Key Steam Trading Cards Topic: The Quest for the Lucky Takafumi

With the launch of Tomoyo After Steam Trading Cards, Kazamatsuri’s hunt for foils has finally begun! Feel free to use this topic to discuss Key’s trading cards and associated goodies, or otherwise post buy / sell / trade listings for cards of your own! Please keep common sense and ettiqutte in mind when posting. I’ve never had to moderate a topic like this before, so I’ll be taking it as it comes. General rule: don’t be a toilet seat cover!

Also, discussion of non-key trading cards is strictly prohibited. There’s plenty of other places for you to trade cards off Kazamatsuri, we’re only interested in Key’s Steam trading cards!

And of course, please mark story spoilers with [spoiler] tags, providing adequate context in parenthesis.



I paid way more money for this than I rightfully should’ve, but WOO! You can see the background in action here.

Aaaaagh! I can’t get these beautiful trading cards because I’m not even done Clannad yet! The first foil has appeared on the market! I don’t expect anyone to buy it for that price though :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, looks like it’s gone now. Either it was instantly sold or the selling part decided that keeping it for himself is best.

They sold it to me for $5!

Also I just randomly earned a Bear foil through gameplay! Jackpot!

Wow, you look like a ludopath right now. :smile:

Anyway, congrats and go for that foil badge!

Game start! :tafuko:

Do we know what all the emotes and background are? Is there a way to look them up? not all of them are in the community market.

It remains to be seen. All we know about are :tafuko: and the bear.

:tomoya: acquired!

EDIT: Level 5 badge complete!

I also got :kanako: and :tomo: which you can use for yourself here on the forum! Still missing the bear, don’t know if there’s more. I’d be happy to trade a :tafuko: for an emoticon I don’t have!

So uhhh… if you don’t mind me asking, how much money did you spend on just getting to level 5?

I sold all my steam inventory during last day and today and managed to get to lv4.

I have 2 :kanako: emoticons for trade and Tomoyo in D&T profile background. Willing to trade for fuko’s emoticon. Of course, I need to wait a week to exchange, but I’ll leave this here in case anyone is interested.

I’m also willing to trade them for the cards I’m missing for the lv 5 badge (5 cards: Tomoyo, Tomo, Cat Ear Tomoyo, Tomo at the Park and The Bear of the Forest).

I am thinking of holding off till the price falls to 20 cents for the remaining cards I need, not sure how long it will take to get there.

As a seasoned Steam user, I suggest the following:

  • If you’re not in dire need of those emoticons or badges, you can gather the cards now, and do one of the following: Either hold off crafting them until a holiday sale is coming up (i.e Winter Sale) by doing that, for each badges you created, you gain 1 additional card towards that sale event’s badge. You can sell that card if you don’t care about sale events or levels.

  • You can hold off crafting and sell the cards when said sales are coming up (the price will rise at that point), then buy the cards back when prices went down.

  • If you have a source of “Gems”, either by crafting them or buying them, try crafting booster packs for this game to further your progress at the badge since as of now the Gems to Booster pack ratio is definitely more worth than direct USD to booster pack.

Current ratio is at follows:
1.30 USD for 1 booster pack
1.01 USD for 1000 Gems You can buy gems in 1000s on the market, just search for gems and there will be an item called “Sack of Gems”
The booster pack can be crafted at 857 Gems, do the math.

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They look so beautiful!

Hello everyone. Seeing as how CLANNAD Trading Cards have been released, is anyone looking to trade CLANNAD cards? I have an extra Kotomi card and I would trade Kotomi for a Fuko, Kyou, Ryou, or Tomoyo.

Sorry, can’t help you buddy :yahaha:

Did anybody get any foils?

I haven’t gotten any foils, I also decided to not level up my CLANNAD badge pass level 2. I want to upgrade the badge all the way and earn more rewards and show my love for CLANNAD, but if I do level up pass level 2 then I can’t use the Kotomi badge anymore. So I’m just going to stay so I don’t lose the Kotomi badge.
Steam really needs to change that so you can max out crafting a badge but choose which level you want to show if someone likes a lower level badge design.

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