Introduce Yourself!

Yeah KeyColle died a few months ago, and LBCM died on October 1. We are hoping that ABOW does not share the same fate ;_;

Hi everyone! Since I meet Pepe yesterday at KeyPoints 6, I remembered that I’ve still not said a word here and felt really bad ;__; (I’m too busy most of the times… but I need to make a little effort at least!).

I’m Lulu, a Spanish kagikko in her thirties that’s now living and studying in Japan and also taking this opportunity to enjoy the Japanese Key community as much as I can >w< I met Key/VA through their anime adaptations and cried my heart out, then I read a few of their novels (the latest being Rewrite and Planetarian) and cried even more and I have this nice scar on my heart thanks to them and that’s nice (?). I have a thing for cosplay and already made Nagisa, Rin and Kotori, with Saya and Yumemi as my next targets (though I want to LED Yumemi up as much as I can so I don’t really know when I’ll be able to make it :S), most of the times with @Clow faithfully by my side as my kagikko cosplay partner <3

So nice to meet you everyone and I hope to contribute something useful someday, haha! ^^u


Nice to meet you, Lulu! Its great that Pepe reminded you about us here, sounds like KeyPoints was tons of fun. Hope to see you around! :smile:

Welcome @MiyazawaLulu! I’ve seen you around Twitter plenty, so it’s awesome that you’ve finally decided to join us! I know Clow’s around but he’s never really posted, haha. I hope you’ll enjoy participating in the community here!

Also, just a reminder to everyone that we have a Skype chatroom that’s very active! If you want to chat with other Key fans about things other than Key in a less formal setting, please consider joining us!

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So cool >.<

Welcome! Pleasure to meet you~

I want to go to a KeyPoints so bad now that I’ve gotten a nice look into what it is. I’ll have to make it a goal of mine. I’m starting heavy into Japanese studies this week. Going to be a long journey!

Best of luck on that Yumemi idea! I was saying a few months back that a Yumemi cosplay would be amazing, but I’d not seen it very often- And certainly not with LEDs for the ribbons at least. I want to cosplay whenever I manage to start getting out to events, but I have no idea where I’d start. o.o

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Heeeey nice to know I was able to remind you about this place hehehe. Anyways it was really nice to meet you and Clow yesterday :wink:

Since you’re busy, I wouldn’t expect you to post here often, but joining in our discussions would be great. Actually, I just got an idea. Maybe you could share your cosplays here and us fellow kagikko could give you comments and suggestions (since many members here like to nitpick a lot).

That being said, I don’t think we have a cosplay thread, do we?

EDIT: oh it’s just not active Key Cosplay

Hey there, I’m Tim, I’m from Tassie, Australia, I stumbled upon the forum 6 months ago, and kept on checking on it from time to time, finally I’ve decided to actually join. I started watching anime last year, stumbled across Angel Beats, then watched the rest of the Key anime series. First started playing VN’s after Little Busters series 1 ended, (couldn’t wait for refrain) and have finished all the Key VN’s except for Air and Kanon. And yeah, I think that’s everything, I’m also a fan of Higurashi, Umineko, and first person shooters.


Ooh, Key AND Umineko! And you’re Australian too! If only you lived in Melbourne, we’d be hanging out right now :laughing:

Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself! I hope you’ll find yourself at home here :smiley:

Hmmmm… So hi I’m a new fellow here and I’m not sure what to say right now. Anyways I’m just a random dude from Portugal that’s been keeping an eye on this site for a while and finally decided to create an account XD
So I got into Key through Angel Beats and since then I’ve watched both the Clannad and Little busters anime, played Rewrite and I’m currently midway through the Little Busters visual right now. So well it’s nice knowing you and I can already tell that this is a friendly community so looking forward to talking to you all.


Oooh, Little Busters! EX will probably be coming not too long after you finish the original Little Busters! Visual Novel, so you get to look forward to all that extra content~

It was my plan all along XD

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Welcome @BerserkerMagi, @timmy112 , @MiyazawaLulu and @MalignantSeraph. Glad you could all make it. :smile:

Hey! I’m right in the middle of LitBus too! Join me as the second of the only two people on this site who dom’t know the secret of the world yet :smile:


No he’s watched the anime, you’re still the only one :stuck_out_tongue:


:scream_cat: NOOOOO!!! :scream_cat:

Aspi, I thought I had finally found a friend… :crying_cat_face:

(love all these cat faces by the way)

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Hey everyone, been lurking on this website ever since the ABOW guide. Only recently did I create an account after I heard I can ask based Pepe to buy Key stuff over at Japan and send them to the states. Clannad was the second anime i’ve watched after Lucky Star and after having my heart strings tugged at, I became a Key-aholic. I watched every single Key anime and Angel Beats! is my all time favorite anime, all hail Shiina-cchi. Ever since i’ve heard this website keeps up to date with Key news, i’m checking this site daily, all in hopes for news about Key stuff. I also took up self-studying Japanese because I know Visual Novel translations takes some years and I wanna read that Angel Beats VN and pretty much my primary reason for learning Japanese. Just for Angel Beats! VN and I guess rewrite harvest festa as well. I’m just a 17 year old who lives in Cali and has way too much time on his hands. Also I like how this website is like a small family/community, that’s what really gets me to stay.


Welcome to the member ranks, Shadowhammers! Make yourself at home! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Angel Beats! saikou~ :smile:

Yo welcome ;D! Hope you will love it here :3. About the self-studying, you have my full support! fightoo desuyoo~

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~Welcome, gypsy, to my secret forum~


Hey, what’s up. Lol. Nice to have you- Thanks for the introduction. ^^
So I heard you’re interested in Angel Beats!, huh? * 3 *