Kazamatsuri.org Dorj-a-thon

[1:51:19 AM] @Bizkitdoh : EVERYONE DRAW A DORJ

And so it was decided. You have until midnight Sunday night PDT to draw the best/worst dorj you can and submit it for the chance to win a CUSTOM TITLE. toots trumpet You can use any format you want: pen and paper, MS paint, even a 3D model. As long as you can show us an image and get it in by the deadline, you’re in. Just post your Dorj as a reply to this thread.

The community will decide on the winner by choosing one and clicking like on the post. You can’t like your own entry, and you can’t like more than one. Don’t change your vote either, that’ll complicate things; we recommend only voting after all submissions are collected. Votes will be tallied and a winner will be announced at midnight Monday night PDT. Do you have what it takes to draw Dorj?

EDIT: Change of plans. I’ll just make a poll using one of the many poll makers around the net. Feel free to like the posts to your heart’s content.


Also, a public safety notice from @Bonecuss:
[2:13:45 AM] Bonecuss (Marcus): don’t google dorj with safesearch off
[2:13:52 AM] Bonecuss (Marcus): unless you like penis

UPDATE: NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES. We’re now commencing voting. You have an unspecified number of hours to vote, so please don’t delay!


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AWW YEAH. IKUZO. Bring it awn.

First bitches.

[16:49:56] Kanon: That’s why dorj
[16:50:00] Kanon: Because it’s just a potato
[16:50:03] Kanon: With stripes and a face


I’m not sure I’m allowed to enter but I’m submitting anyway.



Not entering, but I saw my chance, and I took it.

Little Dorje~ <3


I went and liked that straight away forgetting that I need to save my vote, ahaha XP

I think it will just be better to make a poll once the time is up, this way is too chaotic.

I support this idea. I mean using likes is good and all, but iunno 'bout using 'em for voting.

We chose this method because there isn’t really an alternative. Discourse doesn’t support polls yet.

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!



This has to be the worst Dorj submission yet, but there it is!

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These are amazing. Too bad I can’t draw worth a crap, not have a good means to upload it.

Such great…
Such wow…

A worthy opponent! Nicely done lol

Looks pretty awesome…

I have no idea what this is supposed to be…

Attack on Titan. Dorj Edition.

The Mon Petit race is going to get owned, however.

Oh it’s a can of mon petit with blades! Ahaha, that took too long to get.

Change of plans guys. Voting won’t be based on likes anymore, I’ll just make a poll somewhere else. Feel free to like to your heart’s content.

Afraid I had to one up you, @Kanon, presenting real life potato dorj!