Introduce Yourself!

So I just realized I’ve been a member of this forum for awhile but I never got around to it. Sumimasen (deep bows)

Anyway, I’m Kagura. And I have been a fan of Key anime since I first watched Clannad several years ago. But today I would say that my favorite Key anime is Kanon, both 2006 and 2002. Yes, that one as well I really think it has it’s own charm. I also really love the visual novels the anime came from, and in my opinion Air is brilliant but got a so so anime that should have been much longer than it was.
I haven’t gone through every vn or anime from Key yet, but I have loved every single thing Maeda Jun has produced over the years. Aside from Kanon and Air I would say Little Busters is up in my favorites as well, specifically Refrain.
Other than that, I guess I’m a relatively boring person who likes anime and other Japanese things. I try to learn the language but it takes a lot of time and dedication that I don’t always have. But I’m always trying to improve, and I also like learning piano so I can play my favorite soundtracks. Outside of Key anime I like things like Azumanga Daioh, Toradora, Evangelion, Full Metal Panic, Shakugan no Shana, Anohana, Blood+, the list goes on really.
I guess there isn’t much more to say about myself. Nice to formerly meet you guys.



I am Kanata from Canada. I’m in my early 20’s and going to university.
I’ve been a Key and visual novel fan for years, but I never interacted in a community regarding these topics so I decided to try it out. (I guess you can say I was little shy)
I’ve watched and read Clannad, Little Busters!, Rewrite. I’ve watched Kanon, Angel Beats and Charlotte.

I consider Little Busters! my favourite VN, I watched/read it back in Grade 10 and it has been very close to my heart ever since. I recently just finished my second playthrough of it in back in October/November. It was great to play the new routes and to play it all over again, very nostalgic!
Hopefully, I will be able to join your guy’s discussion about these great games.
I’ve read a few other VNs too, I think it is a really great and underrated medium.
One day, I do plan to go to Japan so I can visit the places that some of these VNs are based off of, that would be a dream.

I heard about Kazmatsuri a long time ago actually, I think it was probably back around when the LB anime was airing or sometime shortly after. Though, my memory is escaping me. I’m not sure if it was something I just randomly found or maybe it was through MAL back when LB! aired or even maybe r/visualnovels.

Interests outside of Key… I love and enjoy playing visual novels. I also enjoy watching anime as well ( I guess it isn’t a big surprise). I also love talking and discussing things with people. Also, I guess I code a little bit on the side as well.

Something interesting about me, it would probably have to be that I’ve waited this long to make a post xd.
I hope I get to meet some great people here and maybe also find some other Canadian fans as well.


Hi, another French fan of Key here o/
I’m quite active in the Key Discord community but it’s my first time posting here, so here’s my presentation.

So my first contact with Key was in 2011/2012, at the time, I was only familiar with the VNs of the DS (Ace Attorney, Trace Memory, …) and I wanted to read more traditional VNs on the PC.
There was an incomplete french translation of Kanon, and I decided to read it because it was super popular and I wanted to see what it was all about.

Believe it or not, I was reading Kanon without knowing anything about it or Key. I thought it was just a basic moe dating sim at first. I enjoyed it as some kind of guilty pleasure and I liked the great winter atmosphere of the VN but I didn’t think I was going to read more than one route.

Then, I’ve reached the second part of the Ayu’s route and it was like being hit by a truck.
I cried over and over like a child, I’d absolutely no idea that a work of art could provoke such an intense emotion into someone. In the end, it gave me a life lesson about the way I should view others and how I should interact with them. It really changed my life for the better.
Since then, Key is my favourite thing. I love how their stories can give powerful emotions, making you feel better through catharsis, and how their beautiful morals can change your life and make you a better person. I also like the musics of their VNs, the humor and, of course, the cute girls :ahaha:

Kanon will always hold a special place in my heart but my favourite Key is AIR. I prefer the context (not a high school slice of lice), I like its originality, how the three main routes make a great story (instead of 5 with various qualities), the ending and I really love Misuzu. I also really love Tomoyo After and ONE for particular reasons.

I’ve read everything from MOON. to Tomoyo After. I’ve watched Angel Beats! and experienced most of the adaptations of the VNs I’ve read. I’ve watched sola and Sora no Method (written by Hisaya) and recently read Utawarerumono 3 (co-written by Suzumoto, it has a little Key feeling for some scenes). My goal is to go through everything made by Key or Key-related (to some degrees). I’ll gladly give you my opinion on the LB routes when I’ll read them.

I love video games (I develop some games and write reviews from time to time), I like movies and pizzas.


I guess since this looks like a great community I’ll get started on my introduction

Name: Eriksen

Age: 22

Languages: English, French and Arabic (All at mastery level) and still studying Japanese

Favorite KEY VN: リライト/ Rewrite

I’m an proud VN/Anime/Manga/Light novels reader(or watcher) from 2010 [My list is very long that most people who’ve seen it were baffled hehe] but even tho I extremely enjoy all the above, I’m all over VNs (My first VN is Fate/stay night :stuck_out_tongue: ) since today, I read over 27 VNs with over 14 VNs on stand-by (Installed on my PC but not played yet), since I’m a slow reader I tend to enjoy the story and even replay good scenes so I might take longer then most people but I tend to memorise more, in a sense I’m a natural reader :wink:

As for KEY, they are one of the best, after all l love reading their work, my favorite VN is Rewrite so that’s the proof actually

Anyway, ども皆ありがとうごさいました


Hello! I’ve been looking for a somewhat active Key themed forum, since r/Visual_Arts_Key on reddit is dead, along with all other Key related subreddits (Excluding r/AngelBeats and r/Clannad, which are more alive than dead), glad I could find this much more active forum community.
That aside, I got into anime around 3 months ago, at first I just watched one anime I got from a youtuber (Potential History) and I thought that would be my only anime.

welp, I found Little Busters! through an r/ShittyRainbow6 post and It caught my eye, I decided to watch it, and I absolutely fell in love with it, upon finishing it, I decided to go looking for more anime due to it, I consulted r/Anime for similar anime, unsurprisingly, I was greeted with a good amount of Clannad, and so of course I tried it, and once again fell In love with it, the music, the arcs, and characters.

Upon finishing Clannad I realized both Little Busters! and Clannad were written by Key, and since those 2 were and still are in my all-time favourites, I went ahead and searched for more of Key’s works.

Found Charlotte, Liked it.

Found Angels Beats, loved it.

In between watching Charlotte and Angel Beats! I picked up the Little Busters! Visual Novel, and still working on it, I’ve done Komari’s, Kurugaya’s, and Haruka’s routes, and am currently doing Kudryavka’s route.

Even though I’ve only done 3 1/2 routes, (I know I’ve said this many times but Im saying it again), I fell In love with it even more than I did with any of the Anime’s, It’s the perfect thing and I will treasure it for the years to come.

That being said, my Top 3 favourite Key’s work’s (In order from most fav to least fav) are Little Busters!, Clannad, and Angel Beats, my favourite Key girls in no particular order (Although Haruka Saigusa is the best of the best) is Haruka Saigusa, Yuiko Kurugaya, Rin Natsume, Kudryavka Noumi, Tomoyo Sakagami, and Yuri Nakamura.

Personnel non-key animes I’m also fond of are Girls’ Last Tour and The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou.

Welp, anime stuff is over, I live in Denver, Colorado, and I enjoy Astronomy, Computer Science, Meteorology, 20th Century History, and Aviation.

I look forward to be here!


That’s pretty interesting! Most people get into Key from watching Clannad or Angel Beats first. Since you liked Clannad you might want to try out watching the Kanon (2006) anime. Whatever you do, do not watch the Rewrite anime and read the VN instead.


Welcome Strelka, I definitely endorse Inorin’s suggestion of watching the excelllent Kanon 2006 anime, as well as Air ( although it’s too short to do the story full justice). If you have a DVD player then as you live in a Region 1 zone this shouldn’t be a problem to find the box sets inexpensively. Even better is to play the VNs although it’s a bit tricky to buy and install.

Good to see someone else with an interest in meteorology, like me!


I realized I never posted a introduction after joining several years ago. Without further ado let’s begin…

I joined Kaza in 2016 and have lurked around here from time to time ever since. I was introduced to Key via Clannad then I proceeded to get into Angel Beats -> Little Busters -> Charlotte -> Kanon -> Air -> Rewrite -> Planetarian -> Harmonia -> Summer Pockets (the order may not be exact but close enough). Clannad was what got me into the type of anime I currently watch and is the reason why I am so immersed into Japanese culture. This is why Clannad Afterstory is my favorite anime all time and will always remain something special even if I eventually do find a better anime than it.

I have not yet read or watched Tomoyo After or Kud Wafter.

My favorite Key character is Shiroha Naruse from Summer Pockets.

My favorite franchise is a tie between Clannad and Summer Pockets but I would gladly discuss any of the ones I have seen/read thus far. I really enjoy analyzing these stories so if you ever want to discuss anything shoot me a pm or add me on Discord Inorin#7848. Even if you have any questions about something I will gladly try my best to answer them. I enjoying talking to people and making friends so don’t hesitate to talk to me. Outside of Anime/Japanese things I enjoy watching sports, eating Asian foods, playing video games.

If you were wondering where my IGN comes from it’s from Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown (yes I know some people say this anime is bad but I still personally like it). I added the -n cause it sounds cuter (got the idea from Charlotte when Yusa calls herself Yusarin)


Hello everybody.

I’m a university student and was born and raised in Hong Kong (though I’m Filipino and can only speak English. Yep, I can’t speak my own mother tongue!). I got introduced into the world of KEY through the second anime I made the conscious choice to watch completely from beginning to end: Clannad (and After Story too).

I found Clannad when I was browsing the Internet for sad music to listen to while I think about stuff during a time when I was at a considerably low point (yes, quite a strange thing to do but I was quite moody). I found a music box version of the Dango Daikazoku theme and as I listened, I could sense that there was more to the music piece since it sounded vaguely happy. When I read the comments and learned that many people were crying because of the theme, considering that I felt quite empty and emotionless although things weren’t too good, I decided to give watching Clannad a shot. The only anime I’ve ever watched beforehand were a few episodes of Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z as a kid when I didn’t even understand the concept of anime, along with the entirety of Berserk to satisfy my edgy teen cravings. The sudden jump from the action and violence of Berserk to the gentleness and emotional story of Clannad was a strange one for me at the time, but I quickly grew to love every second of it.

Ever since then, Clannad has been my absolute favorite story in all of media for how moved I was from the combination of themes, music and characters. Clannad After Story was the first anime to ever drive me to tears and, as cheesy as it sounds, reinvigorate my stone heart. I poured out the emotions that I had not only from resonating with the turmoil that the characters faced, but from the built up pressure from what I was dealing with at the time.

I then decided to watch the anime for Kanon, Air, Angel Beats and Little Busters when I heard that they were both 1.) similar stories to Clannad in general and 2.) were adaptions of visual novels made by a company you might have heard of called KEY. I found them generally enjoyable to an extent with varying high points and low points, and when I was done with those, I decided to watch more anime, Before I knew it, I integrated anime into one of my main media for entertainment alongside YouTube videos and video games. I watched more and more anime and found other life-changing gems, average shows and even a few stinkers. However, to this day, Clannad After Story has sit unchallenged at the absolute top spot for my favorite anime, story and medium in general ever since the first time I watched it in 2016.

I found Kazamatsuri from the podcasts, which I in turn found from searching for something nice to listen to. I got into listening to podcasts about things I enjoy very recently, and I found the discussions and sense of companionship between the speakers of the Kazamatsuri podcasts very admirable. As of writing this post, I’ve listened to a couple of the Clannad and Higurashi (not Key or even Kazamatsuri, but it’s by Rokkenjima and I recognized the same people from the Higurashi podcasts in the Clannad podcasts) ones and am planning to listen to the Air, Kanon and Little Busters ones too.

I’m sorry I wrote quite the essay here, but I’ve been liking the website so far. It’s nice to meet everyone.


Hello there everybody!

I’m from the land down under in Australia and I’ve been a fan of Key works and a lurker here for some time now. Much like a lot of people here I got into Key through the Clannad anime, although my response to it wasn’t as similar.

At first I didn’t really like Clannad (hear me out). I originally got into it when I first started watching anime a good 4 and a half years ago now. I watched it mainly because I heard that its sequel, After Story, was one of the best shows out there. After watching Clannad though I felt a bit…unsatisfied. At the time I didn’t really understand what I didn’t like about it. I liked the characters, music and atmosphere, however, I felt like that whenever any character got a couple of episodes devoted to developing them, it felt a bit short and sudden (the OVAs didn’t help much in that regard either). Which then proceeded with me not pressing on with After Story.

About a year or so after watching Clannad, I learnt about the Visual Novel Genre and found that Clannad was one of the center child’s of said genre. After getting curious I decided to read the VN and see what this Visual novel thing was about. To no one’s surprise I ended up loving it. I felt that the route system helped to remedy a lot of the issues that I had with the Clannad anime which made each route have much more impact then their adaptations in the anime.

Since then I’ve proceeded to read the VN’s for Little Busters, Tomoyo After and Rewrite as well as the anime’s for Charlotte and Angel Beats. At the current moment my favorite is Little Busters but Rewrite is very close behind! In regards to what Non-Key things I like some, of my favorite games include; Persona (series), The world ends with you, Kingdom hearts (series) and other JRPGs.

Its nice to meet you all and I hope we can get along!


Thinking of it now I never introduced myself. Well…

Hi I’m from Australia, VIC and I first started with Key when I first watched Little Busters! on BD, A while after I got a recommendation on Steam for its VN, and after reading LB! I decided I wanted to read more and so I picked up CLANNAD which by this day is still my favourite Visual Novel, which I have also seen the anime afterwards. Shortly after I watched Angel Beats, Kanon and Charlotte after noticing they are also from Key.
I first found Kazamatsuri when I got lost in LB! and looked up a guide by this community, and found the same for CLANNAD. After reading both VNs, I decided to check out the community which looked great and later after I made an account so I can more easily read or maybe chat in the future.
For interests outside of Key, i like to watch anime in general and to learn how computer software works and reverse them.

btw while I’m from AUS, I do have troubles with English. So I apologise if I said anything wrong.


Kin’nikku yay yay! I just discovered the reply button,!


Hi everyone, I’m Alicia. I’m new here ^^
I work as a sales manager. Love anime, manga, reading good books and blogs. Adore animals.
Often go to music concerts and festivals.

It’s nice to be here :3


Hello! I’m LittleBraver, or you can call me Kait, I’m good with either. I am going through the Key visual novels one by one, all in release order. I am currently going through Little Busters. I have been reading visual novels for a long time, with my current favorite being Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I was only introduced to Key a short while ago, and I instantly became interested because they were the ones behind one of my favorite anime, Angel Beats. I like that series so much that I impulsively bought a Yui-nyan cosplay one day and wore it to a convention. It was a lot of fun. Not so much fun for my wallet. If you would like to talk to me about stuff, you can feel free to shoot me a message here. I will be posting my impressions on all of the routes and look forward to discussing them with some of you!

I guess I should edit this post and include some stuff about me that is outside of Key and visual novels. I am a librarian for a living right now. I play guitar, and even learned how to play a few Girls Dead Monster songs. I am pretty decently into video games and anime as a whole, some of my main hobbies are cooking and playing music. I think that’s it? I am not very good at talking about myself without being asked.


Hi hi! I’m GonXdramon and I just joined. Since my username is a pain to write in full, I just go by Gon, and because it’s part of my actual name I don’t really mind, on the contrary, I fully welcome it. Or you can just ignore this and call me Pochi (is that a Rewrite reference !?)

My favourite VN at the moment is Rewrite and I like all the other Key works.
I’m a portuguese speaker, and my hobbies include writing cheesy stories, read Manga, watch Anime, play games… I also love gazing at the vast blue sky, and I feel relaxed and at peace when looking at it.

Uhm, let’s see… I don’t really have anything more to say. It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I hope I can become a good member since we all share the same interests!

Stay well :sunglasses:


Hi, I’m Pobuddymax. You can just call me Pobuddy or Alex, whatever you prefer. I love Kyoto Animation and obviously Key. My first Key experience was reading through Clannad, which had a serious affect on me personally, changing my view of Family. Clannad is also my favorite Key work, but Little Busters will also have a special place in my heart. I’m slowly making my way through each of Key’s Visual Novels, but I was instantly a fan after finishing my first route in Clannad. Also my favorite anime is Liz and the Bluebird, but I really love everything Kyoani has done (that I’ve seen at least). I’d like to pursue a career in writing in order to create things that are able to let people know that things are ok even though I doubt I’ll do anything that special. Also Saya’s best Key girl.


Hey! I’m Sean, i am a newbie in this kinda stuff about talking about something a like, so forgive if it’s a little simple. I am from Mexico, which makes a little complicated communicating myself in an another lenguage, such as english in this case. My first Key game was Clannad, and i really didn’t expect that a game could really make someone feel the things that are happening on the game, especially the feelings that the characters show along all the routes, so i simply fell in love with all Key’s work; i´m beginning to read Kanon, but i think my favorite game until now is Little Busters!
I finded Kazamatsuri when i was looking for anything related to Key’s work, i i’m glad i did.
I actually really enjoy hearing storys, so i expent much of my time reading or hearing music that can acompannies it.