Key Music Fan Arrangements & Remixes

Surprised we never had a topic for this! Use this topic to share any Key music fan arrangements or remixes you’ve made, or you’ve found on the internet, with proper credit given of course!

Please mark spoilers with [spoiler] tags, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

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I just found this amazing Little Busters midi medley that includes pretty much every track from the Little Busters + EX soundtrack, with heaps of cool visual flair as well.

It really is amazing, one of the coolest things I’ve found in a very long time.


Found that one a while ago but only pepe cared I guess ;_;
There’s more of this in the nicovideo list!
Key Music Fan Covers

One of my favourite arranges is definitely this one of Slow Curve. It’s suuuuper chill.

I loved it so much I had to go look for more, but this guy only made one more in the same style.

These used to be on the site, which had a load of fanmade arranges and remixes (most of them were bad tbh), it was a kinda cool site, but looks like it’s dead now :frowning:


Wahey lets dump my library here (not really)

Here is tori no uta and philosophyz remixed by my favorite Japanese producers: Dj Shimamura and Sanaas
I think I posted some helblinde mashups and joke remixes somewhere else on the forum tho

I dont know if this counts, its basically a really unique future bass/ambient track with the Kanon’s melody in the middle of the track, it doesnt really repeat but it is there.
tfw you dont know if its sampled or remixed or original :thinking:

Aaaand an uplifting trance remix of Scattered Flowers this time, by Spawn! Totally in love with this one (another japanese producer)


Figured I might as well share this with everyone. It’s someone’s original piano rendition of the Little Busters! song: Song for Friends. It’s a shame that this person is not active. Otherwise I definitely would have loved to obtain piano sheets of this particular arrangement!


Very nice indeed. If you want the sheets, although it’ll surely loose quite a bit of quality, I can try to transcribe it for you this summer once I have more time in my hands. I’m still quite a beginner, but having already made a version of Song for Friends myself I guess I’ll have a slightly easier time.

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That cover is goddamn BEAUTIFUL ;_; This person is so talented!

Isn’t it? I discovered it several years ago and I still listen to it till this day.

@Mogaoscar I just noticed your reply. Sorry! Anyway, if you are able to transcribe them, that would be absolutely wonderful!

Here’s another goody:


Here is my not so good remix of Scattered flowers from Rewrite… Thumbnail contains spoilers… It doesn’t sound that good but it is still something…