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Key has a lot of scenes that are meant to be touching to each and every one of us, and I think I speak for everyone when I say some of these scenes stand out more than the others to each of us. So I’d like to know, which scenes in Key works stand out the most to you guys? I know we have a lot of “favorite” topics here, so forgive me for adding fuel to the fire, but I really wanted to bring this up.

First and foremost, regarding spoilers, PLEASE keep any and all details in spoiler tags, because we can’t expect everyone to read this topic to have seen every moment in Key’s works. I guess you can use my post as a gauge of what to spoiler tag and what to not spoiler tag.

And now, to start: My absolute favorite scene in all of Key’s works is the ending of Episode 10 of Angel Beats. It stuck to me so much and I like it more than the ending of Angel Beats. First and foremost, I am a romance nut, so seeing that sort of romance evolve just adds up to it in my books. Secondly, simply everything about it was perfect, from the setting to the climax. They had to have had Hinata as a baseball player to make it work. They had to have Yui’s personality as a total contrast to Hinata’s to have it work. It’s like… Maeda wrote those characters with that scene in mind and arranged it such that everything would be perfect. Sure, it was sudden, but that adds even more to what makes it perfect. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll leave it at that :wink:

Some close runner-ups are the field-of-flowers scene in CLANNAD (because it was the first time a story made me cry like that) and the parting of the boys in Little Busters.


There are so many good scenes! How to even begin to choose

-I’m not actually that thoroughly impressed with Kanon so nothing really


1. Misuzu first meeting Sora. I love the way it plays out in the visual novel and the way it’s edited in the anime is amazing
2. Misuzu talking to Sora about how she’s going to try her hardest to make friends and going into the school and then later coming out of the school and talking to Sora about how much of a failure that attempt was. Whenever I think of Air this scene always comes to mind because its a rather short scene but it really encapulates just how heartbreaking of a character Misuzu is
3. The beach scene with Haruko, Misuzu, Sora, and Misuzu’s shitty father
This is probably my favorite Key scene of all time Misuzu’s death scene


  1. The basketball game is my favorite scene out like all of Clannad. The use of the remix of “Onaji Takami e” is fantastic and the scene is just really amazing to watch. It was kinda meh in the visual novel though so props to the anime!
  2. [spoiler]Nagisa’s graduation
  3. Tomoya’s trip with Ushio[/spoiler]

-Nothing that I’d consider an absolute favorite here

Little Busters!
cough the entire thing cough
If I MUST pick some fave scenes

1. Called Game
2. Riki and Rin’s escape - I have only seen the anime version of this scene so far (but I’m so close to it in the VN!!) but I really liked how it was done in the anime. I’ve heard the VN is a lot longer tho so
3. Kyousuke explaining the secret of the world
4. The parting of the boys
5. Rin’s farewell to the girls


  • haven’t played yet

Angel Beats!

  • nothing I would consider a favorite

There are so many good scenes to choose from… I’d have difficulty saying any was a favorite even within a series. (Maybe within an “episode” or a section of a VN…)

So, a scene I really liked, from Little Busters!, was (VN, Kurugaya ending / some of Refrain) when the “dream” was in its last stages of ending, and the world was fading into whiteness. I’m a huge fan of abstract things like that, and the romantic aspect of it combined with what we learn in Refrain, just really adds to the impact. At the end of that, my mind was running in circles while dealing with the sadness of the ending of her route. I’d never experienced anything like that before, so it had a bigger impact than it otherwise would have, I suppose.

Regarding the scene you mentioned from Angel Beats, I really enjoyed that scene too for reasons pretty close to what you said. My memory of Angel Beats is admittedly pretty fuzzy, so I’ll need to refresh myself to select something there.

[quote=“Misuzu, post:2, topic:979”]
[/quote]Your third choice was probably my second favorite from the anime. The bonding there is just great!

I’ll wait to post anything on Kanon until we do that for the book club. (We’ll do Kanon for the book club eventually, right?) And for the rest I’ll need to do refreshers… Until then I won’t say that any is my absolute favorite. :slight_smile:

CLANNAD’s “tell me about mommy” and Little Busters!'s farewell scenes are my favorite of all time


I’d agree with you on Episode 10 of Angel Beats!.From Rewrite I’d also add the endings of the Shizuru and Akane routes. I didn’t really like the latter’s route all that much but when Kotarou and Akane were basically banished for some reason that just really stuck with me. . From planetarian I’d also add the scene where we see Yumemi’s memories of the planetarium and all the employees telling her they’re just going on a trip as she’s laying there dying.


Little Busters.

You know exactly what damn scene it is. Even if that’s somehow not personally your favorite, if you’ve done Refrain, you know what scene I’m thinking of.




The end of rewrite terra where kotarou kills kagari made me cry :frowning:
Also everything in clannad with ushio. the flower fiiiield

I only get a single scene hmm. I’m way too indecisive for this so don’t pay much attention to order.

Little Busters!: Kanata’s Route Wedding Busters Yes it’s actually not that scene. The scene from Kanata’s route just perfectly encapsulates the essence of LB! for me.

Clannad: The flower-field and the first scene. Flower-field shouldn’t need an explanation and the prologue is just establishes the mood perfectly. I guess it becomes intriguing because it’s extremely dull.

Air: Misuzu’s death, this is the climax of the whole story so it’s the cookie-cutter choice. What’s good about this scene? Well what’s not amazing about it, is more accurate. The music is used so perfectly with Aozora playing, first it’s just the instrumental then the lyrics come in when the tension is at max. I think Misuzu is one of the strongest characters ever and this scene is just one of many that show that. How she strives to reach her goal is just so good, I can’t throw enough adjective at it. Now that I think about it, this may be my #1 of all time but I’m not sure.

I can’t pick out a single one for Kanon or Rewrite. They both have many things of equal value so I can’t choose.

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It’s hard to think of single scenes…
The ones that come to mind are the “yo” scene in Mai’s route, and the fight in the Sunohara route. The credits to TA were nice too.

The scene that made me happiest though, was this one from planetarian:

Gotta say, I didn’t like episode 10 of Angel Beats. It just kinda… came out of nowhere.

I never thought about it but that scene in Kanata’s route is actually such a fantastic one. Definitely one of my favourites. I also really liked the scene at the end of Sasami’s route in a similar way, since it’s the last point in the LB timeline it’s kinda like a nice epilogue where they’re all still playing baseball and having fun.

For now it’a from Refrain in Little Busters: The parting of the boys and also Komari with Rin. Especially the moment with Masato, which hit me the hardest because of how well it is done. I really love how he says his last words throws the baseball back to Riki and then disappears and the bat just falls to the ground.

That’s the one for now.

Follow up is in Kotori’s route in Rewrite: The end of the route were Kotori does all she can to save Kotaro, this scene in particular is what made me love Kotori and her route most out of all

There are many others that I like, but dont come close to these two at all. I might post here again after I was finally able to completly read LB Ex, since I think there will be some changes then.


Oof, this is difficult. Well top of the top are three scenes from Little Busters!. Spoiler warning for Refrain.

Firstly, naturally Last Episode: Little Busters. The buildup, the drama, everything, it was just perfect.
Secondly, Cheap Tricks, Called Game. From all three perspectives, forming the full picture. Easily one of the most memorable scenes in any Key visual novel.
Thirdly, saving everyone from the bus. Going through that series of choices with the ‘Unnamed Track’ playing in the background, finding Kyousuke, being forced to temporarily leave him behind …just wow. If this scene hadn’t been executed as well as it was, the ending of Refrain wouldn’t have sat nearly as well with me.

These three are definitely my favorites overall. But just leaving it at that is doing all the other amazing scenes an injustice.

From Tomoyo After, final arc, the final computer monologue. Oh my god did that get me emotional.
From CLANNAD, After Story arc, Naoyuki’s backstory, the scene where Tomoya hugs Ushio in the field, and then when Tomoya and Naoyuki have their final talk. The anime REALLY did these scenes justice, and if it hadn’t been for them I might not have continued to look into Key at all.
From Rewrite, Lucia’s arc, when Kotarou rewrites himself. Bar none my favorite applicance of the Rewrite power, as it really goes deep into what it’s actually capable of. Without Kotarou Lucia really wouldn’t have had anyone beside her.
Some Angel Beats!, although not on the same level as the others, Episode 9. All of it. Easily my favorite part of the series.
And then there’s more Little Busters! of course. From Haruka’s arc, the bad end as well as the reconciliation, from Kud’s arc, the bad end, from Refrain, the hospital scene, again from Refrain, Episode Masato, Kengo and Kyousuke.

I think that should do it for now.


The Little Busters! (Ending spoiler) Fake ending destroyed me.


There just too nuch to name all of them So ill choose only some from series I loved.

Clannad (anime) - trip with ushio and “tell me about mommy” + tomoya remembering how he met sunohara for the first time… + tomoya hugs nagisa… I could go on but it would feel like spamming, I cant decide which is my top favorite.
Rewrite - definitely Sakuya’s memories and Terra route’s Esaka vs Kotarou + end of terra route I think Ill add some later.
Angel beats - Graduation aaaand. OH OH I CANT FORGET THIS :'D - Populsion Engines
Little busters! (anime) - parting of the boys

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Oh gosh this is way too hard D: how about ALL OF KEY xD and I hope it’s not too late to jump into this

For Little Busters, probably all the farewells with Kyousuke, Kengo, Masato, and Komari takes first, with a close second being the called game/cheap tricks scene, especially when you replay the scene in Kengo’s perspective (for the VN players). Lastly probably the bad ends with Haruka, Komari, and Mio - they pretty much all shocked me to the core

For Rewrite, my favorite scene is probably the ending to Shizuru’s route, especially that freaking diary scene, like gah. Other than that there was the ending to Moon route with the death of Sakura, which idk why but just appealed to me in the most epic of ways, as it was his last farewell for the rest of the game. And lastly there was (still in Moon route) the small slice-of-life scene with all the members of the occult club finally reunited once again playing the earth simulator. It just hit me extremely hard because I didn’t realize how much I missed the small comical scenes before the game just hit the feels button

Clannad was my second anime I’ve ever seen (with the first being SAO, so not really any high expectations set for anime xD) except for my younger shonen stage, and thus I can’t really pinpoint any particular moment that I favored more than the rest because in all honesty, the entire anime was new to me and completely stood out to me in every way, making me the Key fan I am today.

For Air, I forgot the episode numbers but the entire 2 episode flashback in the past with Kanna, particularly the death of her mother

For Kanon, Mai’s dancing ball scene. Her theme song has always been my favorite and it fit the ball theme so well I get chills every time I watch that scene

In Planetarian probably her death scene while she was remembering all the employees telling her they were going on a trip

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@IkaCZ Your Rewrite answer is pretty unique. Didn’t think that stood out to much people XD

Actually same with @SirLemuel5. I guess Rewrite isn’t like Little Busters that had one gigantic scene that everyone remembers, but had little scenes that different people found memorable in their own way

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Which one? His first is Sakuya, and people love him for some reason. The second is a pretty popular scene, and a lot of people would say it’s their favorite. The third, I’m not sure I understand.

I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say Lemuel’s though. I don’t have any strong feelings on that scene. It happened~

Since I’ve just finished Rewrite, I’ll mention this serial’s first.

Rewrite :

  • Shizuru’s route is the most emotional for me, I’m not a big fan of her, but damn, I cried on Touka’s death scene. And there’s also the scene when they visit her parents for the last time, Esaka’s last conversation with them, and of course Kotarou’s last moments with Shizuru and that love song at the end. (She had lost everyone she really cares about…!!) Shizuru’s lost voice got me really bad (it’s like my heart is cut in smithereens when she yelled Toukaaaaaaaa) and the BGM is really well-placed as it had successfully emphasise the feelings.

  • Akane’s route: His new life with Akane and Shimako. Damn that loli is too cuteeee! Kotarou’s last fight with the earth dragon is also epic and when he stole a kiss from Akane to save her from commiting a suicide.

  • Sakuya’s route his last fight with Kotarou and his past with Chihaya. The fight vs Shizuru was also nice. Sakuya moments in Moon route is also my favorite. There’s no way I can hate this guy.

  • Lucia’s route: Shizuru vs Lucia, epic battle! The ghost hunting at the start of this route is also refreshing. I also love the conversation in the bus with Kotarou.

  • Moon Route: Miracle Adventure, earth simulator, the reinforcement, and the conclusion. Also, when he said ‘I love you, talk to you later’ to Akane. And also his farewell with Haruhiko. And also when he called Haruhiko and Sakuya his brother. Damn, I love those moments.

  • Terra route: Luis’ death, not favorite, but quite sad. For some reason, I really like Kotarou’s new life at that other country. It’s not KEY-ish, so it’s unique.

  • Common Route: Every single of Yoshino moments! The club encounter the leaf dragon. That scene is the most memorable scene in the whole vn. Very well-written.

  • Last, of course, Alternate 'True End’

(OOT) : That said, Kotori is my favorite girl. It’s just… her route’s ending is too…

Dang it. Now my memories on other KEY series are fuzzy…

Little Busters! : farewell scene and Kurugaya’s ending

CLANNAD : The main characters working together for the drama; it’s fun even though it was not much. Kotomi’s route is also quite emotional (that letter). Sunohara trying his best to remember Fuuko. Of course, Ushio and Tomoya’s day out.

Tomoyo After: Takafumi’s story, the conclusion of Tomoya’s neverending fights, Tomo’s farewell with Tomoyo, and of course the last moments in the ‘real’ plot.

Kanon: Makoto’s last moments

AIR : Misuzu at the beach, picking Haruko’s side. (T-T)

Angel Beats!: Graduation scene

Planetarian: Haven’t read yet…


All of them, really. I guess it’s because they didn’t really stand out to me, but I can imagine how they could have stood out for many other people

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