Kazamatsuri Staff Vacancies

This topic will be used as a place for members to register their interest for different staff positions for our website. This post will be kept up-to-date to reflect which vacancies are currently open. If you’re interested in any of the positions, just send me a message and I’ll get back to you!

We are currently looking for:

  • Moderators to help maintain our forum and Discord chat and ensure that everyone can have a positive experience participating in our community. General requirements are that you are experienced with Key’s stories (or don’t mind being spoiled), are willing to read through as many posts as possible, and have a good understanding of what constitutes proper conduct in our community. If you have experience moderating and would like to join the team, let us know! We’re also looking for chanops for the Discord to cover our blind spots.
  • Writers to join our blog team to find news and report them, write up articles and edit them! If you’d like to join our news team please let us know.
  • Developers to develop a Discord bot with forum integrations for verifying Dangos, notifying Discord users of new and active topics, and other features, and potentially other jobs that may come up.
  • Brainstormers and Organisers for the Wind Festival. Help us come up with ideas for events, and work to keep the festival running when we start!
  • Designers to provide input and potentially assist in the development of The K.E.Y.'s book design. If you have any experience formatting and designing printed media we’d love to hear from you!

Aye, apologies on that. I might have offered one or two things from time to time on Discord back when I was a Buster. As I’m back to posting in the forums and I went back to using Discord and reading pretty all the new stuff coming out in both platforms, I think I’ll be flagging posts if necessary again and so on. When I’ve done so in the past, I’ve always tried to contact the poster privately to see if they could make changes, mainly because most of the time they were newcomers.

Anyway, point is, since most of the time that has gone well, I think I’d make for a good moderator when it comes down to talking to more problematic people and, now with the creation of the chanops role, I think I could do a similar function in discord if some trouble arises and and moderation is needed at the time. Since I’m in UTC+1/+2 (depending on summer or winter time adjustments), I think I could fill in the gap between Kuhaze and Hardscope.

Anyway, while I’m applying, just take this as a note of me being permanently interested in moderator and chanops, and feel free to tell me even if it’s just for sporadic emergencies or when the rest of the mods/admins/chanops just want some vacation time.