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Instantly makes me think of @JimRaynor_2001.

Yaaaay! I love .hack! The music is soooo good. OAO!
I’m going to cosplay as Tsukasa from .hack//sign when I get bored of my Kido cosplay~

Unfortunately .hack//link was kinda boring. The gameplay wasn’t very good…

A lot…

Yoshino is totally a tsundere. He tries to be a cool hero, but really he’s just an innocent teenager.


Welcome, @Ekalina and @IFOfPlanetune-
… To the year of the Angel Beats!

Ah. Oops. Did it again, sorry.
Anyways welcome to the family. Don’t worry, we’re not a cult or anything. Yet. Maybe… <.<;
I’m the moderator guy around here but don’t worry I’m not sca-


No really, welcome~ <3 So great to see so many new faces. I know I’ve said this like ten times now but man we’re really raking in the people lately. Don’t be afraid to bump any threads via the search function!


I’m pretty sure the Angel Beats! VN hype train on this site is a magnet to all true AB believers.

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Oh welcome! More of a gamer you say :p? mmmmmm interesting.
Check our gaming thread if you have any good games that you want to share and discuss about :3.

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Ummm, maybe I’m wrong but I was under the impression that he genuinely disliked Kotarou because of their clashing philosophies and shit. Like the outburst we see in Kotori. I dunno, it’s been a while, perhaps I’m forgetting something. I can see him as a light tsundere in regards to Kotori, though.

I moved a post to an existing topic: Rewrite - Haruhiko Yoshino Character Discussion

That was funny, I deleted my post, planning tomove it tothe Yoshino topic, but looks like you did it super fast.

So yeah, to get back on topic, we have lots of topics for each specific character, so feel free to post any thoughts regarding them in their specific topics~

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wuhuuu <3 I think I’m getting motivated to play Rewrite after this <3 Kyaaa <3 Yoshino is a tsundere :heart_eyes: GONNA SEE HIM SOON AFTER I GET HOLIDAY IN THIS MONTH

Thank you for your information @Aspirety -san

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Horraayyy finally I can find team for HYPING TOGETHER <3 WELCOME 2015 IT WOULD BE FULL OF FEELS :’’’'D

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THAANNKKK YOOUUU @Inuconandoyle -san :smile:

KYAAAA <3 GLAD TO MEET SAME .HACK// FANS FROM KEY FANDOM <3 hope we can be a good friend @Takafumi -san

YUUPP THE MUSIC ARE SO GOOD <3 TSUKASA?!! KYAA I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THEN :smiley: . I know .hack//Link gameplay kinda boring, but it’s fun to see every .hack// character meet and interact each other :smiley:

Hahahaha Kanon a lot what…???

OK…so he’s 100% Haseo then…fufufu as you can see…Haseo is one of my husbando…Glad to see KEY make some character like Yoshino :9

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I’m just excited to see more of it in Harvest Festa~ Hope the patch comes out soon~~~ <3

Also I just realized, is your avatar Kyousuke x Komari? OMG OTP~~~~~ I really think they just go so well together :3 :3

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Not to be a bother, but please consider editing your replies together instead of replying in separate posts, keeps things a lot more neat and tidy. If you want to quote anything someone’s said in a reply, just highlight the text and click “quote reply”.

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ok~ thanks for your information @Aspirety-san …I’m sorry for all of this spamming…I’m still unfamiliar with this system…

Yup! Glad to see them officially paired in Little Busters! 4koma…I think Sasagiri Yuuya ship them too :heart_eyes:

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I don’t know. There’s another English speaker Mio confessor I know of. So maybe he introduced him/her to this nice place. :slight_smile:

OMG they’re paired in 4koma? I only read the first few chapters and saw adult Komari xD

kind of paired. There ARE a lot of sweet, doki doki Kyomari moments, but it’s not really official

It’s one sided though :stuck_out_tongue:

(Insert painfully cute 4Koma of Kyomari)



kyoumari intensifies


It’d never happen.
Kyousuke has eyes for someone else.
Someone Riki’er.