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I just tried Shizuru’s canned mackerel pike last night and now I’m feeling so hungry, so…

Let’s discuss about foods in Key universe!
Starting with Kanon, where the 5 heroines have their own signature food.
(Ayu: taiyaki - Nayuki: strawberry sundae - Mai: beef bowl - Shiori: ice cream - Makoto: meat bun - Akiko: AKIKO JAM!)
And we also have Misuzu with her gelatine juice in AIR.
Don’t forget about Nagisa’s signature dango or sweet bean bun, and of course, Furukawa bakery’s breads especially Sanae’s creations! (And Tiramisu juice if anyone’s wondering)
Not to mention Tenshi’s Mabo Doufu, Shizuru’s mackerel pike and Lucia’s spicy parfait.
And a lot of other foods! Or beverages! Anything! Think food!

You can tell what you want to try the most, or if you have had any of those, or if you want to share some corresponding recipes for the foods in Key universe. Posting pictures is fine too!

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I genuinely want to try Lucia’s super spicy parfait in Rewrite. I’m kind of a fan of spicy food, you see~

And let’s not forget Kotori’s synthetic fruit that supposedly fulfills all your daily nutrition needs. Perfect diet food!


I tried 宝幸 (Hoko) brand sanma kabayaki (braised mackerel pike) last night. Honestly, it tasted more normal than I thought but it was still delicious for a hungry stomach.
Before I also tried eating grilled mackerel pike in a Japanese restaurant. The fish really has a lot of tiny bones, and when I asked the waitress if I can eat the bones, she said no. Picking the tiny bones one by one was really tiring, so it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me. The fish was delicious though.

Also, mackerel pike really comes with a cheap price. I bought the canned one for around 80 yen, and in the restaurant, grilled mackerel pike was the cheapest food I could find beside white rice.

@Pepe I’m also a big fan of ultra spicy food! Which is why Kanade’s mabo doufu really makes me drool.

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When I was in Japan I tried 肉まん and I loved it, I see why Makoto loved it so much o____o

and of course dango

Oh, steamed meat bun! Did you get the regular pork or something else? These days they just put anything inside that steamed buns - not that I mind though.
I love those too. In my country it’s pretty common to have nikuman / baozi vendors riding a bike, selling their hot buns around the neighborhood. Although most of my people don’t eat pork, so it’s usually chicken or beef - or sweet bean paste or chocolate or cheese. Yep, that’s not meat bun anymore.

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I tried mapo tofu recently, and it was underwhelmingly spicy ^^;

Don’t forget Miso Cutlet Juice!

Depends on the chef and restaurant, mapo tofu can taste really different. I tried several mapo tofu from several Chinese restaurant. A lot of them actually tasted bland and rather sweet, but when I tried the one from authentic Sichuan restaurant, it was so terribly hot. Yet it was the best mapo tofu I’ve ever tasted.

By the way, they actually sold this before. I wonder how it tasted like.

Miso cutlet juice sounds bizarre but I wanted to try it just once.


Am I the only person who wondered what would happen if you inject Akikos Jam into taiyaki and give it to Ayu. I mean its for science of course.


Mapo Tofu has always interested me ever since the Kotomine scene in FSN since I love spicy stuff, and steamed meat buns sound amazing I gotta try one some day. We have a restaurant around here that I just discovered lately called I Love Sushi and they serve authentic Japanese food so I finally got to try Yakiniku don, Pork-katsu ramen, and Yakitori and loved it all. Oh also tried some strawberry mochi icecream which was very good.

I’ve eaten meat buns in an Asian restaurant before and the taste was surprising. I was expecting it taste like a dim sim but thicker when in actual fact it taste like a very puffy pastry with meat in the center. But it may have just been the way the chef made them. I believe I was expected to eat them with chopsticks but the chopsticks felt like they were going to break under its weight. I’m not very experienced with chopsticks. Much to the amusement of my friend.

Anyone brave enough to replicate Akiko’s jam?

I think the point of Shizuru’s tale with Sanma is that it’s such a normal food with nothing special about it but, because of her circumstances, she felt it was all the more special. That’s one thing that they simply can’t portray by translating

Nikuman is good but I can’t help liking the chinese version a lot more.
Heck I just love chinese food in general so that’s probably just me being biased.

As for Mapo Tofu, well, I notice food in Japan is generally underwhelmingly spicy. I went to a ramen place once and had the double spice level but it was barely enough to make me feel the heat. Probably Kanade’s favorite Mapo Tofu is a bit spicier than usual, but something that shouldn’t be too bad

Lucia’s on the other hand…

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Let’s see there is hamburg steak for Minagi and flowing soumen for Kano. Soumen looks interesting, making a game out of eating. I don’t know if he ever gets to eat it but Yukito talks about his ramen set a lot. Yukine is always ready to serve up some pilaf. Chihaya has her poteko snacks and (Moon spoiler I guess) Kagari’s ヒーコー(coffee but said backwards)

Personally I’ve made anpan and anko at home with recipes from the internet. It was sweet but with a more natural after taste than western pastries so it was nice since I don’t have much of a sweet-tooth. Eating at a place like Gen-san’s ramen stand would be really cool I think.

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Aw man I love that stuff. I think I have like three boxes in my freezer.

ahaha, u just remind me about that fruit, I need a lot of those!! xdxd

don´t forget about shizuru’s saury :smiley: and masato’s kin niku shake, I know kud didn´t liked it but still, I wanna try it!!

Ya know, we had a topic like this once…

I wonder what Biz’ll think when he sees how much more popular this thread is for some reason…

Oh my, I didn’t know such thread existed. Sorry Biz, I guess I didn’t look for the similar thread before creating a new one.

By the way, there was Rewrite Harvest festa! cafe back then. They sell Gen-san’s ramen (or menra) and also, Lucia’s spicy parfait!

@Wizzerd Here’s a link to some Japanese trying to create Akiko Jam. Although there’s no official recipe or even any hint of what Akiko Jam actually consist of, this fella tried to make it from scratch with mango juice or something. The appearance is similar though, although for the flavor…


I’ve wanted to try chiffon cake thanks to Little Busters. Don’t think I’ve ever eaten it… maybe I’ll try making it.

Also, mapo tofu. Though I’m somewhat intolerant of very spicy foods, the mention of how good it tasted in Angel Beats made me really want to try it one day. Maybe I’m just masochistic like that.

I’ve had meat buns from this Asian store once. They weren’t bad. There’s this pork buns recipe in my new cookery book actually, I’m definitely trying that once I’ve moved. Asian grocery stores and Japanese restaurants are a rarity here, sadly.

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Chiffon cake is actually pretty easy to make. Just mix the ingredients and bake, but you need to watch the baking process carefully because it burns easily.

Anyway, someone tried to make and eat Angel Beats! Super spicy mapo tofu in this video

He literally dumped a whole package of chili/cayenne powder there. I wonder if his stomach gonna be alright…

Fun fact: Every time I’ve read Kanon (a lot) I make sure to eat either gyudon or, if I don’t have the ingredients, something beef flavored. I don’t even like beef… or most meat.

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