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Haha, yeah… its crazy how Maeda can use such a simple tune to make people flip out like that

Yes. That one. I didn’t remember well the dates. Then again, what happened back then as to force 2ch staff to use the banhammer?

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Dies from a heart attack


It reminds me of the whole Pony controversy on 4chan.
Oh god, are we the bronies?


I guess I am one of the few who got hooked on Key because of Kanon. Though that hype of mine kind of slowed down because I refused to watch the anime adaptation of Clannad without playing the VN first :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I did end up playing the VN in 2010, then LB in 2011, and Rewrite in 2013.

Yay Kanon people~ I didn’t get into VNs until AiSp@ce made me realize there was more than just Kanon in the world (and that I could get a better ending to the Shuffle anime >.>)

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Hello everybody! I’m LinkThinks, or Matt. Whichever’s easier to you. Do I even need to say that I love Key’s work? It sort of feels like a given. I’m still mostly a newbie when it comes to VN’s, having read only a handful, but I really do love them.

Hopefully Rewrite fans will crawl out of the woodwork here, because I have a hard time finding 'em. I look forward to being a part of the community from now on, and hope we can all get along well.

My profile has a longer intro if people actually care enough to view it.


Most of us like Rewrite. It had some plot holes and the writers didn’t work together very well, but it was all tied together very nicely, and the individual routes were all pretty good.

Make sure you join in on the Rewrite Discussion threads! The search button is at the top of the page~

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Hey there, I’m Karifean and I’ve been a Key enthusiast only for about half a year now. I very much love just about all I’ve read and seen so far, and Key rapidly became, well, my favorite storywriters to date.

My favorites are Clannad and Little Busters (don’t make me choose). I’ve seen and read them both, although I have yet to read the extended version of LB, and while I have read Tomoyo After, I haven’t read Kud Wafter. Mainly because I cannot read Japanese. Besides those two, I have also read Rewrite and Planetarian, and I’ve seen the Kanon, Air and Angel Beats! anime series. Besides Key works I’ve also read Higurashi and Umineko, Steins;Gate and all of Ace Attorney besides Prosecutor’s Path. Not much, but I still have quite a number of VNs that interest me.

I’ve been on the lookout for a nice Key community for a while now, so I’m glad to have found one now ^^
Hope to have a good time here!


@Karifean @LinkThinks Welcome to, folks! Glad to have you on board! <3

As @Takafumi said, feel free to hit up any boards via the search function or ask someone to make one if it doesn’t exist until you hit the requirements (they’re low) to make 'em yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are fans of all the works here, no doubt. There’s some long discussion in threads for Rewrite here, @LinkThinks . Feel free to hop into one. Don’t fear that it’s a ‘dead’ thread that hasn’t been posted in in a while- It’ll notify everyone who’s posted in it and be seen on the recent posts list. People will usually pop back in for sure to reply to whatever you’d like to talk about~

This is so going to give @Aspirety case of the fuzzies.

Ahaha, you’ll be glad to know we have an Umineko discussion thread too!

Sup @LinkThinks. Kochira koso yoroshiku !

[quote=“Karifean, post:164, topic:49”]
Hey there, I’m Karifean and I’ve been a Key enthusiast only for about half a year now. I very much love just about all I’ve read and seen so far, and Key rapidly became, well, my favorite storywriters to date.
[/quote]Yes! I’m relatively new (a little over a year now) to Key too, we can be newbies together!

sees how many more VNs he’s read compared to me

Well, I guess we can still be friends :wink:

Allllways looking for good recommendations :wink:

I like to show off my VNDB and think I’ve read lots, but most of the things I’ve read are small 1-4 hour indie VNs. So if you want to look like you are a VN veteran, marathon a bunch of Ren’Py VNs :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. You got a favorite one of those to recommend to me?

@Karifean I like this one, he/she has good taste :smiley:
Welcome to the forums guys! I’m really glad you could find us, we’re hoping to become a nice home for Key fans to come to.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did each of you find us? @LinkThinks

I saw a post advertising this webpage on the Steam page for Planetarian. That would have been yours ^^


Glad to see it worked~ haha.

Well, I found you a while back on the visual novel subreddit. However, I decided to actually make an account when I saw that you were doing a Planetarian book club (also on the subreddit), seeing as I’d literally just read it. Felt due time to hop in here, I guess.


Thank you! Though, it looks like there’s going to be a change of plans since the Planetarian release date has been withdrawn.