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Also, did you say Yoshino?


That’s one of my favorite memories of Kanon too. The TL notes were great.

What is Key to me… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… (Starts sweating) AHA! (slams fist against palm)



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What it means to me… well, it was indirectly the largest factor in having me start learning Japanese. Once I’d read Little Busters, it just really clicked with me. Nothing had really ever made me cry like that, so it really touched me in a way that I felt was absolutely unique. As a side note, only Little Busters made me cry like a baby, is what I mean. The impact was just beyond amazing for me, and so, here I am, learning Japanese and reading mostly Visual Novels during my free time.


One of my nice & simple reasons why I cherish Key a lot, is because they changed help me changed my identity.

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you should go take a look at the General Visual Novel Topic (General Visual Novel Topic) I always find it interesting to see what VNs other people are reading and what they think of them. Do you read any VNs in Japanese yet or are you still not comfortable with that?

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Keys means everything for me, I even want to read all Keys released VNs.
They have great storylines and some of them have really good comedy like Clannad.
I also looking forward for Angel Beats.
CGs arts looks so awesome in it, hopefully we can get more news about it.
I haven’t read Planetarian yet, but when steam release is out I will start reading it, win or not I probably will buy it anyway. :frowning:
I wish everyone a good luck to everyone that is participation in the first competition.

Yeah, I haven’t read too many. I only started reading about 3 or 4 months ago. I’ve also been sorta cheating, in the fact that I haven’t completely finished anything I’ve started, only doing a single route. Things I’ve " Your Diary (Yua’s route), Cocoro@Function (Mina’s route), and the exception of the EX routes in Little Busters, in which I just did all of them. I’m not 100% confident yet, since I still need to ask questions on occasion. I’ve mostly been targeting somewhat easy reads.

I won’t be participating in the planetarian giveaway, since I believe that it should go to someone who would need to get it free more than I do (since I already have money set aside for this one).

Still retweeted that tweet, and hope some of my followers catch wind of it!


I did the same~ Retweet for publicity! (Not even sure if I’ll be getting Planetarian any time soon though.)

Key, to me, is like my emotional armada. It makes me sad because of all the angst-y experiences the main characters feel but at the same time, it gives a happy ending that makes me feel all fluffy and accomplished even though I didn’t do anything. I’m a big cry baby but Key productions like: Planetarian, Air and Clannad just really broke my emotional dam and I don’t think I will ever recover or want to. Key productions have a good story flow and really will give you lots of tears.

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Been lurking here,this is as good reason as any to finally create an account.
I’ve read a fair amount of visual novels,so for me Key is another vn producer among many others - but what makes him special is the ability to invoke emotion from the reader. He spends a fair amount of time(at least in those I’ve read) just letting you become antiquated with the characters before unexpectedly throwing some major tragic event,so you actually feel kind of sad when it happens to them. There are other sad visual novels(others,at least imo,even sadder) but I’ve yet to read something that so well creates a good environment for all this to happen in - most just seem to throw their characters in fitting generic places rather than constructing a full area.
So,for me,Key most notably makes visual novels with good story and that have some unique aspects.
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Guess I’ll write something too.

It goes without saying that Key means a lot to me (as some of you can probably tell). I was first introduced to the Kanon anime by a staff member of a fansub group I used to work in long ago, and immediately I fell in love with them because of the beautiful aesthetics and emotional story. That led me to go on to play some of their works and watch their adaptations. The heartwarming and touching stories has also kept me from falling into depression in the past, and led them to become some of my favourite literary pieces (and shows, I guess) ever. Looking back, being able to more fully experience these touching stories in their original form is also one of the reasons why I strived to improve my Japanese, and so in that sense, I owe a lot to Key.

I won’t participate in the prize giveaway since I kind of already have a copy, but good luck to everyone else! And if this is allowed, I challenge Clannad Man to write a post too.


I’m gonna follow in Cloud’s footsteps and not participate, but I’m finally gonna chip in with the Key appreciation posts.

I wasn’t going to do it because appreciation is one of the many things on my hate list, but I have been going through ONE of my favorite VNs ever, ONE. (It’s a pun!) So yeah, the Tactics VN has inspired me to talk about Key.

Now if you look at my VNDB, very few Key VNs will be highly rated, but Key is my favorite VN developer. My favorite VNs are the ones that tell the best story. Overall, Key’s VNs aren’t great… but in most of their works there is that one route that blows everything else away. I have a saying for my VN reading style: “I want to experience a good story, not a complete one.” Key, for a long time, were one of the best at telling a good standalone story in their routes.
This comes across in my preferences. I will criticize Clannad and Little Busters! whenever I speak my opinion of them, but I’ll praise (for example) Kanon to high heaven. Overall I didn’t like Kanon. Mai’s route however is a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. Meanwhile Litbus throws it’s best parts into a section that relies on mediocre routes (admittedly I liked Yuiko’s route, but that is mainly because it is reminiscent of ONE in a way.)
I’m the kind of person who will praise the FF franchise, because even though I hated every FF game but one, the one I did like is the best game I’ve ever played. Similarly, while I dislike a lot of what Key does, they have repeatedly shown that they can create memorable experiences that outshine any other experiences I have ever read, seen, or heard.

Mai’s route, Tomoyo’s route, Tomoyo After, Yuiko’s route. They are the four reasons I love Key… I loved Key before the latter three of those stories even existed as an English-written story.

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Being able to be myself playing their VNs, knowing I’m a part of it, a part of something that was created for us.
Key for me means to be able to smile, to cry being happy. (And to say stupid stuff on a forum without feeling out of place, for me it’s a place to live, Key is a family)


Key is amazing. Angel Beats was one of the first Anime that got me into watching Anime actively. From there I discovered other works such as Clannad and Kanon and without fail they have managed to move me in some way. After a while I then discovered visual novels and experienced the great stories of Rewrite and Planetarian among others. Seriously I might not even be who I am without key as I have spent countless hours watching and reading their stories and then talking about them with friends. I am extremely excited that they are finally really starting to think about coming into the American market with Planetarian and Clannad with hopefully more to come. These stories and their beautiful art deserve to be experienced by everyone.



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Key has created some of the most emotionally impactful stories I’ve read. Every single one of their works has made me cry in some way. I’m happy to finally experience the definitive version of Planetarian.

Key has demostrated that even the most macho of the macho can show manly tears if the story is good. Come on, who hasnt cried even a bit with Kanon, Air or Clannad, for example?

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Key is my provider of stories on love, friendship, power, secrets and many other things that wrenched away at my heart, leaving me in tears thinking about the meaning behind the stories.

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I love Key because they’ve allowed me to experience a wide range of emotions that I haven’t expressed in a long time. Thanks Key! :smile:

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