Introduce Yourself!

Hello! I’m Schiller, and I wanted to join this forum before the English release of Little Busters!
I found Kazamatsuri through twitter I believe. I live in the US Midwest.

My first Key game (and visual novel) was Little Busters! and you bet it’s still my favorite. Since I read it ~5 years ago I’ve read Rewrite, Clannad and Harmonia and watched Angel Beats!, Charlotte, and the Little Busters! and Rewrite anime series.

Besides VNs I enjoy fighting games and rhythm games.
Bonus: I like rocks

Looking forward to getting baseball combos with everyone! :wink: :baseball:

Editing for Badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to Kaza! We hope you enjoy our little community here. I take it you’ll be joining us for our Little Busters bookclub starting November 1st? We’ll be discussing it on the forums and recording podcasts. I hope to see you there.

Since you’ve read Clannad and Harmonia, I recommend checking out the podcasts done for them on the Kazamatsuri Youtube channel.

Thanks so much for joining! :happy:

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Welcome! @Schiller :happy:


Wow, I joined in only a few months ago and there are already so much newcomers ! I won’t be able to @mention everyone but anyways : welcome to everybody ! :smile:


If you chat with Yumemi she’ll give you instructions on how to access the new tutorial. Just send her a message and she’ll walk you through it! She’ll also let you know her other functions (there aren’t many).

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Welcome to Kaza @Schiller! I’m sure you’ll find your place here one way or another, especially since you’ve already experienced quite a few Key works. What’s your highest baseball combo? I’m low-key thinking about trying to test whether or not the baseball combos affect the stat boosts but that’s only if I have time…

Welcome @Mario3573! Clannad is a good start. Have you experienced LB in any form before? If not, post in this topic. We want to see the reactions of new LB readers. Also don’t forget to check out the Harmonia discussion topic after you finish Harmonia, or just post your thoughts there.


Welcome @Mario3573 !!! :happy:

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I think my best combo was something like 13? I’m definitely going to go for some more major league plays this time around, so expect that record to improve. I think it can improve stats more but since it doesn’t take too much to improve them as long as you’re playing. In the battle system I was proud to defeat all the mysterious lifeforms, a feat I’ll probably attempt to repeat.

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Hi all! My name is Odin, and I live in Ohio, US.

I found this forum yesterday night because I had just finished Tomoyo After and was interested in other people’s thoughts and interpretations of the ending and the game overall. Ended up reading the TA book club threads for many hours last night and throughout today. I was impressed by how articulate and observant almost everyone who was posting in them was, so I hope I can keep up with you guys =D. Its been a long time since I regularly browsed and posted in an online forum, so here’s hoping I stick around for a bit. (^^)

I have also been playing Clannad (naturally) and finished the Kyou/Ryou, Misae, and Tomoyo routes so far. I primarily got Clannad to see the Kyou and Tomoyo routes, and immediately jumped into TA the next day. I don’t know if any of there are any relevant TA threads still being discussed, but if they are, that’s probably where you will find me soon. It left quite an impression on me; I haven’t felt this bummed out over an ending since Mass Effect 3.

(To clarify, that’s not necessarily a good/bad thing, nor am I trying to compare the two, its just that it was hard to see a series I love so much come to a close, in both cases, so I’m likely going to be bummed out for the next few days because those stories have come to close, and would still feel this way even if they had ended up with sunshine and cupcake happy endings.)

Clannad was the first Key anime I watched, really liked it, and watched Little Busters! shortly after, both probably around 2 years ago. I had Clannad on my Steam wishlist for a long time and bought it in a sale earlier this year, but have only gotten around to playing it now. I’m also pleased to hear Little Busters! English version is coming to Steam; I’ve been meaning to buy it ever since I watched the show and now I only have to wait a few more days! Super pumped to check it out.

In terms of Key anime and which one I’d say is my favorite, I would say I prefer Clannad overall to LB!, but I’ll hold judgement on the VNs until I have played more of both. All I can say is that the Clannad VN has exceeded my expectations so far, really enjoying it.

I actually haven’t played a whole lot of VNs, bit of a new genre for me, the only one of note would probably be If My Heart Had Wings. Outside of VNs, I play lots of different games, but mainly FPS games like CS:GO, Halo, Destiny, and so on.

Bit of a long intro for me, but I guess I’m feeling rather chatty today. I won’t keep you any longer: See you guys around!


Welcome to the forum @Odinbeard_McSparkles! I hope you enjoy it here. Don’t be afraid to bring up old topics, we’re always happy to see Key’s works discussed. I’m glad to see you impacted by Tomoyo After; it was the same for me, and ending it inspired me to join Kaza myself.

Anyway, I recommend checking out the bookclub podcasts for Clannad as well, and I hope you can join us for Little Busters. Thanks for joining!

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I like the reason you’re here. Someone who found this forum because they were looking for thoughts and opinions is a keeper. I can foresee a future of great discussions for you.

Maybe not at the moment, but you can always post there if you feel like it. Necroposting is in fact encouraged in this forum. The Little Busters Bookclub is around the corner (it starts in 5 days), so you can expect the same kind of discussion that you saw in Tomoyo After for Little Busters during the next 2-3 months.

Some members picked up that VN recently and are about to finish it, so you’ll probably like talking about that one with them. You can use the General VN Topic for that, but remember to use [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] to avoid ruining the fun for others.

Oh, and about CLANNAD, once you finish it, make sure to check out the 6 minute CLANNAD VN recap on youtube in the Kazamatsuri channel. It’s top quality… and hilarious.


Welcome to Kaza @Odinbeard_McSparkles!!!


Welcome to Kaza! We try our best to analyze the things we love. As Moga says, we encourage necroposting so don’t worry! You might even have a different interpretation than us that might ignite even more discussion. As for If My Heart Had Wings, I’m planning on making an off topic discussion topic for that once I finish because I know that there are a lot of people who have read it here. I’m on Amane’s route so… I’ll get to it soon.


I am Karim.
I am 17 years old and my first key anime was Clannad. I fell in love with it and I am the type of man that would never cry. Yet I cried at almost all key anime.

My favorite KEY visual novel is Rewrite closely followed by Clannad.

I have yet to finish Little busters VN. I am planning to buy the Little busters HD steam version when it comes out and then try to get my save files there.


Welcome to Kaza! I’m sure there are a lot of people who would say they don’t cry but then proceed to bawl their eyes out for Clannad. I am one of those people. How far are you with the LB vn? You could always just ctrl skip through the steam version until you get to where you’re at now.


Welcome @KanbeKotori!!!

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Uhm, at the start.
Only an hour or 3 in.

(My favorite part of the visual novel is the mini baseball practice game. I swear I can play it all day long)

Imo you should stop playing until it comes out and then ctrl skip to where you are now.

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My paycheck comes 27 of next month and I can’t just abandon it until then

Thank you so much !! Welcome to everyone else as well!!