Introduce Yourself!

“おはようございます” means “good morning”. If you’re going to use a language other than English, at least make sure you know it properly.


well… :sweat: let me get some recovery from my mistaken.

I may say this since I’m online here for now, but Welcome to Kazamatsuri! @Khsellhu, @Okazaki, @Abik, @minhthuan274, @Tenshi_sama, @H2_vernui and @Anime_HD :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all :3 Hehe.


:michioh: Hello everyone I’m new here
I’m Kao, a cosplayer from Vietnam, and I cosplay many Key’s characters >v< The first anime I watched is Clannad and the first VN is Rewrite :smile:
a friend on FB introduced me to Kazamatsuri so I think it’s a good chance to take part in something new :slight_smile:

I also like eating sushi and dango a lot too lolll
Thanks for reading >v<


Hello @Kao.SushiChan
I would suggest checking out The K.E.Y. Art Portal

I’m sure your cosplays will be greatly appreciated :yukismil:

Welcome @Kao.SushiChan!
To add to what andrewcee said, we also have a cosplay thread, so the choice is yours. Definitely looking forward to interacting with you.

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Thank you so much :3

Ahhh finally you joining these beautiful forum :slight_smile:

Welcome <3

yes yes it’s me xD thank you so much,I hope I can make a lot of friends here

Hello, @Kao.SushiChan. It’s really great to have you here on Kazamatsuri. It’s nice to see a fellow cosplayer so this is my first time meeting someone like you. Yeah, I like sushi as well too but I never had dango before. Anyway, I’m glad you could join us onboard. I would like to become good friends with you here and enjoy your input on Key discussions as well as other topics. We look forward to having you here. :smile:

Welcome to Kazamatsuri @Kao.SushiChan ^w^ HueHue.

(sorry I just say HueHue too many times >w< force of habit XD)

Been falling behind on my introductions. Welcome to @okazaki @minhthuan274 @Abik @Anime_HD @Tenshi_sama @H2_vernui and @Kao.SushiChan! I hope you are all enjoying our community!


Yo everyone. Long time Key fan. I started to recognize their company through the start of watching Clannad, a tear-jerking masterpiece. I love all Key works, with Rewrite and Little Busters being my most favorite. Kotarou was a pretty funny protagonist and Kyousuke is so cool, so these 2 would be my favorite male characters.

I happen to watch a lot of Anime, currently about to start Planetarian, which I have yet seen. As for games, I been recently going back to Visual Novels. Only Key related VN I read were Little Busters and Rewrite. I also read a few like Hoshizora no Memoria, Eden*, and G-Senjou no Maou. Currently been waiting for the release english of AstralAir and Irotoridori no Sekai. Other than, I play mostly mobile games like Divine Gate and Brave Frontier (in this case just login rewards).

I’m really looking forward to knowing and being friends with all of you!
Oh, I like to point out that this website is superb, well neat.


It’s very nice to meet you, @Resona. (^-^)/ I have to agree about Kotarou and Kyousuke as your favorite male characters. They are truly amazing people. Anyway, we’re glad that you found Kazamatsuri and love so many Key works. I know you’ll enjoy Planetarian as much as I have. Also, we love to hear your thoughts and opinions on many Key discussions and look forward to you being here. I would love to being friends with you too. And yes, the website is amazing. Thank you for mentioning that! Without further ado, welcome aboard amigo! :wink:

Hi Everyone! Just joined Kazamatsuri today (I’ve no idea why I’ve delayed joining this wonderful community till now). I discovered this site around the time when the translation of “Angel Beats - First Beat” was still ongoing.

Up till now, I’ve read/watched pretty much all translated Key games and anime (except for Kud Wafter and Tomoyo After), with Rewrite currently being my favourite one.

My interests outside of Key consist of reading VNs, light novels, manga, manhua, wuxia novels (and obviously: watching anime), and also playing RPGs. (Mainly JRPGs. I also prefer the classics over the modern ones.)

I may not be a super active member, but I hope Kazamatsuri keeps me entertained for the time that I’m here. With that being said, I look forward to meeting you all!


A warm welcome to @Resona and @EternalSympathy! I hope you enjoy the community we’ve provided here.

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Welcome @Resona and @EternalSympathy! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and I hope that you’ll be enjoying yourselves here as much as I do.

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Well then you know what to do next =P Welcome to the site.

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nice to meet you,hue hue I guess OvO

Welcome to Kazamatsuri!!
Have fun here!! (・∀・)

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