Key's plans for their 21st year

I see. 2 million words, eh…

WH-?! TWO MILLION WORDS?! It’s… it’s way too big!!! Isn’t that 2 million japanese characters, maybe?
That said, even if it’s 2 million characters, it would still be half of Clannad.
So… I guess we can’t expect the English Edition to release before 2030, something like that, lol.

At least it’s cool if Reflection Blue is set to release this Summer.

EDIT: Not gonna lie, the new table tennis mechanics look awesome, lol. On the other hand, I really hope Umi’s Route won’t be turned into romance… It would be kind of out-of-place.


Now that you mention it, it does make sense to be 2 million japanese characters instead of words. Perhaps that info was translated wrong by accident.

Here’s the original image from the livestream, in case someone who reads japanese can confirm it to us:

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Otherwise I say good luck to the girl who’ll have to fit it in- I mean, to the people who’ll have to read all of it.

Thank you for the screenshot. Using Google Translate, I discovered that “200万文字” (which are the last characters of the sentence) mean “2 million characters” (as in “letters”). That’s a relief, lol.

To be fair though, even 2 million characters is substantial. I wonder if that means it doubles the length of the game? It feels like it doubles it. It’s great news regardless!
Although, I just hope they won’t add too much in the Common Route. I feel like that part in Summer Pockets had a perfect rythm: it was fast, while still showing a lot. But if they add too much, it could break that rythm…
Wait&see, I guess.

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It’s 100% characters. If it were words I’d have described it as more than just “very large” earlier.

Oh, and there was gameplay of the table tennis stuff in the stream if you wanna watch it.

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Hmm so if they also expanded the common route, that means the common route will be included? So this new version is essentially going to be like Little Busters EX?

I can only hope that their official English release include the updated routes as well, then :ahaha:


I mean, “more than very large” is still “very large”, so I couldn’t be sure xD.
Ah, I’ve seen the screenshots for table tennis, but did they show video footage as well?

The Key twitter account have pronounced about the 2 million japanese characters of Reflection Blue. They apologize for the misunderstanding caused, since they actually meant the whole visual novel will have 2 million characters, and not just the aditional content.

So in other words, the new version of Summer Pockets will be half as long as Clannad, which is a pretty fair amount of content to be honest :yahaha:


On a sidenote, the american VisualArts twitter account said they still plan to release Summer Pockets in english on Steam, and that a potential release of Reflection Blue will be decided after that. This is surprising, as I was expecting they would wait for the new version to come out on Japan to only then release it on Steam.


Thank you for the clarification. Ironically, now I’m a little disappointed xD.
Well, I guess it makes more sense. Given that Reflection Blue will be released only two years after the original Summer Pockets, even 2 million new characters was certainly too much to expect.

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