Key Game Graphic Files

Yeah I have the files too, but I think the one download for them online may be a bit weird. It has the EVENTCG.SDAT which is the main file I was trying to decrypt. I dunno actually, my memory of all that stuff isn’t that great even though it wasn’t that long ago.

Well, I have a PS3. If I can be of any help…

A modded PS3 though, or one you’re willing to mod?

What is this?

Have you ever heard of the Jailbreak for ps3? Well it allowed people to run “unsigned” code on the platform, which in turn lets people run anything they want on the ps3, (Linux, UI mods, Pirating, turning a consumer console into a dev version, ect…)

I have a softmodded ps3 if you want me to try something?

In this case, nope, it’s not modded.

Do you guys know how to rip Harmonia assets or even have them ready and prepared on your pc? I’ve been looking for the sprites (at least) for 1 to 2 months and when I followed the guide I didn’t manage to do it. Any idea?

EDIT: I followed Takafumi’s guide

Where are you having trouble with Takafumi’s guide?

Basically everything, I downloaded reallivemax but since I got the Steam version legally, right, well I can’t rip the assets. I heard I needed Sigplus eng but then I can’t seem to rip it, and there is no real guide for it

I have the setup shown in RLDev for Dummies and can extract the images fine, if you follow the steps there and ask for help in the topic, it should be possible!

That’s the one I followed

I don’t have Harmonia so I don’t know what engine it runs on or anything, but I’m assuming it’s the same as every Key game. What’s going wrong exactly? Why can’t you rip them? If vaconv isn’t working for some reason, try Crass; they do similar things.

I don’t really understand the instructions for Sigplus and Reallive so there is that. I’ll try Crass, thanks

EDIT: Crass worked, thank you!

I can hook you up, @Aspirety

Right now, I don’t have HD assets for Little Busters but they’re easy enough for me to get once the English Edition comes out. I’ve got all the standard ones, if you’d like those! Though, for all I know you’ve already got them. Until then, I’ve got all the assets for Clannad if you’d like those instead. They’re all in HD.

I was more asking about assets from the console version, long before English Edition was announced.

Though since it’s running on a new engine, we’ll need a new method to extract the assets.

Well, if you’re still in need of those assets when the English Edition comes out, I’m gonna be getting them for myself if you’d like me to send them to you as well! So fingers crossed they don’t use some brand new type of archive system that requires a whole new program to be invented to extract. Yuck.

Most likely will, since prototype usually develop for consoles.

I’ve messed with prototype games in the past, and images are pretty easy to extract in their works. I’m assuming they’ll end up using a new method of compression for the Steam release, but images are always easy to obtain regardless.

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I knew I could count on you Taka.

Using this extractor, I was able to unpack the .PAK files of Little Busters! English Edition. I don’t know what kind of files they’re suppose to be, since all of them are just files. I mainly want the background and character models. Does anyone know what kind of files they were in the original release?