Introduce Yourself!


From the US, California.

I’ve seen pretty much all the Key anime adapations but haven’t yet touched the games yet.
My first was probably Angel Beats!, which then led into my favorite, Clannad.



Read the VNs NOW :smiley:

Like seriously Im not gonna welcome you until you go read the VNs ._.

Just kidding, enjoy your stay! Hopefully we’ll be able to convince you read them since they all really are better than their adaptations~

Heyo @RyuuTamotsu, how bout Tamocchi?^^
And hey @evetan, are you telling me you watched the mediocre LB anime but didn’t read the masterpiece VN? D:


Haha yea… the reason why I don’t do VN’s is that they can be a pain to set up.

…and I am a lazy person … Maybe one day when I’m feeling it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the LB adaptations was probably one of my least favorite Key adaptations.

Haruka’s style, I like it XD

Welcome to the Kaza Family @Eagle @RyuuTamotsu @evetan

I’m sure that you can find something if you search the forum!
Threads like General Visual Novel Topic are good for that :slight_smile:

Would love to see your collection in the Show Of Your Goods thread.

Maybe you could start with planetarian. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s available on Steam so the set up shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, looks like I missed out on a lot of people so to @RyuuTamotsu @Eagle @evetan @Mind83 @Suzuki @Balzac and to anybody else I missed, welcome. Glad you could all make it over here. :smiley:

thanks everyone:)
sure, will share it today, was going to share yesterday but couldn’t

Sorry for the super late reply I had a hand operation and haven’t used the computer in a while haha, anyway no I’ve never been an admin but I follow practically every key fan page on facebook so it’s no surprise you’ve seen my name. Thanks for the welcome!

Hello, I’m a fan from Italy! My favorite Key work is definitely Little Busters but I love the others as well, mainly Rewrite, Clannad and Angel Beats. I’m looking forward to get my heart wrenched by Charlotte once it starts airing.
Outside of Key my favorite series are Sailor Moon (and magical girls in general), Digimon and Fullmetal Alchemist!


@May !! Welcome!! Charlotte is going to ruin us all and it will be wonderful.


@May welcome!
Charlotte will be a bomb for sure, so excited

Heyo @May! Only a few days til Charlotte, get hype^^

Welcome! I do believe you are our first fan from Italy :smiley: I hope you enjoy your stay and can participate with the many discussions we have over here~


Welcome May, glad you could make it. Charlotte is going to air very soon so we’re all excited here. Nice Chihaya pic btw. (^o^)/

Thanks everyone~ <3

Just a heads up. Admin-san is having a big crackdown on double posting, so make sure to keep everything in one post :stuck_out_tongue:
You can quote specific things to reply to by highlighting the text and clicking the “quote” button that appears.



Whoops! Sorry, I’ll keep that in mind ^^

Welcome @RyuuTamotsu, @evetan and @May! I hope our community is to your liking.

May, are you on Twitter? I know someone by that name, but it could be another May~

Yep I’m on twitter! And yeah the one you’re talking about could be me but I’m not sure, if you want to check there’s a link to my twitter on my profile :slight_smile: