Key Abridged Series and Parodies

Share abridged series and parodies that you find (related to Key) here!

Please keep in mind that some of your favorite characters and scenes from Key’s works will be portrayed in a potentially unfavorable light. This is all in good fun, but it might not be for everyone.

  • If there are multiple episodes in the series, please start from the first episode.
  • Please state which series it is an abridgement or parody of.
  • “Abridged” is meant as in a creative abridgement, which typically means an unofficial dubbing, accompanied with a potentially different story, or interpretation of the story.

Have fun!

To start, here’s one I enjoyed. (Minor Clannad spoilers.)

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Excuse me, but I couldn’t stomach more than two minutes of that. Constant fart and rape jokes, terrible voice acting, random cuts to unfitting music… Kill me.

I’m very critical of parodies; 98% of abridged series are absolute trash. Sorry to be a negative Taka, but I hope this topic can find something a bit more entertaining.


I’ll be a positive Taka then, and put this out. Watched it back when we first discussed a Litbus Abridged. The voice acting is… abridged quality… and the comedy style isn’t for me, but I think it’s fitting for Kazamatsuri.


Scourgemaster is in this! How did I not know about this? XD

This one’s definitely a lot higher quality. But it bugs me that it has nothing to do with Little Busters :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually think that that’s what makes it funny; the fact that it could have not used Little Busters as its medium and would still be entertaining. Really, with this sort of thing, the only way you can make it related to the original and still entertaining is if you make cheap shots at the show, which I feel would be in bad taste.

There was the “You mean Kud? But she’s like 10!
That’s never stopped me before” which I feel is a reference to Loli Loli Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just that I tend to prefer parodies that can play with the source material in more inventive ways.


ClannadTAS, I would show you episode 1, but it gets better as it goes along so here’s episode 4:


Oh my god I feel like Riki and Kyousuke would actually do some funny stuff like those. I can imagine them doing it, ya know best friends always do some stupid stuff cuz why the hell not.
Anyways I was rofling on a ground for real when Riki started talking to Mio.
“CRAP SHE SPOKE TO ME HALP” oh my god its like one of those situations that could happen to anyone.

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Best CLANNAD dub


This wasn’t already posted here?

Some people are working on an Angel Beats! Abridged series. The first episode comes out June 20th, but based on the trailers it looks like it’ll be pretty good for an abridged series.


It definitely looks kickass from the trailers. We might even have something of quality similar to the SAO Abridged series.

how did I miss that?! I was actually grasping for air of how much I laughed, and that is just a trailer.
And since I have seen some abridges series, I can definitely tell that this one is going to be worth it.

Never imagined there was a topic for this awful, awful thing


Here’s a 4 minute Little Busters fandub created by members of Kazamatsuri during the Winter Festival 2018

As a little extra, the linked post also contains the script. ( And a warning :flustered: )


Little Busters Fandub by Vitamin C