Key Points 9 + Key Tactics eXpo Special Coverage

Hey there everyone! Your resident Japan correspondent Pepe here again to update you with our usual special coverage of the 9th bi-annual Key Points + Key Tactics eXpo! I'm sure by now, you should know what Key Points is, since we've covered three other iterations but hey, just for the convenience

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The saddest thing about this is that Akio is there, but Sanae isn’t :komue:

Sad that there was little to no representation of Air, Kanon, CLANNAD, Planetarian, Angel Beats!, and Harmonia though :frowning:

But wow, look at that Shizuru cosplay. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a Shizuru cosplay where they actually mimick the original hair (since the original hair uses its own hair to tie it up in ponytails). AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS !!! And the Misuzu cosplay. Just seeing a Misuzu cosplay is enough for me :slight_smile:

Oh, but wow the art/drawings are beautiful :smiley: I love the Shiori drawing. Very close to the original. I can also pinpoint the @Kirara3500 Art, who drew the AIR Fanarts there :smiley:

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Is the Misuzu cosplay a trap?

Does it matter?


I never said it did. Just curious.

Next time will held on October 9th.

Aw damn :’( looks like I won’t be able to make the next KeyPoints…

Next time (KP11) was May 14th at Kamata.

I went to Key Points 10 few months ago and had good memories!



I went to last time on may and taking some photos.


That charlotte car is featuring super eurobeat…

I will attend next time of Key Points on October 29th at Nihonbashi, Tokyo.


I look forward to hearing about it and seeing photos! I think @RyuuTamotsu will be in attendance once again.


Ayup! Not sure about the pictures though as they were strict about taking photos of the booths. I’ll make sure to take pictures of the other stuff.

Pics on Key points 14. Sorry to late.

Also held “Bright Stream” on Nov 11th at Akihabara, it has 20 year history and main theme is One originally hence the con’s name. The con sells dojinshi and exibit their history such as original articles of official guidebooks using glue stickings and billboards.

Next time will held Oct 7th at Kamata, Tokyo.
And may be final issue cause Mr Haishima, the organizer will be married and he wants successor also.

I went to Key Points 12 and see cosplayers and cars.


Next time will held May 27th at Kamata, Tokyo.

Cosplayers at last time.