Grisaia Series Discussion

About time this thread got made.

Grisaia no Kajitsu is one of my favorite VNs, and it’s gotten pretty popular nowadays. With the English release of Kajitsu coming out at the end of the month, and the two sequels after, I think it was about time to make this thread.

You may discuss the Grisaia series here, but please remember to [spoiler] tag any spoilers from the first game (routes) and the sequels.

Sachi best girl


I just started The Fruit of Grisaia (did Michiru’s route first and just beat it today) and I have to say, normally if I watch an adaptation first I can enjoy both but in the case of Grisaia I’m really starting to hate the anime. Common route had so many great moments cut in the anime and Michiru’s route had a ton of non-romance stuff cut. I wonder if it would have been better if it was 2 cour instead of 1.

Anyway I’ve never seen anyone really post this (it might just be an issue in the anime but I’ll find out soon enough) but does Sachi’s route remind anyone else of Kotomi Ichinose’s? (spoiling both here) [spoiler]

  1. both are childhood friends with the protagonist but protagonist doesn’t remember them
  2. both try making reference when re-united but protagonist doesn’t catch on
  3. both parent’s were involved in some form of accident on the heroine’s birthday after an argument
  4. both have some mental change from it (Sachi puts other’s needs before her own and says it’s because she doesn’t want to be a bad girl while Kotomi is cutting up books and news paper clippings about her parents and hanging them from the wall as well as that freak out when she though Ryou was in the bus crash.
    I’m going off memory for Sachi’s route here from when the episode aired so I might be forgetting something or have something slightly off.[/spoiler]

Really liking The Eden of Grisaia anime so if it’s adapted anywhere near as poorly as The Fruit of Grisaia was I guess I’ll love the entire trilogy which is great.

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The problem with the anime was pacing 100 percent in my opinion. Classic case of trying to slot in too much in too small an amount of time. It was bad enough that I decided not to watch the next two series , I’m waiting on SP to release the VN and just read them then.

That said I really like Grisaia, its a fun story and the characters tend to balance each other out. For how flat and uninteresting I find Amane to be I loved Sachi’s character and her story to death. The humor in the common is pretty spot on even if a lot of it falls into category of “potty” humor. The one complaint I would have is how Yumiko seems to fall into that form of humor despite being the character that is supposed to be above all that.

PS: Kono Hi No Mama De best song. (Sachi spoiler)When it starts out playing as they open the music box at the end of Sachi’s route is golden.

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My god is this disgusting.

It’s written by a twelve year old right? It’s the most pretentious, childish, perfect self insert trash I’ve seen in a fair while, I tried to watch the anime to justify these thoughts but it so immediately and perfectly was exactly what I described and I couldn’t stand to watch it for long at all.
Yes I’m sure it’s a terrible adaptation, that is not even close to the beginning of my issues with it.

I legitimately don’t understand, how do people like this garbage?


This, my friends, is a rare example of a wrong opinion.

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The anime’s pacing was a problem, but the biggest problem was that the sequels retconned the entire first game and pretty much said “everything happened sort of differently but kind of the same but figuring out how is too hard,” so the anime basically had no source material to figure out how to adapt 5 routes into a linear story.

Anyway, I’m surprised they took so many episodes to adapt Meikyuu. It ended up being a pretty solid adaptation, so Rakuen should be fine as well. Lots of scenes I’m looking forward to~

How long is Rakuen? Meikyuu basically had 6 episodes (1 hour special plus the 4 in Rakuen) so can it fit in the remaining episodes? I haven’t seen an episode count but I’d assume the show’s going to end up being 1 cour or why not just do a split-cour and call one Meikyuu and one Rakuen?

Rakuen is only a little longer than Meikyuu, so there’s enough time with 8-9 episodes remaining. They wouldn’t do split cour because there’s not enough material to stretch that much time, but there’s just a little more material than 1 cour, so their format makes sense. I was expecting Rakuen to get 10 episodes in exchange for some more of Meikyuu’s narrative being summarized but it’s still very doable as far as story goes. It just means they’ll be cutting a few extra comedy scenes, unfortunately. For example, they already cut a scene where Michiru is trying to call Yuuji but her call gets intercepted by Thanatos, followed by Michiru being an idiot as usual.

@Kanon is there anything you do like???

On a serious note I liked the anime if it is shitty compared to the VN I’ll have to try it out!

Guys, don’t take every of @Kanon’s words seriously. He’s just that kind of person in this forum lol

I quite like Grisaia. The anime is hopelessly terrible, with visible budget limitation, a.k.a. QUALITY art, and awful pacing. It can’t be helped, they can’t jam the entire VN into 13-episode anime. But even the few episodes managed me to get hooked into the VN and make me craving for more new episode.
Also, excessive unnecessary fanservice and pantyshots (like in the adaptation of Amane’s route, how come they put a crotch shot of Kazuki when the situation was so dire!? It totally threw me off.

My favorite girl is Sachi too. I don’t think her route is the best, but I just love her overall personality.

Also, the series got awesome music and songs. The only thing that was keeping me sticking to the first anime season was the opening song, Rakuen no Tsubasa by Kurosaki Maon. I really love that song.


I 100% mean every word I said in that post, I don’t understand how people can like such blatantly flawed writing and it truly ticks every box on my views on how not to write something, the continued refusal from anyone in the thread to actually answer my question only serves to give me the impression that nobody else actually knows why they like it either.

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I like the artwork and the mysterious nature behind each character and learning what makes them seem mysterious. I’m not a fan of harems though could anyone message me and tell me if his sisters alive? So far the anime hasn’t given a definitive answer.

Totally in agreement with Kanon.
There was only one good writer, and even he wasn’t all that good. His content was shoehorned in with the writing of children, and hours of disrespectful, boring, pretentious drivel. Some of the content in it was creepier than that one route in Amagami… and god that got creepy sometimes.

It’s only an Eroge, so you can’t expect too much from it, but considering the common route is the longest piece of writing I’ve ever had the honor of skipping through, you’d think the pay off would be a bit better. Instead you get a generic cast, a bunch of lazy stories, some ugly CGs, a protagonist who failed to make it into an Akabeisoft2 VN, and just overall a badly managed VN. I can understand why it was popular in Japan, and I can understand why, even when it’s complete translation was announced, it was considered obscure in western audiences. However I can’t understand why it suddenly got popular. Maybe the herds of people coming in from bad steam VNs and Katawa Shoujo, or the duo of SAO and AOT, had something to do with it…

There are a lot of things that I speak negatively of because it could have been more than it was, and despite not liking a lot of popular things, I won’t hesitate to recommend them…
But Grisaia couldn’t have been anything in the first place. There’s no reason for anyone to waste their time with it. If you want a laugh, go to or something. Don’t waste your money.
I guess it’s good that they are reading something at least?


I’m here as well. The amount of good content in this thing is under an ocean’s weight of ‘going too far’ for something that had the purpose of ‘just doing it for now’. That said, I’m not at all surprised by the flocking to it, and hell- I still read it. It’s going to hurt if CLANNAD doesn’t build upon that and progress the industry that many more years overseas. The VN industry here and basically been going leaps at a time… But who knows if it’ll surpass what was in Japan.

I do agree Grisaia’s writing isn’t all that good, that doesn’t stop me from liking the story though. Grisaia is also the only visual novel I like every single heroine (not routes but the girls themselves).

Well this topic just came in the right time. I’m mid way through the routes right now I did both Amane’s and Makina’s route. I didn’t really liked any of them from the common route but I was surprised by how good their routes were (and that Makina bad end omfg that was so creepy). Anyway I should get around to play the routes of the girls I actually like so it can only get better from here. Yumiko/Sachi/Michiru I honestly can’t decide between these 3…

@Kanon Sorry dude, I just have a hard time believing every words you say here. So I thought you’re just being sarcastic again :confused:

But again, sure, I know Grisaia isn’t the best VN out there, and the scenario isn’t the best either. I respect everyone’s opinion here, whether you guys like it or not. But I just can’t see why with the hatred. I wouldn’t call it laughable, written by 12-yo, childish, utter trash or just a mere joke as visual novel. It doesn’t have the best writing. It doesn’t have the best art and CG. But still, in my humblest opinion, it’s still enjoyable. I don’t know with you all, who probably already read thousands of visual novels while my VN count was relatively low, so maybe my standard is quite low compared to you.

In term of CGs and art, it’s still leaning to good. I mean, there’s a lot of worse artists and horrendous CG in other visual novels coughhinouecough.

Also, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it sucks.

So I like it but I do agree the plot seems like it was written by at the very least, non-experienced writers. I pointed out earlier my thoughts on Sachi’s route being almost a rip of Kotomi’s and the route lengths are all over the place. Normally this isn’t an issue (in fact does any VN have the exact same route lengths?) but here it just seems to stick out a lot more. I also dislike (so far only 100% certain for Michiru and Yumiko’s routes) that we get a sudden backstory dump. Yes backstory is important to the routes but how they did it I just got bored (especially in Michiru’s route when not only do we get her backstory with her friend and parents but the other girl’s backstory). I still really like it though. I like the sprites, CG are pretty good but there’s much better, same with music and I love all the characters.

I would say the superb backstory detail and presentation is actually a gem in this VN. It’s very, very well done.

Yeah, I think the content of the backstories are the best bit, despite them largely being thrown in at once because the writers forgot about story.

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