Well everyone, it’s been an unforgettable 5 years, but the time has come for Kazamatsuri to close its doors on the 1st of December.

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Well this is disappointing :confused:
It’s not gonna be the same without kazamatsuri around, such a wonderful community for Key fans.
I hope something similar springs up somewhere else…


It’s a sad news but maintaining a community is really a hard work so what I can do is showing appreciation for maintaining such a great community for years.
I rarely appeared at Kaza lately but I really like the world-wide community opened for various type of discussion with insightful members.
I hope friendships cultivated here will continue somewhere else.


I’m trying hard to be as phlegmatic about it as Nagisa is here - but it’s hard… :sad:



Wow… This rather shook me here. :uee: It’s sad news overall, but at the same time, I’ve appreciated the good times here even if I wasn’t as active as before. This place still has a hold in my heart and will forever be. I would imagine it’s hard to keep a site like this going because of difficulties maintaining it as well as other factors and I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision here.

But regarding this news, I’ll keep supporting Kazamatsuri as best I can. I’ve met many people that I’ve made friendships here who are so amazing and inspired me to this day. It does sadden me and I wished I had been more active despite being busy with my job and personal stuff I’ve been going through as of lately. :uguu: So, I’ll definitely see through it to the end. Kazamatsuri will always be a home to me even if it goes. I’m sure all of those who worked very hard to maintain this site are probably at a loss here but I do appreciate that you guys made things happen here.

Anyway, it’s been a good five years here. I’ll never forget how much Kazamatsuri means to me personally. Thank you for being one of the many places that inspired me as an individual to move on forward with life and others who shared the time spent creating these lasting memories. :heart:


That’s a shame. Would’ve been nice to see everyone’s reactions to Samapoke when that release hits. Gonna be weird not opening this site up every day after doing it for so long.


God damn you can’t even close down the site without a baffling desiscion that makes me go ‘but why, what do you gain with that?’, because screw anyone who discovers Key after this and wants a place to talk? They don’t deserve to join the biggest Key discord because they weren’t there in time?
Killing the site for funding, time and all those reasons is fine but…really? Closing the gate on the free third party server?

I ain’t even got a sendoff post for Kaza in mind anymore because I saw this shit and it’s just completely hijacked my thought process.


I’d like to clear something up for you here Kanon. The discord is not and does not aim to any longer be a “Key Discord”. This isn’t just the forum that is going to be shut down, it’s the whole community and its relation to being all about Key. We won’t be maintaining the Twitter/FB pages any longer either, despite those also being hosted on free third-party platforms.

The sole purpose of the discord server is to remain a place for old members to still somehow keep in touch with each other. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not going to be repurposed in any way, nor is it specifically going to be a “Key” thing (like, we won’t be making series-specific key channels).

So if someone down the line does discover key and wants to discuss about it, well, Kazamatsuri discord won’t be the place for that. Will there be a new place for it? By all means, I’d love for someone to do so (so I can talk about summer pockets when thats out), but it should no longer have anything to do with the Kazamatsuri community.

We are, after all, at our core, a “community for key fans” and with the community shutting down, there should be no purpose for the discord to further promote key discussion. Sure, we ended up becoming “the biggest Key discord” at one point, but that was never our target. And moving forward, Key discussion may still inevitably happen on the discord, but that won’t be its primary purpose anymore. It will remain as a fragment of individuals who once celebrated a community of shared interests in a way that was different from the rest of the Internet.

So to everyone reading this, I encourage you: if you still want a place to talk about Key then, by all means, make one! It could be another forum, a subreddit, a facebook group, a discord server, an IRC channel; anything really! Heck, I’ll probably be one of the first ones to join as soon as I hear about it. But, please don’t try to revive Kazamatsuri. We want it to rest in peace with what we have right now.


Of course, that makes sense, those take work to write posts for, but discord is a 0 effort operation.
I’ll see myself out, I don’t want to be part of a community that values exclusivity at the cost of future discussion.

You seem to underestimate the amount of effort it takes to manage a discord server, especially one made open to the public :sweat_smile:

Regardless, and I reiterate, there is no plan for any sort of future Key discussion within the Kazamatsuri discord. If it happens, then it happens, otherwise, none of us staff will be pushing any sort of Key discussion in the future.

On a personal level, if I do want to start up Key discussion I will probably bring it elsewhere after next year (because god knows I have a hard time discussing these things on discord)

Just don’t manage it. Give someone else the keys, then who cares if they burn the house down

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Well I kinda care. If somebody burns it down then I won’t have a place to communicate with old friends who I treasure dearly.

And besides, if we hand it over to new management, what, then, is the difference with just making a new discord server? I did mention in another topic, but we do plan to post alternatives for Key discussion once the community closes down. By then, anybody who still cares about Key discussion (myself included) will join that server in stead.

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There is still an appetite for a place that we can discuss past and future Key/VA releases and news in a considered way - without the overheads of a self maintained forum - rather than simply through a chat server ( although that still has a place for peeps to hang out, keep in touch, post news, shitpost ).

It’s early days and we have two more months to think about it without rushing into any hasty decisions. Anyone on the Kaza Discord can give their suggestions and opinions there as to what might work for us - especially with Rewrite+ SP English TL patch/official release hopefully on the way.

Naturally it would entail some time input with admin and mod roles but I’d certainly like to think we can do something low maintenance, even if post volume isn’t high - as became the case here.


Not for nothing, but why? You’re stressing that it will become an informal place for friends but seem to be implying it’ll still be under strict enough management that requires enough attention to be bothersome. What server that’s main purpose is being touted as ‘old friends hanging around’ requires that level of supervision?


There seems to be some confusion here :yahaha:

IF we make it a public server, accept new members, and continue Key discussion, then it WILL need moderation and management somehow.

But IF we keep it private, and as an informal place for friends, then yes, you’re right; we can leave it running itself. Which is why this was our decision for the meantime.

Hope that clears things up :umu:


It’s hit me hard that maybe biggest international Key community that used to be close to the Key itself finally closed down. Maybe you don’t see it that way but that is how I see this community.

Maybe I’m not contributing much into this community, But only in this place that I can really hear and occasionally talk about something I like. Since it’s already decide… I hope this doesn’t mean final farewell.

If any of you decide creating something new please hit me up I always up in my Discord Kudryavtsev#0904 I will definitely joining.


Got the idea of having a questionnaire for like everything Kaza. Something similar to the award thing we did before, except broader and more hastily made. So please write down any questions you can think of and want to answer.


It takes literally two seconds to ban and kick someone if they’re being an unreasonable problem. That’s is all the moderation that needs doing for this future discord, your insistence that that is a workload worth being a dealbreaker either implies a profound misunderstanding of what I propose at best or an excuse trying to get me to shut up at worst.

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But that’s not the style of moderation we want. Of course it’s easy to click the buttons to kick and ban but is that empathetic? We made clear our values for a reason and we want those values to continue in the discord even if kazamatsuri itself is gone. Also it’s not easy to determine when one is being an “unreasonable problem” or when they simply have differing opinions.

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