Introduce Yourself!

@Khsellhu Hello, nice to meet you too. I didn’t get a chance to welcome you earlier and I’m sorry for that. Anyway, it’s very awesome to have you here and I do agree that Rewrite is a very unique VN that impressed me when I first got to play it myself. So I’ll keep this short but I’m interested what you have to discuss about topics concerning Rewrite and other VNs as well too. I hope we’ll get along too~ :wink:

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@Sonic112003 Its nice to meet you too, thanks =)
Hope to get along as well and see you around forums :smiley:
We’ll probably have more to discuss on the upcoming side-stories for Rewrite :smiley: As the 1st one was announced and will be bundled with 4th BD of anime, I guess we’ll get more~

Nah, I’ll wait for official translation. Machine translation doesn’t sound encouraging. And I’ll have more reasons to buy it besides supporting english releases.

Tomoyo After is unique experience even on its own, especially second half. I wanted to read Clannad first, but back then I was novice VN reader and Clannad was just too massive for me. Now I have some experience AND windows tablet (God bless portable VN reading) so I’ll finish reading Clannad and then I’ll reread Tomoyo After.

@Abik It’s great to meet you too. This is a very friendly forum community and I’ve enjoyed being here with them a lot. I think you’ll enjoy here too. Yeah, CLANNAD was my first Key anime too and that’s what got me into Key eventually. It’s great to have you here and we’re hoping you can join us in many Key discussions as well as other topics that would suit your interests. I hope we’ll get along too~ :wink:

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Hey there all,

I’m a big key fan (looking at doing some cosplay for some of them although it will be hard) I have been reading key novels for a while and starteed watching the animes for them, I have read little busters, most of clannad, planetrian and currently harmonia. Unfortunately key animes arent very popular in my country so its hard to talk to people about it so thats why i wanted to join. Its nice to meet you all


Hey there @Anime_HD, it’s nice to have you here.
Be sure to post pictures of your eventual cosplays in this thread if you don’t feel too uncomfortable sending pics of yourself. You can also look forward to some nice and friendly discussion on this forum, so we’ll see each other there. Have fun!

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Hi, I´m Luciano, I am from Argentina. I´m 21 yeras old. I am a Japanese translator, I´m a Clannad fan, I love Yumemi (Planetarian), my first VN was Air, and my first anime was Angel Beats! (two friends recommended me. then I spent two days crying.)
Pleased to meet Kazamatsuri!


Welcome to Kazamatsuri! Who would you say is your favorite Key heroine and why?

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Welcome, welcome! I’m also pleased to meet you, @Tenshi_sama, and I’m looking forward to see some posts from you in the various Clannad topics here. Of course also the other ones, but I’ll have to read/watch most of them yet, so that’ll take a while.

Hi, I’m H2 from Tokyo, Japan. I’m 18 years old and a college student.
I like all of Key’s works, particularly AIR, planetarian and Harmonia.

I wanted to read interpretation or examination about Harmonia by fans of Key, and finally, I found this wonderful life wonderful place Kazamatsuri .

My English is not so good but I hope to become a member of “big dango family” !


Another Japanese member! Welcome @H2_vernui! You definitely came to the right place, and also at the right time, as we’re currently holding the bookclub for Harmonia.

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Welcome @Anime_HD, @Tenshi_sama, and @H2_vernui. It’s nice to meet all of you. I’ll keep this short and simple. This is a wonderful community and we love to hear your thoughts and opinions in getting involved with many Key discussions and other topics. Glad to have you guys aboard! I hope to get along with all of you here and as @H2_vernui mentioned that we’re a "big dango family ". :smile:


Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita! I am very excited to enter this forum, I am very bad in English, but I hope that we are a beautiful Dango Dai kazoku!
(mōshiwakearimasen, I will use English and Japanese, because I am bad to express in English)


@hvvv, @Khsellhu,@Okazaki, @minhthuan274, @Abik, @Anime_HD, @Tenshi_sama, @H2_vernui


please, text by english


i’m also bad in English, but I can try everyday to be better.

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ah…,sorry then.
(おはようございます= Welcome here.)

“おはようございます” means “good morning”. If you’re going to use a language other than English, at least make sure you know it properly.


well… :sweat: let me get some recovery from my mistaken.

I may say this since I’m online here for now, but Welcome to Kazamatsuri! @Khsellhu, @Okazaki, @Abik, @minhthuan274, @Tenshi_sama, @H2_vernui and @Anime_HD :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all :3 Hehe.