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Yeah, I am so hyped for those tracks. I’m curious on whether these were tracks that were recorded years ago and just not released or they brought Iwasawa and Hisako to the music studio and recorded it recently. Too bad it’s on the reliance of Pepe at C87.

Plot twist it’s just 10 minutes of them playing table tennis.

Up yours Biz.


They played it during their swag stream behind Baba and the HOLY BREAKER! ost guy talking. It’s new. It’s amazing.

I guess Vivid Colors by MintJam is not part of KSL, right?

Anyway, I really like Song of Friends remix in Semicrystalline album (title : tomorrow (so artificial))

I like the Semicrystalline album but it’s just not that popular, it seems…

It’s an extremely weird album, but I do like some aspects of it.

Oooh, let’s take a moment to talk about semicrystalline and ontology!

At first I kinda dismissed them as really weird music that I couldn’t get into no matter how I tried. But then after speaking to a friend, I begun looking at the albums in a different light. This analysis is gonna delve into heavy LB spoilers, so don’t look unless you know the secret of the world.

As a contrast to all of the comparatively upbeat Little Busters! albums, these two paint the exact opposite picture. Like comparing the common route to refrain, they’re both two sides of the Little Busters! world. Specifically, I think ontology and semicrystaline were trying to portray a message of a “fake world”, filled with despair. Try listeningto the opening track of Semicrystaline, Tonica, followed by the Little Busters! remix.

It starts with some distorted effects, and a lot of happy voice samples from the common route calling out to Riki. Then it cuts out “This world has a secret.” It’s as if it’s recalling happier times, before the truth of the world became apparent. The track progresses and the dialogue in the background gets increasingly serious, until Rin is crying out about how she can’t deal with the reality. And it ends with Riki promising to become stronger. (now that I think about it, those lines by Riki, I don’t think they were actually spoken in the VN. Did they get some extra samples from Tamiyasu for this album?) And then, cue the semicrystaline remix of Little Busters! It sounds familiar, but the way it’s remixed feels somehow perverted, like it’s not quite right. To me, this is like an opening to Refrain. Then the rest of the tracks that follow in the album depict a fake world that’s lost it’s warmth. After adopting this interpretation, I really started to appreciate the semicrystaline album for what it is. I’ve found it’s great cathartic listening when you’re in a dark place. Ontology expands on the theme of a ‘fake world’, and has some interesting remixes, but Semicrystaline definitely feels like it has a lot more integrity and meaning in its composition.

Wow, I’ve never really analysed music at such depth before :stuck_out_tongue:

If you check out this MAD here, it perfectly conveys what I’m getting at with the whole semicrystaline album. (Spoilers inside, I only unspoiled it because you can’t spoiler tag links properly.)


Wow, that’s one serious MAD over there. Tonica is actually one of my favorite track, although when I first heard it, it was a weird experience for me too. That’s a great interpretation of the two albums. Ontology is much more weird in my opinion, though. Like they were using unusual instruments for that album.

This is really pissing me off:
First it was, “Darn, he beat me to talking about Semicrystalline and Ontology. Oh well.” So I was just gonna reply, but then I remembered the reason I hadn’t posted anything yet in the first place: I haven’t finished LB yet. So then I was like, “Oh well, I will be finished within two weeks, I can wait that long.”
But then @Aspirety had to come along and be like:
So now I want to talk about this music so bad, but at the same time I can’t because I won’t even know what I’m talking about until I’ve finished.
TL;DR Semicrystalline and Ontology are amazing, but I can’t talk about why until I actually know stuff and am not just going off the feeling I get from the music. Sorry for pointlessly ranting.

I finished

I think all you guys just got me introduced into this album. I’ve honestly never heard of it until today (a lot of KSLA albums go under my radar) and I like “weird” music. Listening to the previews you guys have posted so far makes it sound like it’s something I would enjoy :smiley:

There’s no reason why you can’t attempt to give your opinion before having finished the VN.

Yeah, now that I think about it I guess I could. That post was written in the midst of “I-need-to-finish-this-VN-right-now-I’m-going-crazy” mindset. And all the spoiler tags threw me off. I had kinda already decided that I wanted to wait until after I finished, because I wanted to have the full meaning and emotion in all the songs before post any my feelings about any of the Little Busters albums. I know thats not necessary (I think its good music just by itself), but its what I want to do. Like I said, it was a pointless rant.

So we all already know the Rewrite OST is basically the greatest.
Had this come up on my drive to work at 4 in the morning while it was raining super hard.

State of nirvana achieved.

Also @Aspirety, you pretty much hit the nail on the head about why that album is great.
It’s not exactly easy listening. You only receive the message in full if you… Get it. Or as an outside listener -really- listen to it and pick apart the lyrics to form and understanding of what it’s representing. Art in the highest regard. Very good analysis~ :wink:

Note: I’m a fan of hard to listen to things. It’s equal to a painting you don’t understand or a book that’s confusing.


See: “A World Where Nothing Happened”. On it’s own it doesn’t sound like anything, but in the context it’s used it’s the best thing ever.


I don’t even remember when that track was used, but it’s one of my favorites from Litbus.

Um, it was used throughout half of Refrain ^^;

Also in the ending of Rin1.

When I first heard it I thought my headphones were busted and I though I might give up on buying into Clannad to replace them. That song, while symbolic hurts like heck with studio monitoring headphones, I don’t know how the staff sat through the sampling. Anyways as art it’s worth listening, but geez did have to make it so treble-ly? Also, I love the foreshadowing it creates towards the end. A preview of a perfect world starting to lose hold on the inhabitants.

I could listen to that for hours on end, its just so eerie, but strangely calming. That song literally describes perfectly the mystery and the “WTFdoesitallmean” feeling I have for Little Busters right now, not having read Refrain yet. I get chills every time.

Its similar to how I feel about the Tonica and Replicato tracks from Semicrystalline: I know there’s something there that I don’t know yet. I know it! But I have know idea what the hell it could be and the suspense and excitement is killing me."

It’s been a long time. I’ve heard the track so much outside of the VN that I associate it with other things.
I don’t remember it being in the anime either… but I watched that half-heartedly.

I’ve mentioned this in Skype before, but there’s just something about Kanon and Air and other really old VN’s BGMs that give me this huge sense of nostalgia. Even if it isn’t something that I first heard ages ago (for example, I only played Never7 sometime last year, and Kanon only 4 years ago), I just feel nostalgic listening to them. I can’t really explain it, though. Maybe there’s something about the style of video game composition back in the 90s/early 2000s that just feels different from the game music of today.

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I get that when watching stuff like Our War Game. I feel really nostalgic about late 80’s stuff and early 90’s stuff even though I was born after then ._. Maybe glimpses of it carried on into early 2000