Key Music Fan Covers

Guy with glasses is @RyuuTamotsu, curly hair is @Aspirety, the slim guy who appears after the second half is @Glenn_Irish and uhhh… I’m whoever is left :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You guys are so amazing! I was just watching the extended cut and I ended up singing the songs as well and it was so much fun seeing everyone just enjoying themselves having a good time. :smile:

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I was more stressed out than anything to be honest! I don’t listen to key music nearly enough so I had to site read the hiragana, which I’m not exactly good at! But still yeah, it was a pretty great time, even though I did butcher rakuen made (luckily that didn’t seem to make it into the video)

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It’s just the power of kazabois, buy our albums now for a low price of 19.99!
Jokes aside, I feel like this is how karaoke should be! Full of Energy, life and Key

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While this is by no means a fan-produced cover, I’ve just encountered something fairly interesting. Frontwing apparently made some sort of… school festival simulation/dating sim game called Time Leap Paradise. Anyways long story short, you can get the girls in the game to perform a song for the school festival and two of the choices are Tori no Uta and Little Busters…

Needless to say, these covers are pretty damn good. The characters are voiced by some pretty well-known VN seiyuu’s (one notable is Yui Sakakibara). But yeah here are some examples:

They’re even wearing the uniforms!


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Aaah, it’s been a while since I posted in this thread, huh?

Anyways, I did a cover of Toki wo Kizamu Uta. Check it out if you want, I guess


I can’t sing, but I do play a mean mill. More to come in the future, hopefully.
Here’s Nagisa Dango Daikazoku


If I may make a request…

Do One’s Future next. :smile:


How long does making a cover like this usually take? I’d definitely love to see more.

I’ll try my best o.0[quote=“Arete, post:273, topic:165, full:true”]
How long does making a cover like this usually take? I’d definitely love to see more.

It depends if there’s a good MIDI file somewhere already. If there is, should take about 10 minutes. If not, I’d have to write it myself (which I’m not at all good at). To work out all the kinks in the version up there took about a week or so.


I believe @Karifean sent this on discord a while back.
It’s so good and even after listening to it like a hundred times, it still brings tears to my eyes.
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

The channel has other good stuff too :kyogrin:


What the heeeeellll?? This is amazing!

Actually, I’m a member of an orchestra that plays video game music, and I’m thinking of composing some Key arrangements for them. I can’t decide between doing Key and a Kancolle arrangement that I already started. Should I do them? I don’t know if I’ll finish in time for the Key Enthusiast Yearbook though >_>


Well I say go for it! Deadline for The KEY is still many months away. And even if it doesn’t get finished in time, it’s still something nice to see :wink:

Do both! The world can never have enough music.

As @Pepe said, KEY submission deadlines are a long way out, so there’s no reason you can’t finish your KanColle project and then attempt something Key.

I really have no idea of your timeframe to start and finish a project, so it may be too much in too little time. But, if you think you can do it, I know I’d love to see both of them come to fruition.

That was probably one of the best medley of Little Busters! I ever heard and it made me remember some of the memories I held dear to me. I almost cried at this and the orchestra hit all the right notes very well and I can say that it did made me feel like how the Little Busters are such awesome friends on how they help each other out and have fun with one another despite their individual problems.

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A fan cover of Nirinsou my friend and I made to celebrate the release of the new Rewrite anime. The video quality isn’t too great but hopefully you won’t mind that too much. I hope you enjoy it!


Man that cover is just superb. I started tearing up and everything while listening to it, and felt so excited at the point that I knew all the other instruments would come in. Sorry for replying here despite already commenting about it to you directly, but I just wanted to praise it a little more~


I loved how I could see you tapping the notes in the bottom left preparing to come in ^^

I dont know what you’re talking about “video quality isnt too great”. That was so beautiful.

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