Kazamatsuri Podcast Applications

As far as I know, any time past maybe 10:00 CST on the 20th would work for me, so maybe sometime around noon that day?

Scratch that.

I’m changing the times to 7PM CST Friday and Saturday. That’s usually the time we record, so it wouldn’t make sense to interview people who can’t make it to those times. We might be able to shift the hour forward or back a bit, but other than that those times are pretty optimal.

I’ll put you down for session 2, 7PM CST Saturday.

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Where’s that application, @IkaCZ!

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I would love to, but I won’t make it since Im gonna be on holidays with limited internet access for like almost a month.
Im leaving tomorrow, so I may try it after I come back.
Sorry :/.

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Guys, a reminder that applications for the Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcast are closing in less than 3 days! So far we only have 3 applicants outside of the confirmed cast. If you’re interested, please don’t delay!

Well, I stated I was interested in the IRC but I should put that here.

Specifically, I’d like to be a part of the Charlotte podcasts. I’m also interested in the other podcasts, but I think it would be better for you guys to decide that after (or during) the Charlotte podcasts if I’m accepted there.

I’m available from around 16:30 to 00:00 UTC-8 (4:30PM to midnight, PST) in general. I can’t guarantee availability earlier than that in general… But on Fridays I’m actually available all day, usually.

For the group interview my recording quality may be lower than it would otherwise be. (If I get accepted I’ll buy a proper microphone so I can do it right.)

If any other details are needed please let me know.

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Well, what interview session are you applying for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops. Friday! Or Saturday, if that’d balance out the interview groups better.

Yo Aspi, hit me up on Saturday for Charizzle dawg.


Based on our estimated broadcast times, it looks like we’ll be recording each episode of the Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcast at 7PM CST, each Saturday night. Considering that Friday is now out of the question, I’m considering removing that interview time, and holding a single interview on Saturday night instead.

That’d be a pretty optimal time for me should this become a thing I suppose.

Remidner that our interview will be held at 7PM CST tonight. @SuikaShoujo @NotKyon @Kanon, meet on the IRC at least 30 minutes before so we can get organised.

Last chance for anybody else wishing to apply to the Podcast!

Interviews have closed, but we’re still interested in members applications for the podcasts. If you’re interested in joining us, let yourself be known!

We’re in need of more podcast cast members, so I’m reopening applications for both the Monthly Terra AND Charlotte Anime Bookclub Podcasts. If you’d like to join the cast, express your interest here and I’ll get in contact with you!

When do you normally record? I’m part of another podcast that usually records Fridays and school is about to start up but I might be able to help out once in a while.

8pm CST on Fridays.

OK that’s fine. We usually record at 5 CST (if I’m converting right)