Key Fans Website in your Country

I had been thinking, how many fans Key in this world? I realize we have many ties that bind us fans worldwide key. humm so I am also interested to ask, is there a website for key fans on your countries?


For the record, Kazamatsuri is not bound to any nation. I’m from Australia, and we have members from every continent except Antarctica here! The only defining barrier of Kazamatsuri is that we speak English here.

That said, I am interested to know about Key fan groups in other languages. I know of the Chinese Keyfc, the Vietnamese VNKeyFanclub, and I know there’s Spanish and Russian communities too that I can’t remember the names of right now.


Yups Thank you so much Aspirety, I want to know, another Key website around the world, so i can speak with more key fans and being friend :slight_smile:

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You can’t see it until you reach the Dango rank, but there’s actually a topic with a google map of roughly where everyone is. Just between the people who put their location down, we have people on every continent!


There is a Russian community of Key lovers, but they are based in the social network.
You can probably check it even without registering if you want, but… well, its in Russian.
Here is the link => Visual Art’s/Key RU VK-based fan-cimmunity.


Japan has an entire 2ch board dedicated to Key & Leaf games, too.


The Spanish one is KEY Spanish Fanclub or KEYSF for short. They have a forum, but they don’t have much activity. They are more known for their Spanish translation patches of Kanon and Little Busters. They have also translated CLANNAD (except After Story), two thirds of Rewrite and a route from AIR. They also offer the tranlations to Spanish from other translators for all KEY VNs up to Little Busters, including also ONE and MOON.

While they’ve done an amazing job with the translation projects and are also working on translating CD Dramas. The forum, on the other hand, is more than dead. This community started on 2008 and had some minor activity, but by now there are probably 1 or 2 active members. Still, they update their translation projects from time to time, so they are still contributing with the thing they’re best at: translating KEY works to Spanish.

Regarding the nationalities, it was pretty much like Kaza: no nationality restriction, the only condition was that Spanish was the language to be used. As a result, all translations are done in a very neutral Spanish that might feel odd to Spanish people (I don’t know about Latin Americans).


In Japan, there’s few communities like Kazamatsuri. People tend to talk on key in 2ch’s key-leaf thread or SNS (mainly twitter) these days. In the past, people tend to make small fan sites or blog like 鍵っこブログ but they aren’t active nowadays. In SNS, Key fan’s like to call themselves as 鍵っ子 (children of Key). So you can find many tiny communities in SNS searching by the word.
This is not website for key fans, but probably, Ayuket can be said to be one of the largest communities of key lovers in Japan. Ayuket hosts Key Points in which key fans sell their doujinshi or show their cosplay. You can find reports of Key Points in Kazamatsuri. like here