Kazamatsuri Chorus! - Mag Mell

It is time, my friends and family, to reach deep within ourselves and bring about the second coming of-

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So, in commemoration of our reading of the official English release of CLANNAD, it’s about time we get cracking on something only we can do together for the eventual anthology project for this bookclub…
Sing Mag Mell! (Yes, in its entirety, no short versions for you!) If you know most things about the bookclub and don’t want a refresher on how we’ll be doing this or the few things I’ll be changing, then you can jump to the “what do” section at the bottom.

This chorus will be ran very similarly to the first once things get going (minus that part where we only had a week or two), with 100% transparency among all participants in a drive to make the most angelic mix possible, with some slight alterations to the first part which will be slightly more “difficult” for lack of a better way to put it. At any rate, be sure to take a peek at that topic to get a better idea of how this works.

***What is this where am I who am-***: So the Kazamatsuri Chorus is NOT your standard sing-along or /something/ sings- This event is organized with the mission to create the best possible group cover of a Key song. This event isn’t tied to the bookclubs, per se, however in this instance it is because I never got around to running a separate one! Our goal is to make something of quality. Don’t SAY you can’t sing, because you can~ Join us! Our goal is quality but you’ll find that with a little effort it’s not hard to sound good, especially in a chorus setting. That doesn’t mean to try and hide in the back though! I’ll know! Unless you want I guess.

WHAT’S NEW: Basically what I’ll be doing differently is placing a cap on the final number of participants within the mix I’ll decide on for the final thing. We’re doing this this time because last time the most difficult part was AUDIO IS HARD and once it got past 8 or 9 people it started to get a bit crazy. There’s no room for euphemism here, the singers chosen will be those deemed ‘best’ if it comes down to it. It’s not the end of everything though and you should still participate regardless because maybe I’ll be able to mix it all just fine or maybe I’ll make a full mix in the end along with a clean one, so still participate! Nothing to lose! There will also be another recording done that is mandatory for all participants, whether they make that Mag Mell cut or not, so look forward to that~ Fun part is you don’t know what it is unless you participate- And trust me, you want to be in on this.


Check it. Grab yourself Audacity if you haven’t already (or any other recording program that’s good if you’re a professional, because I’m not) and a trusty (Read: GOOD) microphone. If you don’t have a very good microphone, I hope you have a wonderful recording environment and a bangin’ voice. :yahaha:

Next, sing! Take care to be as good on your timing as possible, but trust in my editing prowess to line it up better if need be. Alongside that, do be mindful of peaks- I respect the powerful voice and all but if the waveform is a big wall of static it won’t be good. DO NOT record over the song, and if you listen to the song while you sing for timing (you probably should try), I’d recommend just putting it in an ear bud with a low volume. You don’t want the song bleeding into your recording. It has happened before and yes I fixed it but it is not ideal!

Export the final recording that you’re proud of (don’t be nervous!), or at the very least contains you singing all the words in the song, in (fireworks)MP3(fireworks)- Then use MEGA or Dropbox (or puush if you REALLY must >.>) to upload it to me, sending that link to me personally on Discord or in a private message here on Kaza. The ABSOLUTE deadline for you sending me your recording is waaaaay until February 13th, 2016. This is the LAST day I’ll be taking any recording because I have to mix this sucker- But depending on the quality of the entry and the amount of work that may still be needed to fit it into whatever I’ve done so far, it may not make it- So do try and get it done as soon as possible, please!

In a case like this, my advice is that if you’re having trouble then first and foremost- Stop trying to sound like Riya. You are not Riya, you are you! Use your voice. Second of all, don’t over sing. I know that’s kinda connected to the first thing but it’s important. Just have confidence if your own voice and your own limits and I promise you can sound wonderful.

With all that said, let’s begin!
Sing, my loves. :yukitgla:


Quick question. Assuming that this is for the bookclub anthology due to the deadline given, wouldn’t it be more fitting to do Chiisana Tenohira or The Palm of a Tiny Hand instead since it more or less serves as a closing song for After Story which itself, serves as the series finale as a whole ? Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay if we’re going to still do Mag Mell. It’s just a doubt that came up.

At leasst it ain’t Toki wo Kizamu Uta.

I planned to make a voting system and some other things to make a fair idea and all but I decided to just dictate we sing Mag Mell because when we talked about it way back when, it was pretty unanimous that most people wanted to sing this and everything else was wishy washy. Reminder that everyone wanted to do Tori no Uta when we did Farewell Song which was perfect for the anthology. Can’t please everyone, yo!

We may do more, but as of now it’s just this and the bonus all participants will be doing.

On that note, if you’re participating, go ahead and let me know so I can start a conversation among all the singers~

Fine, I’ll sing it again. Not like I can refuse a chance like this when the first one was so fun.


I’ll register my interest!

Im in, of course! Or is it, “Im down”? Or “Im up”? Hmmmm…


Sign me up,fellow purveyor of the short haired gospel!


OGG master race.

But yes, you can expect my recording, Bizkitbro

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I’m in for this, no question.


I guess I’ll be joining too, may you please allow me to eat your souls by singing with you.?


Since @Bizkitdoh obviously doesn’t care about whatever excuses Negativemaster_Saltyman may have, I’m in.


I like this line haha
Join for sure.
Btw: how about you make a version with our voices only? I hope is is not terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m so in!

I’m in. Farewell Song ended up so good. This time I want to participate.

One week left for anyone else who wants in! Sound nice so far but I’d sure like a bit more. This stuff is fun.

Still have entrants though that haven’t sent me anything ;(

Will crack down and do my part this week for sure, so you’ll have my sulty tones to add to the beat.

Oh yeah, I signed up for this, didn’t I?

I thought I missed the deadline for some reason

Hopefully I can have this done in a day or two.

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Bump! I finally decided to give the Mag Mell chorus its own video outside of the CLANNAD Bookclub Anthology. Here you go~!