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Is it necessary to participate in the podcasts to join the bookclub?

Is this for the anime or the 4-koma thing?

Pretty sure this is for the Anime, bud.

Nope, just like the AIR Bookclub, we will have discussion on the forums, culminating with the podcast. You dont have to be in the podcast to be a part of the Bookclub

Thanks do we just jump in or do we sign up?

You just jump in. Anyone on the forum can post their thoughts.

Awesome does anyone know if crunchyroll will broadcasts this I imagine they will but just want to be sure oh and when it starts?

The air date has not been announced yet, and we will not know who will be streaming it (if anyone) until much closer to the air date. Expect some time at the beginning of July

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Alright I’ll be watching hope to join in with you guys!

Do AMVs count as fanworks?

Of course!

And yeah, what Yerian said.

We’re proceeding forward under the safe assumption that it will be simulcast by Crunchyroll and similar services around the world. Though we may not hear any word of that until a week before release.

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Is Daisuki available worldwide? Aniplex in part owns it and I’m pretty sure they put all their stuff there (although I’ve only seen English and no subs so idk how viable it is). Episodes are free from day 1 and I don’t think there were any ads (I haven’t used in a while).

I’m interested. Though I don’t wanna talk, I’d rather write.

You know a podcast is just a bunch of people talking, don’t you?


YUS. I know. And I’m saying how I’d like to write instead. :slight_smile: we could make a talk/write podcast real !

How would that work

So, now that the Charlotte Anime Bookclub is coming to a close, what did you think of it? Did you enjoy being a part of it? Is there any advice you could give us on how to manage Bookclubs better in the future?

One thing I will say is that this was very much a spinoff Bookclub, a bit of an experiment. We don’t consider it part of the main series. CLANNAD will be the next main Bookclub. But that said, are you glad we did it, or should we stick to older Visual Novels instead?

While I still really enjoyed all the discussion with you guys and loved the opportunities to be on the podcasts, it always seems to be detrimental to my overall experience of a show when I stop every 20 minutes to dissect the hell out of it. The real downside of doing stuff in this way is that if we have even just one bad episode, all the discussion, even if it is legitimate, can easily make everything feel much worse than it might actually be.