Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Key Fandub

Have you ever dreamed of being a famous voice actor? Now is your chance. In this event, your group will be selecting a scene from a Key anime and dubbing it yourselves. You are free to approach this any way you want: you could say the lines as written, doing your best to shame the official dub cast (probably won’t be too hard :ohoho:), or you could rewrite the script to be really funny.

Post your submissions in this thread.
This event will run from today until 23:59 UTC on the 30th. Each team will receive four Light Orbs for participating, with an additional light orb granted to the community favorite.

Have fun!

We’re moving into overtime now. You’ve got until the New Years Party to get your Fandubs counted toward the festival!

Late submission - Vitamin C’s Little Busters! fandub.

Warning! This this video may permanently affect your image of some LB! characters. Proceed at your own risk.

Adding the dialogue script:


Teacher: “Noumi, give me an example.”
Kud: “Da!”
Teacher: “That’s not a prime number! We’re in math class!”
Kud: “Um, uhhh.”
Teacher: “A prime number, Noumi. One you can’t divide.”
Takamiya: ”Look at me, I’m a bully!”
ding dong
Teacher: “Ok, dismissed.”
Teacher: “Very funny, Noumi.”
Kud: “It’s tough being popular.”
Komari: “Don’t get so full of yourself, you little shit.”
Riki: “What song was that even?”
Kud: “Did I sound cool?”
Riki: “When I said deep voices sound cool, I wasn’t talking about girls.”
Komari: “It sounded fucking stupid. Don’t steal my show.”
Rin: “I liked the song.”
Kud: “Thank you. I’ll do my best next time as well! Please look forward to it.”
Riki: “Could it be that both of you are tone deaf?”
Kud: “You’re making me blush.”
Komari: “And don’t stand so close to me, Naoe. You stink!”
Mio: “Listen up, we got a mail from boss.”
Masato (waking up): “Is it about muscle?”
Riki: “It’s about Kud!”
Mio: “The filming for the Kud Wafter OVA starts tomorrow. Here’s the final script adjustments.“
Masato (going back to sleep): “Then I don’t care.”
Riki: “You’re in it, too!”
Rin: “He’s an Idiot.“
Kud (accepting sheet): “It’s tough getting the main role.“
Riki: “We’re going back on stage so people don’t forget us.“
Kud: “I’m nervous.“
Mio: “You can’t back out now.“
Komari: “Disappear and give me your role!“
Riki: “I’m the protagonist, even in an alternate story.“
Kurugaya: “Why don’t they adapt my true ending?“
Komari: “Wait, do you think you actually have a chance? Don’t dream with your eyes open!”
Kud: “Wait, doesn’t Kud wafter have tons of fanservice?”
Riki (while camera is on Kurugaya): “Fanservice? Hmm…”
Kurugaya: “My face is up here. Raise your sight.”
Kurugaya: “I said raise your sight, not lower your standards.”
Komari: “Only perverts go for flat chests.”
Kurugaya: “Then I’m fine with being a pervert“
Riki: “What do you think, Kengo?”
Kengo: “Flat chests are a status symbol. Flat is justice.”
Rin: “Nyaaa…”
everyone staring at Rin
Rin getting cat ears
Rin, walking: “Look at me! Cat girls are the best!”
Komari: “Then go **** in a ditch or something.”
Riki: “I think she’s salty her true ending didn’t get adapted, either.“
Rin, turning around: “I’m not salty.“
Kud, startled: “Ah. Please don’t hate me. This is Show Biz.“
Komari: “I’m not letting you steal the show anyway. Everyone knows I’m the best.“
Kurugaya: “Will there be bath scenes like in the Saito OVA?”
Riki: “I sure hope so.”
Kurugaya: “Only fujoshi want to see you in a bath anyway, Naoe.”
Mio: “Why are you looking at me? Do you mean to imply something?“
Komari: “Yeah, go do yaoi stuff and stay out of my scenes, shrimp.“
Riki, in thought: “I’ll be popular no matter what I do, you know?”
camera on Kud
Kud: “Can we skip the dirty talk and be serious about this, please?”
Komari: “Don’t tell me what to do.”
Riki: “I was joking, really.“
Kurugaya: “Don’t take it so seriously. We’re just lightening the mood.”
Kud, bowing: “In that case, sorry for the misunderstanding. Let’s do our best together.”
Riki, awkward smile. “Drop the deep voice or we’ll get cancelled.”
Rin, raising hand: (Whispering!) “Question. What happens if she gets into an accident?“
Komari: “You’re disgusting, but I like the idea. Let’s get hyped for tomorrow!“
Everyone: “Yeah!” (Kud: „Uraa!“)