un-shown images involve I would guess something Maeda (probably an anime). I do feel that there is gonna be another anime from Key, but what the heck it is I have no idea (prays for Tomoyo After).

There are 2 things that have been bugging me about this image: the order the items are listed, and the colour scheme. Normally it’d make sense to reveal things linearly, so all the shown images would be on one side, but instead they’re scrambled up, so I’m wondering if that has any relevance at all. Similarly, in each image there is a section which is either black or red. Now I understand that it’s due to Key’s logo being made of those two colours, but once again I’m just wondering if there’s any significance, like both planertarian and Kud Wafter are anime’s so does that imply the first image is also an anime? Or is it because they’re old Key works - implying the new album will remix old Key music? Also if the image of the sky is indeed Summer Pockets, then that would mean both images with the black in them area VN’s, so how does that affect the other images?

I don’t know, I’m probably reading too much into it, but I at least thought it should be mentioned :yahaha:

Edit: I just realised… There’s gonna be a KSL Live next year isn’t there. It’d be the perfect way to showcase trailers on things like the anime’s and VN as well as introduce new songs for them. Additionally Summer Pockets just came out so there’s already a bunch of tracks that haven’t been done live so it gives them more to works with. Finally a more minor point, the last KSL Live was in 2016 - it’s been long enough.


How about a mobile game? I mean the last one was R:IM and it’s was short lived, it’s was long ago since they released a mobile game again. But seems like it was unlikely possible they will releasing it right?

They started a new mobile game very recently, though I can’t imagine it lasting long

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I think it’s likely to be another installment of the Love Song series. I bet that Maeda again wants to make songs for one of the female singers on a recent Key project (ikely Rionos). On the other hand, the aesthetics look like a Shinji Orito album cover too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an album for Runa Mizutani since he loves working with her. In a possible other scenario, it could be an important Lia album or an important remix/collection album.

I think that it could be an anime adaption. Takahiro Baba has been networking this decade, even being able to pull off adapting titles like Planetarian and Kud Wafter which weren’t in-demand. Imagine that power for something that is still fresh. I think that Summer Pockets might be getting one in 2021. I think the 2020 date is for a teaser/trailer/announcement.

I think that it’s too soon for another kinetic novel. There was a 12 year gap between Planetarian and Harmonia, and Harmonia was made for their 15th anniversary. I think that it might just be another mainstream title. Key did release Kanon and Air only a year apart, and Clannad was originally planned to be released 2 years after Air. Also, I don’t think they’re going to do something as big as Clannad, Little Busters, and Rewrite for a while either so that shortens the time. Plus, without a main-writer and new character designers, it does seem quite possible for it to work. It could (unlikely but possibly) be the 2nd beat too. Maeda isn’t doing anything major as far as announcements go, and I feel like the teaser picture looks a bit too dark for it to be original.

I think that the 3 locked images could either be

  • Harmonia anime announcement - I think that since Planetarian became successful and David Production and Key have been creating new releases for it (ONA series, movie, VR, HD release, OVA’s), it would make sense that they would try to do Harmonia next and start it up.

  • Maeda’s Key x P.A. Works 3rd original collaboration - Since Angel Beats was in 2010 and Charlotte in 2015, it would make sense that if a 3rd collaboration happened, it’d be in 2020.

  • KSL 2020/a Key concert (like the Key Orchestra) celebrating Key’s entirety for the new age

  • A new Key-Island event

  • Harmonia Light Novel/Drama CD’s

  • Live-action adaption

  • Summer Pockets 18+ Edition

  • Angel Beats 1st beat 18+ Edition

And in the fun percentage of 0.01%,
I also hope Tomoyo After is there somewhere or a Rewrite remake. 4 years later like Kanon for Rewrite in 2020.

And I don’t think that any of the unlocked ones are any of the presumed English releases. This is for the Japanese audience for the most part, and if they did, Rewrite would have been on there. I don’t think it has to do with Console Switch’s or mobile games either.


Not necessarily. This is for the live stream in two weeks, and on the previous stream they talked about Clannad in Chinese, Summer Pockets in English, and it was where they first announced the Rewrite kickstarter.

Keypoints and Key Island were fan-organized events

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Gonna start by saying the blue sky reminds me of the PV they put out when the VA logo got changed. Dunno why, you can’t glean much from a sky, but I suppose it’s the fact that it’s environmental.

I don’t think they’d want to retread Owari since each album in the series is supposed to have a unique identity, but an album of another kind would be believable imo.

There were other novels made as part of the Kinetic Novel brand between planetarian and Harmonia, although they weren’t made by Key. I wouldn’t say there’s a fixed limit on how many can be made in a certain timescale. I think those short-form novels will become more and more common as the native PC market gets weaker and the smartphone market becomes more desirable. It also makes sense because production time is shorter, and the less time you spend on getting a game made, the quicker you can put out new merch to sell.

Umiket wouldn’t be on this.


I scored one, I guess?
But this is surely unexpected right?


Wait, is Key making a RPG game ? That’s unexpected but I think they can make something really good especially with the latest Key stories (Rewrite, Angel Beats and Charlotte) where action is pretty important.

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English webpage up alongside other language like France and Korea.
Does this mean they also planned for international release?

On other hand I gladly take Key mobage since mobility is also important in this fast world and I can’t afford Switch


I am legitimately hyped for this now. I generally do not like RPGs, let alone mobile RPGs, but the promise of a heart-wrenching story with music by Jun Maeda & yanagi nagi again is way too tempting to pass up


On the 15th Anniversary of the release of planetarian, the Crowdfunder is going very well with 61% of the target ¥30M now pledged.


It seems Key is going to make an important announcement regarding Summer Pockets on this sunday.

They released a quiz on their website, and completing it with the correct answers leads you to the words “Welcome to the new Torishirojima island” and this picture below:

From what it seems, this girl with red hair is a completly new character, so I wonder what this new project might be? A fandisc? A sequel, perhaps?


That’s “Summer Pockets EX”, definitely. They wouldn’t create an entirely new character only for a fandisc, would they? That girl’s definitely going to have her own route (I really hope they won’t take the easy path and make her a “Saya 2” …). I’m also hoping for a Nomiki Route, the poor girl didn’t have much story. Also, a Shizuku Route could be interesting, maybe as a sequel to Tsumugi’s Route.

We’ll hear more on Sunday, but I bet everything on a “Summer Pockets EX” (maybe they’ll dare put +18 content in it ; that could be funny with Ao).

EDIT: So, Visual Arts Japan has just announced Summer Pockets - Reflection Blue:

I suck at Japanese so I don’t understand everything they said during the Live, and Google Translating the link above didn’t help much. Is it an update? A DLC? A new version?

About the content, it seems I was almost spot on xD. This new “version” will have 3 new routes: Shizuku’s Route, Nomiki’s Route (YES!), and Umi’s Route (that one’s surprising, although it’s a good surprise).
Now I don’t understand why the NEW character doesn’t have her own Route. Or is there something I didn’t understand?

Anyway, it’s a very good surprise. No release date though, it’s a shame. On the contrary, we got the release date of Heaven Burns Red but absolutely nothing about its content xD.
(Also, we can expect a crazy ending like Oppai Route ; I’m pretty sure that one is for Shizuku xD)


From I interpreted it, I guess it’s was like LB!EX… another standalone Samapoke that has extra route on it.

On other side, kinda sad that they didn’t confirming anything about Heaven Burns Red international release on the stream despite they releasing English(and also other language) webpage.


All. They initially framed it as a sequel, but later placed it as a new Samapoke. More than a fandisc, but less than a pure sequel. They went onto say that the update includes new common route features, new routes, and a new heroine. They said a bit about what kind of routes the previously established characters will have (daily life romcoms) but the new heroine is a mystery. It could take place after or before.

It’s a very large update though, so you can expect a lot of content from it.

Summer, no?


Alright, so here’s the info we have right now about Summer Pockets - Reflection Blue:

  1. Reflection Blue is indeed a new version of the visual novel with aditional content
  2. Umi, Nomiki and Shizuku are now heroines and will have their own routes!
  3. A new girl has been introduced - Kamiyama Shiki (神山識)

    “Hey, do you know the ghost/demon living on this island?”

About the character: She is a girl searching for ghosts/demons. Her age is 14 years old and her hobby is traveling alone. Her favorite food is rice balls.

  1. The common route has been expanded
  2. The table tennis mini-game has been improved. Now you’ll be able to play with doubles!

  3. There will be a new theme song and two other additional music pieces
  4. With all the new scenarios, about 2 million words were added
  5. There are over 130 CGs
  6. There will be a special limited deluxe edition
  7. The release date is expected to be on Summer 2020 (although this is not confirmed yet).

Posters of Shiki, Shizuku, Nomiki and Umi showed during the livestream

A huge thanks to Key Studios Community facebook page for bringing all these details to us!