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Use this thread to share your favourite quotes and screenshots from Kanon, and help make this thread the definitive collection of Kanon quotes! Only rule is to avoid catch phrases like “Uguu~”; they’ll be considered spam and you’ll be punished. As a guideline, try to keep the thread in a healthy balance of funny and serious quotes, without drifting too far in one direction. If you come up with a really good quote, I might even include it on the Kanon information page on the main site! Let’s get started.

Anything from the series can be posted without spoiler tags. Since we will be posting direct quotations of dialogue stated in the series, please note that there can and will be spoilers in this topic.

“They’re called miracles because they do happen, even when things seem hopeless.” - Yuichi Aizawa.

“Do you still remember my name?” - Nayuki Minase

“I’m a demon hunter.” - Mai Kawasumi

“You’re a child no matter how one looks at you.” - Yuichi Aizawa

“It’s called a miracle because it doesn’t happen.” - Shiori Misaka

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Damn it, you guys already stole muh two miracle quotes.

It’s called a miracle because it doesn’t happen is truly amazing, considering the context, that she could say it with a smile on her face, it’s so impactful.
But Yuuichi’s later retort that they’re call miracles because they can happen is top shit, the perfect response.

Staying on Shiori because her route is the most quotable thing in the damn game. The two hit combo of “Did I manage to keep smiling, all this time?” and “Can I cry now?” needs no explanation, after holding it all in for a year, always smiling, Her asking to let it out is the delicious icing.

Another one coming to mind is Amano’s something along the lines of “Yo it’d be so fuckin’ cool if candy rained form the sky” when talking about miracles, along with responding to Yuuichi’s dry retort by calling him unromantic. It gives a wonderful peak at what she really is below years of frumpy trauma over her past.

“Uguu” is a pretty intense one that I’m sure we can all agree on.

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Here’s another one

“The same melody repeats itself as the song grows richer and more beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live seemingly constant lives while experiencing changes bit by bit?” - Sayuri Kurata

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The following lines aren’t technically quotes, they’re mostly narration. However, I found them pretty funny, so I wrote them down back when I was playing Kanon.

[quote]"… it looks delicious"
Her face fails to convey the same message.[/quote]

[quote]“I know a really nice cafe”
Well, to be honest, I only know one cafe… but it’s a nice one.[/quote]

[quote]“You’ve got it on your nose”
She continues to eat. Evidently, a creamy nose is low on her list of things to care about.[/quote]

[quote]“You meanie!”
The perfect finishing blow: A line that’s crying out to be misunderstood. [/quote]


Man, where do I begin?

“You’re supposed to say ‘Ohayogozaimasu.’” and “You’re supposed to say ‘Oyasumi’nasai.’”

“Ohayogozaimasu, Yuuichi-san.” (Multiply that by 20 and you’ve got all of Akiko’s dialogue. XD)

“Uguu~… That hurt.”



“You dodged! Yuuichi-kun, you dodged!”

“Uguu! Don’t copy me!”


“…I am a hunter of evil spirits.”


“Her boyfriend. I thought everyone knew?”

“You could certainly say that…but then, what could possibly taste bad being surrounded by girls?”

“I walk on, into the future.”

“What does ‘Uguu’ mean?” and “Umm…what’s ‘Uguu’?”

“Please don’t forget about me.”

“Are you trying to eat her?”

And my personal favorite: “The power of ‘Uguu’ shall protect you.” XD


Mai: “I… don’t like sad stories.”
Yuuichi: “Who does?”

…you’re doing it on purpose Maeda, right?

“Ojousama, we shall await your return tomorrow.” - Sayuri Fanclub Member

Also, this one is very emotional:
“…” - Mai

I actually saved some of these lines earlier.


Are those from the PSP version? They don’t sound much like the voices I have on my copy.

Yeah. Hence the Yuuichi.

Oh Ayu, we love your quotes :love:


uhhh… are you sure that’s a Kanon quote?

Yep. It was the dub version of episode 3 of Kanon 2006. It played around the halfway mark, after Yuichi and Nayuki talk to Mai and Sayuri. Yuichi is walking in town and then Ayu runs to him and jumps on him,

Huh, how about that.

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We really do need a better quote for the Kanon page imo

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I am not really sure if it counts as a quote since it is more of a monologue.

" I liked the flowing scenery.

Winter , a city of fluttering snow. I loved running through the shopping district leaving behind new foot prints on side-walks.

Spring , a city of melting snow. I loved scooping up … scooping up the little piles of it that hadn’t melted yet underneath the trees.

Summer , a city that’s forgotten the cold of snow. I loved looking at the city when I would take long walks under the shade of my parasol.

Autumn , a city foretelling the arrival of snow. I loved watching the snowflakes drifting down from the clouds I would catch as many as I could in my hands.

And now it’s winter again, the season of snow. The season where the city and everything in it is covered in white.

How I loved the flowing scenery. But like a river frozen in it’s banks my time had stopped flowing. In this rectangular room , in a time that knows no seasons. I was always , always and forever alone. Over and over again I would see the same scenes in my dreams that I always did and I began to surrender to the never-ending night.

But slowly I feel the dawn is … breaking."

  • Ayu Tsukimiya

I don’t mean to spam but I just got the sudden urge to post more quotes.

This one always brought at least a tear to my eye no matter how many times I have seen the show even more so then some of the more hard hitting moments.

“Was I able to smile most of the time”
- Shiori Misaka

" … Youichi do you know about the trees in the north woods? Each one forms a clear new ring every single year. A ring for every cold winter they’ve had to endure. Those trees strong and healthy. The harsh conditions have made them that way, made them able to withstand anything. People are the same. By living through pain and suffering we become stronger… "

-Makoto Sawatari ( the non-fox one )

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“At times like these I find it hard to believe that I share more DNA with Nayuki than a banana.” - Yuichi


“A case of mistaken identity my dear. Amnesiacs are not famed for their reliable memories.” - Yuuichi


Every dream has an end…No matter how nice the dream might be, or how scary it is. Under your warm blanket, the dream comes to an abrupt end, when mother shakes you awake. Forever and ever, the morning scene remains the same. But now I…I wonder…when the dreams began to never end.

  • Yuuichi