Final Fantasy XIV Online - Road to Stormblood

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Player List:
Aspirety - Aspiria Kakera (Excalibur)
Bizkitdoh - Bizatrix Kido (Excalibur)
Bonecuss - Sophia Rin (Excalibur)
Exenorate - Arcanite Reaper (Excalibur)
IFOfPlanetune - Senri Akane (Excalibur)
IkaCZ - Ika Yumi (Excalibur)
Kanon - Kanon Haruka (Excalibur)
Kluck - Kluck Duibhne (Excalibur)
Likeaneko - Akira Tachibana (Diabolos)
LinkThinks - Link Beoulve (Excalibur)
MDanishU - Danish Leonhart (Excalibur)
Rabla - Rhythmia Aeanhart (Excalibur)
uppfinnarn - Emi Katapow (Ultros)

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Don’t play it it’s shit.


– most devoted hardworking player on the forum

So… what’s the point of this post? Are you documenting the characters of Kaza members? Discussing the game? Sending Aspi into dungeons? Trying to convert people? You should add some clarity here.

Edit: Thank you~



I’d send Aspi into a dungeon, iykwim

…okay, that was terrible, I’ll just go away now

I want to try out this game but I think I won’t enjoy it purely because of the combat system, as far as I’ve seen it’s a step up from WoW level, but it looks like it’s still kinda stand still to attack combat.

It’s a lot more interesting than it looks, actually. The classes play wildly differently, and none of them can really stand still for very long without either dying or just not doing a lot of damage.

Lancers/Dragoons are the closest to that you get, but they have a lot of situational attacks that need a specific positioning to work (You get a +50% DPS boost for a few seconds by hitting someone in the side with Heavy Thrust, skills that combo from Impulse Drive need that to hit from behind or they’ll lose their effects, etc).

Thaumaturges/Black Mages need to juggle affinities while staying away from the enemy, Pugilists/Monks need to run in circles around enemies because most of their attacks are positional, Archers/Bards can kite (run around and attack at the same time), Arcanists/Scholars/Summoners command pets.

There’s a free trial if you want to try it for yourself too.

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Oh wow I had no idea about the free trial. Downloading now then.

Uh oh, Excalibur isn’t accepting any more new players.
My character’s name is Sophia Rin.

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You can add me to the list too. I am also on Excalibur, Tokido Kaya. My free trial month ran out some time ago. Will go back sometime this month

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We Patch 2.45

Dragoons aren’t ridiculously underpowered anymore, what is this?

(Also they just lost all their mechanics, but still, they can DPS now!)


to be honest, I am still clueless about most shit. So can anyone explain the important stuff to a noob like me, pls.

How far are you? The quick version is “try not to die”, but it’s harder than it sounds…

Stop leveling everything to 15 and continue with the story!

Dude, I am leveling Gladiator now, but I am also playing with a friend, who started now, so I decided to level up Conjurer to 15 first with him, since I need that for Paladin.


So I’m playing on excalibur too, I’m Senri Akane
…Tho I still need to work on my character, maybe just a liiiiiiittle bit, lol