Kazamatsuri Awards 2014-2016 Voting

Your nominations are in, and it’s time for you guys to cast your votes and determine the winners of our very first award ceremony! Have at it. If you have any questions about the categories or would like to discuss the voting, feel free!

##Best Creative Project

  • Little Busters! Minecraft Build
  • Aphorism Generator
  • AIR Soundtrack Transcriptions
  • Suginami Mod
  • Kazamatsuri Chorus

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##Best in-joke

  • Disappointed Kitagawa
  • MasaKaga
  • “A Saito character has also been confirmed”
  • :chibiwot:
  • MŒ ͜ʖ °)ノ & kfe
  • Okazaki Sushi Drop
  • Aspi Photoshops

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##Best Article

  • Kazamatsuri Community Interviews Sekai Project’s CLANNAD Team
  • Special Coverage of the 2016 Key Cafe
  • What is @key_oekaki? The Late-Night 60-Minute Key Drawing Contest Detailed!
  • :CLANNAD Official English Release Kickstarter Launched!
  • Special Write-up of the Key Fan Party 2016 at Anime Expo

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##Best Podcast

  • Minagi Route Podcast
  • After Story Podcast
  • Shiori Route Podcast
  • Harmonia Bookclub Podcast

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##Best Topic Concept

  • H-scenes in Visual Novels: Opinions and discussion
  • Key Game Audio Files
  • Ridiculous Theories
  • Who is your favourite Key Character and why?
  • Dorj-A-Thon
  • RLDev for Dummies
  • Try to anger as many Key fans as possible in one sentence

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##Best Artist

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##Best Musician

##Best Lurker

##Best Taste

##Nicest Member

##Best New Member

##Funniest Member

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##Most MVP Poster

##Best Girl

##Best Guy

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Votes are a bit glitchy, but if you hide the results and show them again you’ll see that they update.

I can’t find any way to hide results, but please try not to base your votes on what other people are voting! That would be unfun.

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When’s the cutoff point for voting? To be more specific, when does voting no longer matter and the results at the end of the voting period are set in stone?

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@Aspirety I officially nominated you for Best Guy but you aren’t on there :disappoint: as such, I have to abstain from voting in that category :stuck_out_tongue:


I would vote for him too if he was there.

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Quite some amazing achievements these years :smiley: Congratulations everyone! I have voted ^^
Lets hope we get a lot of amazing Cute things for the next years! ^^

I wont accept a result that lets the founder of the community be best guy. Its super narcisistic and is not a badge Id be able to wear proudly. Instead, I want to honor everyone else who makes up the community.


well since i new here… i guess i can vote 1-2 nomination :smiley:

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In retrospect, maybe we should have split the in-jokes up into yearly brackets…

All these young 'uns weren’t around for kfe, or even MasaKaga :disappoint:


I want to vote aspi for best boy pls add